My 6 Best Instagram Sexy Moments in 2016

Before the year ends, I just want to post this Balik Alindog inspiration for myself in preparation for the New Year 2017. The Philippines, my beloved country, is known to be summer all year round. As a person living in this tropical country, I always find myself going to the beach. I am more of a beach lover even though some friends do invite me for mountain climbing.

I’ve always been small and thin. It was in the year 2015 I learned to eat a lot because of my trip to Japan. I had a hard time gaining weight. Currently, I am 45 kilograms. I used to be 40 kg in 2013, and I slowly gained weight to 43 kg untilĀ July 2016. One time it went 45 kilograms and lost 2 kg in few weeks. Now, I am happy I’m back to 45 kg. Thanks mama for home cooked meals and to Jeremy for taking me to several restaurants here in Cebu. He knows how to make me happy. Oh yes, I always love to eat two cups of rice. Also to friends who love to bring me for food trips.

I have to admit that every 4th quarter of the year is the time I gain extra belly since October is fiesta town in Naga, November is my birth month and December is obviously Christmas and waiting for New Year. Of course, what to do? I have no choice but to eat and eat.


I am already on my late 20’s, 28 years old to be exact. Women are told to be careful on what they eat because of slow metabolism. Women of my age are gettingĀ married and havingĀ kids. Here I am, still single and enjoying life. No love life? Sounds sad. But don’t worry, I just discovered that a lot of people love me. I am blessed.


The moment I turned 28 was also the time I received some confessions. I just smiled for their honesty, and I blushed. Now, I’ve been vocal about what I want if I’ll be in a relationship. It’s been three years since my first serious relationship.


To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of wearing two piece bikini. Somehow, I was being conservative. But what to do when you’re single and not in a relationship? It’s time for me to reinvent. I do it for myself and not for someone else. Be fit and healthy while I can still enjoy eating the food I want.


If you ask me what I have done this year to achieve a fit body, I was just watching YouTube for Zumba videos, walked a lot, swim, exercise, lift weights using 1.5 Liters of bottled water, although I’ve been to the gym once but never returned. But this month of December, I wasn’t able to do a lot of exercise because of my injured neck. Next year in 2017, I’ll make sure I can go back on track and work out more.


Eating a lot gives me the chance to be in shape. I was worried that what I eat will add more on my belly that gives me a big stomach. Oh yes, the butt workout helps a lot to achieve toned and firm butt.

So Why Am I Writing This?

This is just a reminder to self that sometime in my life I was able to achieve this, and it is possible.

Current Body Statistics

Height: 4’11”

Weight: 45 kgs

Measurements: 33-24-34 inches

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