Travel Advice for Someone Traveling Abroad without Job But Has a Means To Do So

Any travel advice for someone traveling abroad without job but has a means to do so?

travel advice someone traveling abroad without a jobAs a Filipino traveler with a Philippine passport, sometimes it’s really difficult to travel in a different country. Sometimes, we think that traveling is for the rich or for someone who has a good paying job. How could you travel abroad without a job?

Have you just resigned from your corporate job and you want to travel abroad? Are you a freelance online worker who loves to travel out of the country without income tax return?

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How to Prepare Yourself Facing the Immigration Officer? | Traveling Abroad Without Job

  • Dress properly. Dress like you’re going on a business trip. Or go casual like wearing closed shoes or rubber shoes, jeans, a decent-looking t-shirt or a blouse. It’s cold inside the plane so bring a jacket.
  • For an international trip, go to the airport as earlier as possible so that you’ll face the I/O in a relaxed manner.
  • Be confident. Smile. Don’t act like a nervous freak. When the I/O asked you some questions, make it short but sweet. Don’t elaborate unless they asked you for further questions.
  • Show documents only if they asked for it.

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What Documents to Bring?

Without a Job, Bring the following:

  • Credit cards and ATM cards under your name
  • Passbook, Bank statement of accounts for your savings or time deposit
  • Investments like stock investing (ask for a certificate) or an investment insurance like VUL (Variable Universal Life insurance)
  • Documents for house property or vehicle property under your name

This is to show that you can really afford to travel out of the country even without a job because the I/O can see that you have the reasons to return to the country and not desperate to look for a job abroad.

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With a Job, Bring the following:

  • ID Company
  • Certificate of Employment
  • And a travel fund and other proofs being shown above that you can afford to travel

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When the I/O asks why you don’t have a job? | Traveling Abroad Without Job

Just be honest with your answer that you quit your job because you’re tired and you need a break from work. End the answer with a smile. We have the right to travel.

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Do you have any additional advice for our readers? Please comment below.

11 thoughts on “Travel Advice for Someone Traveling Abroad without Job But Has a Means To Do So

  • Like me, I will be travelling abroad for the first time and before that I will be quitting from my work, I just hope that I wpn’t be offloaded. Any hints more than your post?

  • Hello Roxanne,

    This is comforting. I quit my job last year because I’m planning to go to law school this June. Going to Taipei this April with two friends (who are sisters and first time travelers; one is a master’s student and the other works for a big TV station in Manila so I don’t think they would have trouble with the immigration.) I’ve been to two different countries before (Singapore and Malaysia last year) but this is my first time dealing with an immigration officer without my family. I have three ATM cards (2 from same bank where my parents also work at) and two other VALID IDs aside from my passport.

    Do you think this would look good to the IOs in NAIA?

    Thank you in advance 🙂

  • Is it safe to say that we booked a room from Airbnb instead of a hotel?

    By the Im travelling with my boyf(his first time to travel abroad, While i went to SG last 2014). We are doing the Tricity travel (SG-KL-BKK) as our 8th anniversary treat. My next concern is he has work And I dont have (quit from work last year) although I am working for someone online Part time. I do not own a credit card but I have an active passbook account. Im afraid I have the biggest chance to get offloaded. Do you have any tips for me? Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Zel. It’s safe naman sa airbnb. I think di ka naman ma offload kasi tricity travel naman. Do let me know your updates.

  • Im a former ofw just recently i ended my 2 year contract and my visa is attached to my passport. I will be travelling with a friend to singapore this month and at present i dont have a job here in the phils. Will i have a hard time with the I/O … thanks

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