Settling in Puerto Princesa, Palawan for a While as a Digital Nomad

After moving out and traveling from one place to another, finally, I could say that I am settling in Puerto Princesa for a while. This is the longest time I’ve been staying in a place. From Taiwan and Manila, I flew to Palawan since June 2017.

Settling in Puerto Princesa, Palawan as a Digital Nomad- What Made Me Decide?

Cheap monthly rental for P2,000 or $40

I paid this small place last October 8, 2017, and I just paid $40 without any advance payment. I asked my friend to check out the place for opinion. The next day, we went to Unitop and bought the basics of what I needed in my new place for less than $40. My place doesn’t have a kitchen but it’s okay because I prefer eating out. There’s a small carenderia or a local restaurant downstairs.

Last November 8, I just paid for my monthly rental. For my electricity bill, I just paid PhP84.00 or $1.68. Wow, can you imagine that?

It’s accessible to almost everything

The good thing about my place is that I’m near the airport. I’m in the city center and everything is just walking distance to the market, the new SM mall, to the highway, cafes, restaurants. Yes, I have no problem getting around. In case there is no electricity, I’ll just run to cafes.

The LTE connection is good

When I was in Cebu, I always had a rant about Globe and Smart’s connection. It really sucks. But now I’m here in Puerto Princesa, my connection is good. I’m using a portable LTE wifi router. My place has a good reception for LTE connection but sadly, no unlimited surfing. They should bring back the unlimited surfing.

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Cheap food in a carenderia or a local restaurant

As mentioned before, the carenderia or the local restaurant is just downstairs. I can have brunch at P20. In a day, I could spend less than P100. But I spend more if I go to cafes.

Accessible cafes with wifi around

In case of no electricity, I’ll just walk to cafes near me. I can take a tricycle for P10 if I’m too lazy to walk. I’m so happy that I have several options now.

These are the cafes that have good wifi:

McCoy’s Pizza

Location: 20 National Highway San Miguel, Puerto Princesa City

Facebook page: McCoy’s Pizza House

Mugs and Kisses

Location: Barangay San Miguel, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Facebook: Mugs & Kisses Cafe

VR’s Cafe Palawan

Location: Burgos St, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Find them on their Facebook page: VR’s Cafe – Palawan

Heideland Bar, Cafe and Kitchen

Location: 41 B Abad Santos St., Barangay Masipag, 5300 Puerto Princesa City Palawan, Philippines
Phone:  +63 48 553 0125
Email:  [email protected]

Alternative Cafes at SM Puerto Princesa:

Go to SM Puerto Princesa and enjoy the 1 hour SM Free Wifi. I go to coffee shops with outlets for me to charge my gadgets. They’re not yet offering wifi yet. So I bring my own wifi router.

The Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf


Seattle’s Best


Right now, I’m just chill here in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. I really appreciate my time living here as it is not stressful as Manila and Cebu. I rented a place in Cebu City for 2-3 months. Although I have my friends there, everything feels so expensive and time-consuming. The traffic is getting worse. Got my own room but there was no natural light getting into my window.

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Stayed in Manila as well for two weeks. I thought I would see myself staying there and maybe look for a job. But no. The heat made me irritable and I felt I was going to die. The reason why I booked a flight back to Taiwan and stayed for 26 days.

I learned to love walking around in cities of Tokyo, Osaka, Taipei, and Hong Kong. I would love to stay in a place where I have no problem getting around. Just so much in love of Taipei because of YouBike – all I need is just to rent a bike.

Fortunately, I found a place near the city center and is accessible to almost everything. I am learning to live a minimalistic life. Although I don’t have a kitchen here, the carenderia downstairs is to the rescue. The cafes are just walking distance.

I never had this kind of freedom when I was in Cebu City and I spent much more in Cebu City compared here in Puerto Princesa. I live simply in Cebu but life is simpler here in Puerto Princesa.

All I know is I spent more money on food – eating outside but I am saving money. Guess what? I’m almost 5 months staying here.

11 thoughts on “Settling in Puerto Princesa, Palawan for a While as a Digital Nomad

  • Hope your enjoying your time there, I just came home to the US after spending time there earlier this month. I loved going to the baywalk and picking the fresh sea food while cooked it for me. While there I stayed at the Best Western were they had a pool and gym to do my morning workout after enjoying their all you can eat breakfast.

  • You are an inspiration! I think anyone who is working mobile should do this too, as staying at home gets dreadful and uninspiring at times. Anyway what’s the use of being a “nomad” if you are only boxed-in one place?

  • Hello Roxanne.
    I’m going to Palawan in the end of March/18, and I’m a bit worried about the internet connection?
    Have you visited other cities around the island?
    I didn’t decided which city to stay.
    Thanks for this post.

    • Hi Vitor! I visited the other towns but I made sure not to bring work with me cos the internet might be so bad. How much internet you really need and what kind of work do you do? My work is just simple so my pocket wifi can sustain.

  • Hi Roxanne,

    I was just researching for beach towns to stay as a digital nomad here in the Philippines. Would you say Puerto Princessa is better than Coron or El Nido when it comes to accessibility? (Cafes, internet connection, reasonably priced accommodations, convenience stores, etc.) Would love to hear your input. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Oshin! Yes I love my stay in Puerto Princesa. El Nido has a bad internet connection and everything is so expensive. I’ve never been to Coron so I can’t tell yet how to live like a local.

  • Hi Roxanne,

    I would love to do this to myself too. I want to move in Palawan from living with my family for my entire life because I wanted to have a new start. But my concern is the security of the place. And are there so many jobs available everywhere? Where can I find a best place to look for apartments?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Ejelaine,

      It depends on what job do you want on the island. If there’s no more COVID, hopefully, tourism will return. You can work in the tourism area. There’s a call center company in Puerto Princesa. For apartments and rentals, I joined a FB group Puerto Princesa rentals.

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