Visa-Free Travel Taiwan Using Japan Visa for Philippines Passport Holders

Possible: Visa-Free Travel Taiwan Using Japan Visa

True, it is now possible for a visa-free travel Taiwan, sharing to you how to get ROC Taiwan Travel Authorization Certificate using Japan visa.

In few days, I will be traveling to Taiwan for the first time. I am not yet prepared, I haven’t packed my bags yet. Currently, I am busy with my job and it is just today I was able to ask permission to my client for me to travel on my birthday, a first time to do this.

I just picked-up my passport today with a Japan visa. It was my third application with a single entry visa. A multiple entry was never granted on my second attempt.

Getting R.O.C Taiwan Travel Authorization Certificate using Japan Visa

Step 1: Determine what kind of visa you already possessed

I am eligible for free-visa to Taiwan for having Japan visa. Find out more about the details.

Read more at Getting Japan Tourist Visa Without Income Tax Return

To be eligible for an ROC Travel Authorization Certificate, the following conditions must be met:
1. The applicant’s passport must have remaining validity of at least six months starting from the date of arrival in Taiwan.
2. The applicant must possess an onward/return air or ferry ticket.
3. The applicant has never been employed as a blue-collar worker in Taiwan.

In addition, the applicant must possess at least one of the following documents issued by Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, any of the Schengen countries, the United Kingdom, or the United States:
1. Valid resident or permanent resident card
2. Valid entry visa (may be electronic visa)
3. Resident card or visa that has expired less than 10 years prior to the date of arrival in Taiwan

Read more at:

Take note: visa that has expired less than 10 years prior to the date of arrival in Taiwan. This I should follow.

Step 2: Select Language


Step 3: Read on, follow and click Next



Step 4: Fill in the form correctly and checked Nil, click Next.

Step 5: Review everything before you hit the Submit button.

Step 6: Print the ROC Taiwan Travel Authorization Certificate

This is how the travel authorization certificate looks like.

Yes, that’s how easy to get a travel authorization certificate for Taiwan. Please follow my Instagram at and like my Facebook page at for travel updates while I am in Taiwan. πŸ™‚

247 thoughts on “Visa-Free Travel Taiwan Using Japan Visa for Philippines Passport Holders

  • Hi!
    My Korean visa expired last May 2016 so does that mean I’m eligible for the ROC Travel Authorization Certificate? It’s a single entry Korean visa that I used last March.

    What else did you do after printing the certificate? Did you have to submit it to TECO?


    • Hi Jam,

      Based on this blog post, I just followed the screen provided. My Japan visa single entry expired January 2016 so yes, your Korean visa is also eligible.

      I just printed the certificate and showed my passport with the Japan visa. Yon lang po. πŸ™‚

        • Hi Jam,

          I live in Cebu. I am using my expired visa so that no need for me to go to TECO in Manila. So yes, very convenient. πŸ˜€

          • Our family is planning to go to taiwan this june. Kids have no existing visa. Plan to get japan visa ir korean visa for them instead of taiwan visa since its cheaper. Is there a policy that existing visa should be used? Thanks

    • Hi Jam!

      I also want to apply for this with my expired Korean visa. How did yours go? I’m wondering which part of the visa is the visa number though… just the first line of numbers or the one below it as well? or is it the orange text between the lines? Maybe you figured this out πŸ™‚ haha.


        • Hi Roxanne,

          I have same question with Kami. Im still puzzled what to input on visa number. Is it the first lines or the one below or the orange one? You replied issued number, is it same with issue date? Our school processed, so I have no idea. Thanks. πŸ™‚

          • Hi Christian,

            With my Japan visa there is an indication with ISSUED NUMBER, it’s different with the issue date. Do you have a Korean visa? Because I don’t know how it looks like and where to locate. The ISSUE NO. in Japan visa is easy to locate. It’s between # of entries and # of stay(s).

        • Hello. The Korean Visa number is the one on the upper right corner that starts with PH, also include the 4 digits at the bottom of it. I was asked by the airline staff to re-print the authorization certificate in the airport because I need to include the 4 digits found at the bottom. πŸ™‚

          • Oo. Walang verification during application, pero pag dating sa Check in sa airline, i-ccheck nila, kasi mahigpit din ang Immigration sa Taiwan. In my case I needed to reprint and re-apply sa airport (online pa din) just to include the other 4 digits – hassle haha

        • PH12345671234
          Starts with PH and the 7 digits then the 4 digits at the bottom πŸ™‚

          If you fail to include the other 4 digits you might not be allowed to enter Taiwan haha ☺️

          • It was fun πŸ˜„ I spent my Christmas and New Year in the mountains of Taiwan. Yes I printed the authorization in a short bond paper. Upon presentation it in the Taiwan Immigration, they will stamp your passport with visa-exempt ☺️

          • Looks like pede yung PH at yung red ink na number. Nabasa ko kay blissfulguro na blog, ginamit niya yung red ink na number at isang nag comment din dun ganun din ginawa ok naman.

          • Hi Gene, Yup kasama ang PH, bale 13 characters. Hindi ko lang alam kung pwede yung Red kasi I personally asked the Korean Embassy at ang sabi ay yung starting from PH ang Korean Visa Number. Thanks.

          • Okay, ganyan nadin ginawa ko yung may PH. Feeling ko hindi pa vineverify pag submit eh, parang Certificate maker lang yun haha tapos ivverify nalang nila pag nandun ka na mismo sa immigration kasi kelangan mo din ipakita yung Korean Visa. hehe

          • Hi,
            Yung ginamit kong korean visa number is yung colored numbers (color orange ata yun) and wala naman problema. Nakapag travel ako last dec. Thanks. Have a safe trip.

          • ayos! siguro nga kahit ano dun sa red or PH ang ilagay mo dun sa certificate maker eh papayagan nila basta makita nila yung mismong korean visa. Atleast pina reapply ka mejo hassle nga lang hehe buti nalang nauna korea ko kesa taiwan, 2.5k din nasave hehe

          • hi..

            nag apply po ako online, pero ang nailagay ko using my japan visa is the no. in upper right, hindi ung issue no. nasubmit ko na po. paano po sya ngayon? and during the online application, wala naman ako finill up na email address, saan nila isesend yung travel certificate? thanks

          • If you followed the screenshot, you will receive the travel authorization certificate immediately meaning you are granted for a free visa to Taiwan.

    • hi!! my case is same as yours. i am holding an expired single entry korean visa and i am planning to do TAC. am i eligible to do so? thnks for ur information

  • Also, how long is the validity of the certificate? I’ll be travelling on March 2017, can I get my certificate now? Thank you πŸ™‚

    • Jam,

      Based on my experience, my traveled date was Nov 9 to 13, 2016 so I processed the certificate few days before my flight. πŸ™‚

  • hello! was your Japanese visa already expired when you applied for the taiwan travel authorization certificate? because i have an expired korean visa (expired at dec 2015) and also i have a taiwanese visa which is valid until october 2016. i booked a flight back to taiwan on december 25.. when is the best day to apply for the travel authorization certificate? THANK YOU! πŸ™‚

  • hi roxanne, Got confused with the visa requirments,

    I have used my (single entry) japanese visa last oct, can you confirm if the used visa is applicable for taiwan visa free requirments?


    • Hi Mark,

      My single entry Japan visa expired in 2015. Just proceed to the link I posted, follow the steps and you can get the ROC travel authorization certificate. Just print and show it to immigration together with your passport and Japan visa. 😊

  • Hi Roxanne,

    I’ve been to Taiwan before but this will be my first time using the visa exemption certificate. I have an expired Japan (2015) and Korean (2014) visa. I’m a bit worried that the immigration will not allow entry to Taiwan for having an expired visa(s).

    Were there any issues in the immigration upon presenting your expired Japan visa?

    I appreciate your help.

    • Hi Alvin,

      Visa-free, you don’t have to pay anything. This is only applicable for passport holders with visas from Japan, Korea, Shengen, Australia, UK, US. If you don’t have any these kind of visas from the countries mentioned above, you need to get a Taiwan visa from TECO.

      • Hey again! Thanks for answering my previous question. Got a few more…

        After you acquire the visa-free travel certificate, do you have to schedule an appointment/make an appearance at TECO?

        Also, when you Rox got to Taiwan, did they ask to see any documents (e.g., bank statements, certificate of employment/enrollment) other than your passport, expired visa to Japan, and the visa-free Taiwan travel certificate?

        Thank you so much for your help!

        • JC,

          I live in Cebu so no need appearance to TECO office in Manila. Just bring ROC travel certificate, passport with Japan visa (or other visa mentioned) and round trip ticket.

      • Hi Rox!

        Sorry to bother you, just wanted to clarify and be sure about certain things. A used and expired Japan visa (Jan 2017) is still eligible for visa-free entry travelling to Taiwan (April 2017).

        Also my friend has Schengen Visa which she will use this Feb and will expire on (March 2017). We will travel to Taiwan this April 2017. Will our previous visa be eligible for visa-free entry?

        Thank you so much!

  • Hello!

    I have just applied and received my travel authorization certificate following my UK visa, which expired last Feb 2016. Did the immigration ask for any other document aside from the travel cert? I do know I would need to present my UK visa, though. Anything else, like return ticket, hotel bookings, etc?

    Thank you so much.

    • Hi Arya,

      Please provide the ROC Travel Authorization certificate, passport with UK visa and the return ticket. Thanks.

  • Hi. Did you input your middle name? Do we have to? I already have my letter when I realized that I did not input my middle name. Please help. Thank you.

  • I will go to Taipei on December 11, 2016. I Hold Japan’s 5 years Visa (will end at 2020).
    I only have firts name, just RAMLI. no has given name. I already apply throught this website :
    but after fill all field (without Given Name), it has error message ” Please Check with the counter of this office. (2006).
    But if fill SURNAME and GIVEN NAME with same : RAMLI RAMLI
    is it will be problem when I arrived at Taipei? because my passport name only RAMLI

  • I already got my ROC travel certificate. One and only question, how will they verify that I was never employed as a blue-collar worker in Taiwan? This is my first time in Taiwan so I meet all the requirements. Sabi kasi dalhin lahat ng “requirements” together with the travel certificate. So what are all those requirements?

    1.) ROC travel cert
    2.) Valid passport that shows expired Japan Visa
    3.) Valid passport expiry date
    4.) Tickets (both ways)

    Yung apat lang na yun enough na?

    • Hi Kevin,

      All requirements you mentioned are enough that you are not a blue collar worker in Taiwan and obviously, you are a traveler and been to many countries. Relax! πŸ™‚

      • Hi! Kailangan ba ipakita yung mismong boarding pass(can be printed kapag nag early web check-in ka) as proof na babalik ka sa Philippines or okay na yung mismong ticket lang (printed copy nung flight itinerary/confirmation from air asia)? Thanks! πŸ™‚

          • hi gud pm ask ko lng kac nkpg pa print na ko ng travel clearance namin family for taiwan about dun sa japan visa number nalagay ko number un gawi kanan sa taas kac nabasa ko sayo sabi mo between no. of entries and stay pano un print na lng ba ko ng paninago thanks

          • Ang Iba sabi Yong upper,right daw. Ok naman kahit Yong issued # ang importante Kasi Nakakita ng IO same #.

  • hi may travel certificate nako at airline ticket at visa sa U.S, kailangan paba magpakita sakanila ng hotel booking?or pwedeng sa destination nako maghanap ng hotel?hinahanapan paba sa NAIA at sa taiwan immigration?

  • Hi Roxanne,

    Thanks for your post and infos here very helpful..
    May i ask lang po sa inyo at kung meron din dito na sa mga makakabasa nito,
    My case is i have unused Canada Visitor”s visa expired ng 2013 na nasa aking expired old passport din and now i have my new passport, pwede ko bang gamitin yun aking expired Canada V-1 visa na nasa old passport para sa pag apply ng Travel authorization certificate sa Taiwan?
    Wala pa lang kasi ako nabasa na may nakapag mentioned pa gaya ng sa aking situation.

    Thanks po sa inyo and i really appreciate your help!

    • Hi Dell,

      Yes you can use your unused and expired Canada visa and you can apply for ROC travel authorization certificate. As long as it is less than 10 years from date of travel to Taiwan.

  • Hello! Thank you for this, very informative. Ask ko lang, pwede bang magapply ako ng Japan visa to avail the visa-free entry sa Taiwan though I’m not really going to Japan?

  • Hi, niv. Is your korean visa already ecpired and single entry. I also applied and it was approvedbut i got a feedback from a friend that still be denied. I also did not include the 4 digits so so i need to reapply?

  • Hi, we are going to Taiwan on Feb 2017. Is it ok if I just apply for a Korean visa now so I can go to Taiwan visa-free? Appreciate your reply. Thanks!

  • hi,i work in taiwan as caregiver last 1996. i’ve been in some places like hongkong, macau, singapore, and korea and still have valid multiple entry to korea. me and my daughter plan to go to taiwan. Aside from the places i’ve been , she also worked in USA for more than a year. in short she is entitled for visa free application. the problem is, i am her dependent and all the documents required for normal visa is under her name so what is the appropriate type of application we need since i worked as a blue collar job before????

    • Hi Aurora,

      If you’re the dependent your daughter send proof that she pays for your trip. Maybe it is advisable that you call TECO office in Manila for advise.


  • Hi Rox,

    Is your Japan Visa already used the time you applied for ROC? I used mine last March and it is only a single entry visa so i am quite afraid that “valid” means it has not been used yet but it does not make sense because an expired visa is allowed. Mine is Korean visa btw πŸ™‚ we’ll be travelling there this march πŸ™‚

  • Hi rox,

    I have a question, i have my korean and japan visa with me. Kakaexpire lang this Jan. Do i need to just print lang yung ROC travel cert and im good to go na? will present nalang yun sa immigration, right? may validity ba yun?
    thank you!


    • Hi, yes print the travel certificate and bring your passport with the said visa. show your hotel address as well as they need it.

    • As long as you have the Schengen visa. Expired na ba visa mo? Kailangan less than 10 years ang expiration before departure date to Taiwan.

  • Basta you have the certificate , the qualified visa and your printed flight details no need to worry na. You are very good to go. Hindi na ako tinanong kung saan ako magiistay.

  • Hi I’m going to taiwan in April, iniisip ko instead na taiwan visa kunin ko which is need mgabayad ng 2400 PHP pwede kya Korean Visa na lang kunin ko then mag apply ng travel certificate for taiwan

    • Hi Zerxes,

      If you have all the documents required for a Korean visa, go for it! If you got it, then you can use it for Taiwan. Thanks.

    • Hi iverify mo muna sa korean embassy kung may penalties ang unused visa incase hindi mo siya talaga gagamitin sa korea. Nabasa ko kasi dati may penalty na 1.3k ata kung mag aapply ka ulit for korean visa and yung friend ng friend ko hinala daw niya dahil sa unused korean visa kaya siya nadenied. hehe

      • Hi Gene,

        Thanks for your input. I don’t know if you apply for US visa, if it’s unused, you’ll get penalty. But since South Korea visa is FREE if you will be traveling less than 30 days, there is a tendency your friend got denied because of abusing the idea that it’s free. That we don’t know. Maybe it’s an assumption. There might be other reasons why your friend got denied on the second time maybe because of the documents she submitted.

        Although some people will try to get a visa even without a flight booked because a person is not sure if he will get a visa or rejected.

        • My friend was about to do this, nadeny na kasi sya before sa korean embassy kaya parang since malaki ung chance madeny dun muna sana sa free pero buti nalang nabasa ko to. Will advise her na dumiretso nalang sa taiwanese visa.

          • Hi Joanna,

            I think getting a South Korea visa is more difficult compared to Japan. Yes Pwede naman dumiretso sa Taiwan visa.

          • Oh no I just did this. Got a korean visa recently just to avail the visa free entry to taiwan. So the next time I get a Korean visa, I will most probably get denied because I did not use the first visa that was issued to me? Btw, we are a family who will travel to taiwan. Thanks

  • Hi,

    I’ve received a JP single entry visa which will expire on 3/2017. The problem that i’ve never been JP before. Is that ok if i will travel to TW in prior from 28/1-2/2 & then from 2/2-7/2 to JP? I applied TW visa online & got approved. Thanks!

  • Hello Roxanne,

    Can you confirm that an unused korean visa is valid for used to apply visa free for taiwan? I have mine but unused. Will they not try to question why it was not used?

  • Hi dear πŸ™‚

    I already used my single entry Schengen Visa and it expired last 13 January 2017. Pwede pa kaya yun? I am so confused with different blogs saying that once a visa was used you can no longer present it in Taiwan immigraiton. Thanks!

  • Hi Roxanne,

    Thank you for sharing. I have an expired Japan Visa from late 2016.
    The thing is, I have already changed my last name since I just recently got married. My passport and ticket are all under my married name.

    Do you think I will have a problem entering Taiwan?

    • Hi,

      Hmm! Sounds complicated. Bring your old passport with your first and last name when you were single together with your new passport now that you are married. That’s the best thing I need to do.

      • So, yung ilalagay kong passport number kapag nag-fill up ako ng ROC Taiwan Travel Authorization Certificate is yung sa old passport ko? Tama ba?

        • Maybe the passport # is your new passport #. If your Japan visa Ay nasa old passport, Yong issued # ilagay mo dun. Make sure you bring your old passport with the Japan visa and new passport together with your return ticket.

  • Hi Roxanne,

    Good Day.

    I have a question. I have with me my used single entry japan visa which got expired last January 25,2017. Am I eligible for visa free?

  • I have a question. I was not able to get the PDF copy of the certificate, so hindi ko din po na-print. Hindi ko na rin ma-retrieve yung file ko. Can you suggest what is the best way to do?
    Can I re-apply again even if I have an existing one? Then the number for Japan visa is the Issued Number, right?

  • ok thank you very much for your immediate feedback..
    but how about the number in japan visa? based on what I have read it was the upper right part and I also called teco and said it was the upper right part..but based on your blog it was the issued number at the I’m quiet confused which one is sure..hehe.. πŸ™‚

  • Hi..i have two USED japan single entry visa.. Yung isa expired na, ung isa paexpired palang.. Anu sa tingin mo ung dpat kong gamitin? Ung una na naexpired na or ung latest na maeexpired palang? Thanks in advance..

  • Hi Roxanne, thanks for your super useful and helpful information! I just have one question please. I also used the issue number from my Japan Visa for the travel certificate. I know I can still change it or reapply but did you encounter any issues when you entered having used the issue number instead of the upper right digits? Thanks!

    • Hi,

      I used the ISSUE # for the travel certificate and I had no problem with it naman. They can see that everything matched naman on my Japan visa.

  • Hi, just applied now using my old Schengen Visa (expired 2012, 3 year validity multiple entry) which is in my old expired passport. After filling up the form and reviewing for mistakes, I noticed na included pala Korean visas! I actually have an expired Korean visa from 2014 in my current passport. Ok lang kaya na I used the older Schengen visa instead of the newer Korean visa? Parang mas matunog kasi yung Schengen kahit mas luma.
    Also I noticed that under “Special Requirements” it says this: “Currently holding one of the following valid documents issued by the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, or New Zealand, or any of the signatories to the Schengen Agreement:” – Nawala ang Korea! Although it’s there naman when you click on the selector.

  • Hello Roxanne,

    Where is the ISSUED # of Japan Multiply Entry Visa located? I’ll be applying for an exemption for my Taiwan trip this April 2017.

  • Hello Roxanne,

    I renewed my passport and my multiple entry japan visa is in my old passport. Which passport # should I indicate in the application form for exemption, the old one or the new one? Also, After the application, do I need to do anything like going to the embassy, or I just need to bring the old passport with my japan visa with me when I travel to Taiwan

    • Hi Roen,

      Please indicate your renewed passport # then bring your old passport with the Japan visa when you travel to Taiwan. That’s it.

  • I have an expired, used, single-entry visa in Australia so I initially thought that makes me eligible of the certificate.
    But grabe I’m so confused with which information is correct! Haha other blogs are saying invalid na raw ‘yun kase used and expired na. Some blogs naman (like yours) are claiming super pwede sya. I was browsing the comments here kase most recent sila so medyo nacoconvince na ko na pwede nga talaga siya.
    Did I get it right ba? Yours was expired and used din pero you were able to enter Taiwan? I need to make sure kasi sayang din ‘yung airfare. lol

    • Hi Joy,

      Visa Japan expired in 2015, went to Taiwan twice in 2016 then ill be in Taiwan for 2017. 😊

    • Ang tanong, when nag expire Australia visa mo? Make sure it’s less than 10 years from your planned travel date to Taiwan. 😊

      • Hi Roxanne,

        I’m booked for May 2017 haha it expired last March 23, 2017. Ginamit ko siya last October e. Nakakaconfused ‘yung ibang mga blogs, they were saying na it’s considered invalid if it’s single entry lang tapos used na and expired.

          • I think the confusion is because October 2016 lang nag come into force itong new rules. Kaya yung older blogs hindi pa updated. Have certificates for both my used Schengen (multiple entry) and Korean (single entry) visas, pareho ng expired. Flying to Taiwan on Thursday April 7 so ma-tetesting ko ito!

          • Omg sayang I could meet you guys sana lol Next month pa ko… Hey @Jude, let me know if you made it pass the immigration!

  • I’m so kulit ‘no haha Thanks Roxanne for replying! I really just have to make sure. The last thing I want is to be denied entry to Taiwan lol

  • Hi,

    I have a used single entry visa to Japan (issued this January). Can I still use this even though I would be renewing my passport already? My old passport had some pages soaked in water because of my sibling’s clumsiness (haha).

  • Hi! My travel date is october 19-24 and my passport expires april 16. Do you think that will be okay? I’ve been to Korea and Japan 2015.

  • Grabe, medyo tinakot pa ako ng PAL Check-in staff. Di daw siya sure kung pwede ang expired visas! So she made me wait for almost 10 minutes while she checked with immigration. Buti na lang she came back saying there’s really a memo na naka-post daw (which she only saw now) stating that they are also valid for the certificate. Ready na sana ako tumawag sa travel agent ko and mag-post dito about giving wrong advice! πŸ™‚ Waiting to board my flight now. Buti na lang medyo maaga din ako pumunta sa airport. Used my Korean visa, by the way. Pero bitbit ko ding back-up si Schengen.

    • Hi Jude,

      Just a question, you applied for two certificates at the same time? One for your Schengen (multiple entry) and Korean (single entry) visas? I am planning to do the same kasi just to make sure since my single entry Schengen has expired already and I have a Korean already used but will expire on July 19th. Hope you can reply the soonest as I will travel to Taiwan this July 16th.

  • Hello,

    Thank you so much po sa post nyo. Followed everything and was able to visit Taiwan last month without any hassle.

    Question po, pde pa bang mag apply ulit nang certificate to taiwan kahit nagamit na once yung visa? Unlimited use ba sya within the 10 years (from the date issued ng visa)?

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