Tokyo Winter Illumination Experience 2015

tokyo winter illumination 2015I may not have experience snow in South Korea because of visa denial, I experienced the Tokyo Winter Illumination back in 2015 during my solo travel. It was my first time to experience such cold weather that I was wearing four layers. But my intention of going to Japan was the autumn season although that time, a friend told me that December should be winter already. I was there last November 28 to December 7, 2015.

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When I arrived at the airport, I could feel the cold already. Again, I had my lost in translation moment as I don’t understand anything in Japanese. I booked the same place in Tokyo if you remember my 14 day-stay in Japan. The intense of excitement went up as I had no idea what to expect from the weather.

My first outdoor experience of the cold weather gave me a headache. Too bad, I never had a face mask to wear. It was my first time to see my cold breath in the air. I found it amazing though as I just saw it only in the movies.

Tokyo Winter Illumination Experience 2015

Here’s a montage of photos and videos uploaded to YouTube. It’s a Vlog actually as I was talking there alone in front of the camera. The receptionist in my hostel suggested that I should check out the winter illumination at Roppongi. Before that, I also search some illumination scenes and found out Carretta Shiodome. Good thing, it’s just near to each other by train. That’s when I also visited the Tokyo Tower in person to end the night. You should download the app Tokyo Subway Navigation for Tourists.

Roppongi Midtown Christmas

ropponggi midtown christmas

Since I visited Roppongi the first time I was in Japan, going there again was easy as pie. The moment I got out of the train station, I found the illumination already. The place was filled with Christmas lights.

I was alone so I had several selfies with me. Then, I realized it was really difficult without a pocket wi-fi as I couldn’t check Google maps. It would be easier to get around with an internet connection using navigation.

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Carretta Shiodome Winter Illumination

carretta shiodome winter illumination

I took screenshots of my research on how to go to Carretta Shiodome Winter Illumination and I found it when I got out of the train station. Felt like I was walking in a winter wonderland. Traveling solo gave on a cold weather gave me some chills down my spine. It was amazing witnessing this with no pocket wi-fi with me. I was mindful wherever I go. Watching people while they were with their loved ones. Although I was alone, I wasn’t feeling lonely.

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Tokyo Tower

tokyo towerGoing to Tokyo Tower was one of my bucket lists for a single traveler like me. If couples go to Paris for the romantic moments at Eiffel Tower, be bitter no more for the solo travelers. Finally, I was able to see this in person and got a selfie. The first time I was in Tokyo, I just saw it from afar.

tokyo one piece towerSurprisingly, I got excited when I saw the Tokyo One Piece Tower. I am not a fan of One Piece anime but I saw the same thing from a friend’s photo on Facebook somewhere in Japan that she had a photo op with it. Well, I took the opportunity to have a photo with it. There’s a One Piece shop you can purchase some merchandise. For One Piece fans, the place is such heaven for you.

Good thing I have a sense of direction as I was able to get back to my hostel without navigation. I was trying to remember everything and took photos of where I passed by. I’ve become so comfortable just getting around Tokyo.

Tokyo is such a huge city I haven’t discovered the other places yet. For sure, Tokyo is my favorite city.

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