How I Enjoyed My Digital Nomad Life in Taiwan?

How I enjoyed my digital nomad life in Taiwan? When Taiwan was not a 14-day visa-free for Filipinos, I got the chance to live in Taiwan. It was almost two months which the first month, I stayed with a friend in Taipei City. The second month, I did my volunteer work in Taitung City.

my digital nomad life in taiwan

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My digital nomad life in Taiwan happened back in April to June 2017. As a matter of fact, the ROC travel authorization certificate allowed me to stay for 30 days with multiple entries.  On the third time around in Taiwan, I booked for 7 (seven) days only with a round-trip ticket to Cebu for PHP 5,000. But I decided to ditch my flight and extended my stay in Taipei just to enjoy the spring season in Taiwan.

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Pocket Wi-Fi Rental – Digital Nomad Life in Taiwan

When you’re in Taiwan, you should rent a pocket wi-fi from iVideo and here’s my experience. It was convenient for me because I can easily navigate around. Indeed, the internet connection in Taiwan is really fast. I’ll just hop into my bike and go somewhere around the neighborhood with my laptop. I can go to a cafe and coffee shops to work because I love to go out. Or go to a library in Taipei and plug my laptop in to charge as long as my pocket wi-fi is reliable.

If you’re bored in Taipei, you can actually have a road trip from Taipei to Hualien.

ivideo pocket wifi

Here’s the #TaiwanWifi I’m using with #iVideoWifi. I need to catch up on some work as the client sends me a task to work on. #itravelrox #itravelroxtaipei #itravelroxtaiwan #taiwan #solotravel #solotraveler #digitalnomad #taipei

Buy a Prepaid SIM Card in Taipei

Since I ditched my flight back home and stayed longer, I decided to buy a prepaid SIM card in Taipei. The reason I bought it is that it is needed for me to activate my EasyCard and use it to rent a YouBike. If you want to live like a local in Taiwan, you better get a SIM card.

how to buy a prepaid sim card in taipei

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Spend your Time in a Cafe

There are a lot of cafes in Taipei which what I love being in that city. I just grab a bike and go to the Dongmen area as it was near to my neighborhood at Daan. The internet connection is fast, no question about it. Dongmen area is such a perfect place for foodies like me.

Take Advantage of National Central Library in Taipei

As I stayed in Taipei most of the time, some locals thought I was an exchange student. I would take it as a compliment because that means I look younger than my age. Found a library near Chiang Kai Shek and that is the National Central Library. Since I visited frequently in this library, the receptionist suggested that I should get a National Central Library card free of charge. I just showed my passport and filled up some forms. I will blog more of this experience in a separate blog post. With the help of buying a prepaid SIM card, I was able to connect the public wi-fi offered at the library. Better if you got a pocket-wifi.

national central library card

Volunteer Work in Taitung City at a Co-Working Space x Hostel

If you’ve been following my blog, you might have read How I Survived Taiwan in 26 Days with PHP 8000 Cash on Hand.‘ So yes, I joined a volunteer work in a hostel to sustain my long-term stay in Taiwan to another city, Taitung. The hostel has a co-working space so I was able to work on my client’s project after doing some chores for 2-3 hours. I will create a separate blog about this experience soon.

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I Love the Food in Taiwan

Living a digital nomad life in Taiwan was perfect because the food is everywhere and it’s easy to find. From night markets to sketchy restaurants, there are affordable meals to eat for as low as NTD 50. Yes, I eat a lot in Taiwan and I can even consume bubble milk tea every day. Since I biked a lot every day, working out was not a problem. I can even go to Daan Park for an exercise with my housemate.

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