First Time Abroad: How I Almost Got Offloaded as a Freelancer?

how I almost got offloaded as a freelancerHow I Almost Got Offloaded as a Freelancer? It was my first out of the country trip for my 4 Days and 3 Nights in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in September 2013. My Philippine passport was so fresh at that time, which I applied for it in January 2013. Got enticed to book my first international trip after my Siquijor-Dumaguete trip with an unexpected free trip to Manila. I was so stoked back then as I was bringing my laptop working as a digital nomad. I was with a fellow blogger friend. When he learned that I’d go to Malaysia, he booked a flight right away.

Got an email from the airline that there will be a change of our flight. Instead of flying directly from Cebu to Kuala Lumpur, the airline told us that we had to fly to Manila then Kuala Lumpur. Our flight to Manila was in the morning, and our flight to Kuala Lumpur was in the afternoon. We already checked in, and it was our time to get interviewed by the Immigration Officer.

How I Almost Got Offloaded as a Freelancer? – Facing the Bureau of Immigration Officer

My blogger friend was a medical student, so his interview was great and smooth. I, on the other hand, I was very confident that time, but the IO asked me a lot of questions. She asked me about my current job, my employment ID, my funds, bank accounts and other sources where I got my funds for traveling.

Unfortunately, I have no Income Tax Return, no Certificate of Employment, no company ID, no leave of absence to show, and no other proof that I have a strong indication to come back to the Philippines.

The IO was interrogating me, but I answered with confidence. I told the IO I’ve been working online since 2009 and the transaction for the salary are through online. I don’t have any employment ID to show, so I just showed my BIR ID which was not the one they were looking. They asked more about my job on what I do. They asked my bank accounts, and I showed them different ATM cards until they asked me one last thing, if I have a credit card.

Travel Tip: How to Avoid Offloading as an Online Freelancer, a Female Solo Traveler or Group Travelers?

My Credit Card Saved Me

I showed them my credit card. It did save my @$$ and they let me fly out of the country. Without it, I had no idea what to do if I experienced offloading.

Things to Prepare to Avoid Offloading

Bring these documents to avoid offloading.

  • Valid passport
  • Bank Certification
  • Credit Card (if applicable)
  • Latest Income Tax Return (ITR)
  • Proof of property (vehicle, land title)
  • Certificate of Employment (COE, of course, if you’re employed)
  • Approved Leave of Absence (LOA, if employed)
  • A copy of Company ID
  • Return flight ticket
  • A copy of your daily itinerary
  • A copy of your hotel/hostel booking reservation
  • A visa (to a particular country if applicable)
  • Bring School ID, Transcript of Records (TOR), in case you are asked for your educational attainment

Well, this was my first experience of traveling abroad in 2013. The second time was in Hong Kong, and I went with friends. You can also check out How I Got a Japan Visa without Income Tax Return.

Next time, I will share with you how I traveled solo to 5 countries in 2015.

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  • I often wonder why would the Immigration Officers care what you do in other countries if your documents are complete. I’ve been offloaded once when I went to Singapore and their reasons are just ridiculous. Do they really think Pinoys would just go out of the country to work and can’t afford to travel? Just curious… which also makes me mad.

    • To be honest, I’m afraid to fly directly to Singapore from Philippines and round trip because with my observation, the IO can tell that you go to Singapore for work which a lot of Filipinos go there to find greener pasture.

      Singapore is ok for connecting flight onward somewhere though.

      • not exactly because there are a lot of package tours to Singapore. If you’re a nature lover, there’s not much to see in Singapore, so that’s not advisable.

        But still, with complete documents, why would the Immigration Officers interfere with your vacation? The time I was offloaded was my second visit to Singapore… so again, still ridiculous.

        • Yeah I’ve heard it to another person with the same situation you had. It was her 2nd time to visit Singapore, she got offloaded. She’s also a freelancer.

          The reason why we are questioned because we freelancers have the tendency to find a job in Singapore although we don’t have the intention but it’s possible.

  • Oh dear, I never thought being offloaded was possible 🙁 I traveled solo to Singapore last year and the IO there just asked me questions like, “where are you staying and for how long?”. I also work online and wanted to connect with other Filipino online workers who also love to travel, and that’s how I found your site! <3 Please get in touch with me (thru my blog or @hannahsalla on Twitter/Instagram) when you've read this comment because I have a couple of questions to ask you if it's alright 🙂

    • Hi Hannah,

      Thanks for dropping by, I also love to connect people who are working online as well. I traveled solo to 5 countries in 2015. After traveling to Malaysia in 2013 and HK/Macau in 2014, i took the courage to travel solo and I made it.

      If not with my credit card, I would have a hard time going out of the country.

  • Hi we are a family of 5 travel visit hk for 9 days .3 seniors na 2 middle age meron na po kmi roundtrip ticket kay lng walang hotel reservation kasi mag stay lng kmi sa bahay ng kaibigan ko..paanu po ba yan baka kasi ma offload kmi .thanks sa advice

  • Hello

    I am planning to travel abroad for the first time and have most of documents mentioned above. But, i do know there is still a chance on getting offloaded.. so my question is; how many days/months can i travel back again? Will the IO put some sort of indcation to my passport that i got offloaded? can i book another flight right away and just present it to a diff IO?

    • Hi,

      Just be confident with your answers that you are traveling. If they will ask for your cert of employment, give it to them.

      If you get offloaded, you can still try on the next day or next few days depending on the sched flight.



  • How many days/months can i travel back again if i get offloaded? Will the IO put some sort of indcation that i got offloaded? Can i book another flight right away? Hehe thank you and godbless.

    • You can travel after the next few days as long as you have the documents they are asking from you. No indication on passport being offload. Stamp on your passport means you are allowed to travel. Thanks.

  • Hi. I’m planning to fly to Bangkok by the end week of March kasi balak namin magkita ng bf ko sa Bangkok. He’s an Aussie but I will be the one shouldering my own trip. I have work as well. First time ko magttravel. Should I tell the IO na magkikita kmi ng bf ko dun? Nakapunta na siya dito 4 times. Any docs that I need to present? shud i tell the IO na magkikita kmi or just tell them I’m travelling by myself? Any tips?

    • Hi Sziszi,

      You don’t have to tell the IO that you are going to meet your boyfriend. Just tell them that you are going to travel solo because you are capable to travel since you are the one who will pay for your travel. If it’s your first time, go and fly. 😀

    • Hi Sziszi,

      You don’t have to tell the IO that you are going to meet your boyfriend. Just tell them that you are going to travel solo because you are capable to travel since you are the one who will pay for your travel. If it’s your first time, go and fly. 😀 As long as you have the proof you’ll fly back home.

  • I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog!

    I am also a freelancer who works online. I don’t have a COE and ITR but I have savings from my previous job. I am also taking up my Masters degree, so I plan to just show them my Certificate of Enrollment and school ID as proof.

    Was your med student friend accepted because he also showed these documents? I’m so nervous. I don’t wanna get off-loaded, and I’m only relying on my school credentials as my ties here in the PH.

    So happy you didn’t get off-loaded, Roxanne. 😀

    • Hi James,

      Being a student which he shows his school ID and study load made it easier for him to get out of the country.

      • Hi Roxanne! Thank you for your reply. My case kasi is I applied tourist visa to Korean Embassy as employed tourist. And since resigned na ako from my previous work all I can prepare is my post-grad student ID (master’s degree), a proof that I will comeback and will not go there to look for a job. Are they strict to tourists flying to visa-countries? Is the visa not enough to show that we are financially capable to travel? Ano ano kayang documents pwede nilang hingin?

  • Hi Roxanne,

    Thanks for this blog, really helped a lot..

    Anyway, gusto ko lng mgask. Mgtatravel ako to Thailand this coming April and iccelebrate ko bday ko dun, the problem is imemeet ko bf ko..ako ang mgbbyad s trip ko pero sya ang s hotel..malalaman b ng IO n xa ung ngbook ng hotel and mgkikita kmi even if sbhin ko n mgtravel ako alone..please hingi ako advice what to do..thanks

    • If they will ask for the name of the hotel and address, just show it. No need to mention your BF paid for it unless they ask.

  • /Hi Roxanne,

    I ll be having my first international flight this september.. already bought a ticket thru credit card but the credit card is named to other person mgkakaproblema ba ko showing the receipt ? since hindi nakapangalan skin, wala din kasi reciept pag credit card..

    i have passport, hotel bookings and a universal studio pass..
    can you advice me kung ano pa yung mga pwede ko dalin kasi im going to fly since mgccelebrate lang ako ng birthday ko ill be there for 5days po.

    thank you!

  • Hi Roxanne,

    I am also a freelancer, I will visit Thailand this May to meet my bf. When I went to HK 2013, I was working in a company but now that I am a freelancer and no ID company to show. Is there any possibility that I might get offloaded?

    Thank you.

    • I really don’t know po but usually they will ask if you have a bank account or credit card. Credit card Kasi naka save saken.

    • Hi, Yuri. Yes po, there’s a big chance for freelancers to get off-loaded. Freelancer din ako when I went to Japan last November, and the IO asked me for a company ID. I told her na freelancer ako. Then she lectured me that I need to have ties in the PH. Buti na lang, student ako nung time na ‘yun. I just showed her my graduate school ID. Kung wala ‘yung ID na ‘yun, I would have been transferred for second interrogation. Hope this helps.

      • Hi Jamika,
        Thank you for responding. Ano Po ba nilalagay nyo sa embarkation freelancer or pwede virtual assistant? Please any tips din po, na stestress ako sa IO dahil sa offload na term.

          • Hi again,
            Is it okay na huwag ko na lng sabihin na magmeet kami Ng bf ko sa Thailand at sabihin nlng na mag tour alone since I’m 30yrs old Naman at naka pag HK Naman, I can get my credit card nmn Po before umalis. Para sa akin medyo my kamahalan Kasi na booked ko na ticket. April 4 ako kumuha Ng ticket tapos April 31 Alis ko. Baka Kasi tanungin ako na Hindi ako nag pa booked in advance. Pls help.. thank you

  • Hi Roxanne,

    I have another concern, ngresign ako s company just last month and I still have my company id. If IO ask for a company id, can I show it to them? but the problem is I dont have COE to show..also, I got hired from another company and they allowed me to work after my it best if the I can show the IO that I have work waiting for me after my trip? Can I also show my son’s birth certificate to prove that I have a strong ties here?

    • Show any documents that you are coming back because of your next employment and yeah bring your son’s birth certificate if they ask.

        • Hi Roxanne,

          I got some problem. My next company cannot give me some certification or proof that I have a job order from them..they can only give it on the first day of my training. If I will show my old company id, do you think they will call the company for work verification?? I’m really worried now that this might be the reason why I will be offloaded..

          Please give me some advice..
          Thanks po..

  • Hi roxanne,

    Me and my co-workers are planning to travel in malaysia this coming July to celebrate my 36th birthday..all of them are 1st timer except me because I already travelled in hk and macau last 2012,. But we are all wonder if it does not gives us any problem once we’re on IO already? Nttatakot lng po kc bka hnd kmi pyagang mkaalis..ask lng po kng ano dw kya ang maaaring hnapin sming supporting papers and any idea for the possible questions n maaari nilang itanong smin.thanku po for ur reply.

    • Hello, you’ll be fine Coz you travel as a group. Please bring documents or any ID that you are working in the Philippines.

  • Hi,

    Me and my girlfriend are meeting in Malaysia. She will be travelling from Philippines and I’ll be travelling from India. First of all, She is currently employed but her contract is expiring on 15th of April. Her flight is of 18th of April. She has ITR papers,salary slips, sufficient funds in her account, return flight tickets, hotel bookings, debit card. But she doesn’t have a credit card. Please give me some suggestions on how to proceed with immigration check.

        • are you a foreigner? I guess they are more strict to woman meeting her bf abroad. It is best for her to check tour/leisure in the immigration slip rather than visiting a friend. Surely, they will ask lots of documents such as letter of invitation and seminars. They will not ask documents unless your girlfriend is subjected to second interview. Tell your girlfriend do not show any documents unless the IO required her to show.

    • Hello, I just want to share my experience. I went to Thailand 3 weeks ago for 10 days vacation. I traveled alone from NAIA T3 while my BF traveled from LAX. Everything went well.
      I chose male IO young or old it doesn’t matter.
      First, I gave my passport and embarkation card. I put “Freelancer (Virtual Assistant)”.
      IO asked: saan ka pupunta?
      me: Bangkok.
      IO: first time mo mag travel?
      me: no.
      IO: Saan ka pumunta?
      me: hongkong.
      IO: may kakilala ka sa bangkok?
      me: no.
      IO: ano gagawin mo doon?
      me: vacation.
      IO: paano ka mag babakasyon eh freelancer ka walang trabaho.
      me: no, I have work and I work as a virtual assistant homebased.
      IO: My hotel booking ka at return ticket?
      me: yes. (showed my hotel booking and return ticket to him).
      IO: magisa ka lang ba na pupunta sa thailand?
      me: from here yes, but I will be meeting my bf in suvarnabhumi airport. He’s traveling from LAX to Bangkok.
      IO: stamped at nakahinga ako…

      Just be ready lang all the documents needed in case they need more proof.
      Be confident.
      One question one answer palagi.
      Eye to eye contact.
      Dress: casual basta comfortable ka but not revealing.
      Most important “PRAYER”.

  • Hello! I just want to share our experience. We just travelled to Korea last week. Sa NAIA 3 Me (student) and my friend (employed). It was around 2:30 am and kakapasok lang nung mga night shifters sa Immigration so basically, kami ang first on the line.
    Majority lahat ng io is lalaki, so pumili kami ng friend ko na pipilahan. Dun kami pumila sa tingin namin is hnd strict lol.
    Nauna ung friend ko she was only asked the destination, saan siya nagwowork, how many days ang stay namin sa Korea, and our hotel booking. Very smooth lang. Picture, biometric then tatak sa passport.
    Then Nung malapit n ko bigla akong tinwag ng guy sa kabilang counter, he told me to come over. He was in mid 40’s i think and mukhang strict.
    He asked me alot of questions. I greeted him with smiling face tas pocker face lang siya lol. non-verbatism
    IO: saan destination?
    Me: Seoul, South Korea po.
    I: Ano gagawin nyo dun?
    Me: Tour po
    I: sino kasama mo?
    M: si _____ po.
    I: kaano-ano mo siya.
    M: bestfriend since highschool
    I: nagwowork ba friend mo? Saang company?
    M: yes, sa _____ (I know where my friend works)
    I: saan?
    M: sa _____ po!
    tingin ulit sa passport ko.
    I: first time traveller?
    M: yes po.
    I: saan ka nagaaral? Anong course?
    M: sa ____ po. Im taking up master’s degree.
    After nun nabusy siya sa pagtingin sa computer, then I saw tinatakan niya passport ko. So I was very happy kaya nakasmile ako nun hahaha! I thought ibibigay niya passport ko pero nagtanong na naman siya
    I: saan kayo magsstay?
    M: sa _____ po
    I: bakit south korea napili nyo?
    M: pangarap po kasi namin ng bestfriend ko na makapunta sa Seoul.
    Then he smiled and handed me my passport.
    I thought di na matatapos chickahan nmn. Ngiting ngiti kami ng friend ko habang papunta kami sa x-ray papapsok ng boarding gate. May strict na IO sa x-ray na nagtanong ng pabalang samen, “san punta nyo?!” I was like, wtf. Uulanin ba kami ng tanong? I said “Korea po.” “Saan?” I shouted “south korea po!” then sabay walk out. Hahaha. I sensed na magtatanong pa siya kaya tinalikuran namin siya. Lakas makaepal eh. Lol

    • I think the IO just want to assure na friend ko talaga kasama ko and not some random person. Almost lahat ng tanong niya about sa bestfriend ko. Madami talaga silang tanong pag first time traveller. But they did not ask any docs, or student Id nor employee id to my friend. Baka need lang ng mga docs if you are subjected to second interview.
      Tips lang:
      •If you are a girl, mas okay pumila sa lalaking IO, look at them at dun ka pumila sa tingin mong hindi strikto. Check mo din sang lane ang mabilis.
      • be confident sa pagsagot. Kung wala ka namang tinatago wag kang matakot.
      • isang tanong isang sagot. Straight to the point. You dont need to explain alot. Mas magmumukha kang suspicious kung defensive ka masyado.
      • body language. Look them straight in the eyes. They are observant and tinitingnan talaga nila galaw mo. I guess nalalaman nila kung nagsisinungaling ang isang tao o hindi.

  • Hi Roxanne,

    Just want to share that I made it to Thailand last April 8, and stayed there for was tough during my interview with the IO..but thank God I made it. I would like to share some details regarding to those people who would like to travel and meet there foreigner bf.

    Guys, always have:
    . Copy of their passport
    .photos of you and your bf if you met already
    .copy of his flight details
    .know every details about him and your relationship
    .if you’re receiving remittance from him,show a receipt from the remittance centre..all of it.
    .then the rest are:
    .your passport,return ticket,hotel booking,visa if applicable,company id,coe or loa if non then prepare photos of you with your co workers, any proof that you are working there or on that company,insurance id from the company, it really helps.

    Hope this information can help others..

    Anyhow thank you sooo much Roxanne..

        • Hi. Can you give me some of the heads up sa questions ng IO if you’re gonna meet your bf in Bkk? Will go there by June. But mauuna kasi ako dumating, he will be following me, 2 days after my arrival date sa Bangkok. So stil dont know if I need to mentioned I will tell IO i will meet him there.

          • Hi Nessa,

            Sure, I can share some of those questions thrown to me from the IO. First I would like to know if you are a first time traveller? And who will pay your flight and hotel bookings??

          • If it’s your own expense, I guess there’s no need for you to mention that you will meet your bf there. Just make sure that you know where you are going, know your trip, know every details of it cause they are very doubtful to those first time travellers especially female. On my case kasi, they questioned me about my bf because he was the one who paid my hotel bookings. They ask me a copy of his passport and flight details. Also, they want to look all the photos with you and your bf, your conversations with each other and remittance receipt if you’re receiving money from him. And know evry details of him and about your relationship. Just be confident when answering.

            But if you choose not to mention your bf then just prepare your company id, coe or loa, company insurance id and some photos cause they asked me that..

          • Welcome..if you still have some questions, feel free to ask ok..I understand how you feel right now about offloading cause that’s what I felt before I travelled to bkk.

          • Hi sis, we have a change on plan so my bf will be arriving first in Bkk, so it means he will be paying the hotel bookings. He send me the reservation email of the hotel that he booked. What more details do I need from him? And all the details po ba shud be printed? Thanks 😊

          • Hi Nessa,

            Yes, print the hotel bookings. Make sure that your name is included in the reservation.Then just know every detail cause maybe they will ask so question about it. Show it if they will ask you ok but if not, then just keep it cause sometimes IO in Thailand might ask..

          • Okay sis. Kaso ung sa email na nisend niya, name niya lang nakalagay. Are they gonna asked for his passport and tickets?

          • On my part kasi they ask for my bf’s passport and flight details. I told the IO that I don’t have a copy of his passport so that was a hint for them to ask more questions. Because they said, its part of their guidelines to show your bf/gf passport if you will meet them outside the country. So you really have to show a copy to the IO. Just ask a screenshot/photo of his passport. The biopage and the pages with stamps of his arrival and departure in the Philippines. In that way, they won’t ask further question anymore.

          • You’re very much welcome Nessa..Godbless your trip to Thailand..Just be confident! Show to the IO that you are not hiding anything, that your intention is to have a vacation and spend some time with your bf..Be consistent with your answers too..

            Goodluck! Have a safe trip!

          • Hi! Name of your hotel and phone number. You’ll be fine. Don’t mention you’ll gonna see your boyfriend unless if they’ll ask.

          • Ok sis. Kaso yung ipprint ko na hotel booking sa pangalan niya nkalagay kasi mauuna siya dumating skin ng 1 day.

    • Hi.. ako na offload ako kahapon going to BKK. Meet ko SNA Yung bf ko dun and we will going to spent holidays together. First time ko mag travel solo pa. Ayun napuntahan ako SA second interview Ang sabi ko mag tour lang ako mag ISA. Di ko sinabi na magkikita KMI ng bf ko SA Thailand Kasi bka mas madami pang itanong. Nag punta na Dito bf ko 4 times na and may mga pictures KMI together. Now I’m planning to try it again. So any advice na pwede ko ggwin PRA mkalusot SA IO?? Thanks in advance. Looking forward to hear from u guys.

        • Well Unang tanung bkit recent lang ako nag pa book ng flight. As in two days ago. June 6 ako nag pa book then June 08 Alis ko. Then he asked Kung first time ko mag travel sabi ko YES! Then he endorsed me to second interview

          • SBI ko mag tour LNG ako for 4 days I have hotel booking. Round tickets n pocket money 400$. Ask Nia ako Kung may kakilala ako SA BKK SBI ko wala

          • Oh well, hmm yon parang nag Duda sila I guess. Baka iisipin Nila magwowowork ka dun. Well. It’s up to you to say makikipagkita ka sa bf mo. Tatanungin ka naman Nila bout sa bf mo. Sabihin mo na Lang makikipag meet ka sa bf mo.

    • Hi merchie na offload ako yesterday SA NAIA terminal 2. I’m going to BKK for a four days trip. First time ko.mag travel tapos mag ISA lang ako. I presented everything. Sabi ko mag tour lang tlga ako. Di ko sinabi na mag kikita KMI ng bf ko Australian SA Thailand to spend holidays Kasi bka Lalo magtanong. Pero mag pa book ulit ako ng flight try ko ulit. And now sabihin ko na na andun Ang bf ko and his waiting for me. Okay lang ba Yun? We have pictures together 4 times na Xia pumunta Dito to visit me. Ano pa need ko ipakita. Hope u can give me a sort advices. Thank u

      • Hi anne,

        I’m very sorry about what happened. I guess, ngdoubt yung IO s pgbook mo ng flight. It feels kasi n it wasn’t planned at all yung trip mo, it made them think n my kduda2x kang ggawin dun kasi biglaan ang pgkbook ng my case kasi, binook ko xa 1month b4 s flight sked ko..
        Anyway, I’m just wondering my work k ba dito s pinas?? Kasi even if solo traveller ka but still you are capable to travel and you have the money and reason to come back for sure you’ll not be offloaded. And if you really aim to try it again, just make sure nlng n hindi ka s terminal 2 mpunta, kasi bka isecond interview ka ulit then mpunta ka s same person n ngoffload sau mas complicated p kasi you have other reason this time to travel.. also dont hesitate to tell the truth, if you’re not hiding anything then theres no reason n mgworry ka if they will ask so many.questions..

      • Hi Anne,

        I think mas mabuti na magsabi ka nang totoo na you will meet your bf. Kasi ako sinabi ko na mag meet ako sa bf ko when im in bangkok for vacation. last May lang ako bumalik. show pictures together, his plane ticket, copy of passport, hotel booking, ilabas mo lang if magtanong sila. 1 question 1 answer. Be confident

        • Well mga sis uuwi Dito Ang bf ko today magkita KMI Mya SA airport ng 3 am. Subduing Nia ako para sabay n KMI pumunta SA BKK. Ang flight nmin ahy 9 am. Kinakabahan nga ako Kasi SA terminal 2 nman. Eh dun ng ako na offload last week Traumatic experience ako dun. Any advice na pwede nio ibigay sakin?

  • Hello!

    I was wondering if someone could enlighten me more about offloading. I’m a freelancer (actually a novelist, selling primarily through Amazon) and I don’t have an ITR or COE. I was planning on going on a trip to Kuala Lumpur for just 4-5 days this early August/late July. Would the passport, round tickets, hotel accommodations (with receipts), debit/credit cards, and a bank certificate/bank statement(s) to prove I’m able to travel be enough?

    I also don’t know if this is pertinent information, but this is the first time I’ll be traveling solo, and I’m a mid-twenties male. The stories I found online of people being offloaded seemed to be more single women traveling, so I wanted to know if that might be important. Thank you so much! 🙂

  • Hi,

    I am a foreigner, on a 13(a) permanent residence here, marries, child (dual citizen). Both my wife and I are now 50+ years of age. I booked a 3 days/2 nights Singapore because our son wants to see Universal Studios. My wife is housewife. I paid for the tickets/hotel etc. What documents do we need to prevent any offloading? We have been already twice in Singapore, 1999 and 2004.

  • Hi mga sis, hingi lang ako advice. My flight is tom na, advisable ba na Peso padin ang dalhin ko if pupunta na ako Bkk? Or papalitan ko na ng USD ung pera ko? Kasi baka walang palitan ng Php dun. 10pm na kasi dating ko sa aiport if pagpalain.

    • Hi sis, mas mbuti if dollar dala mo. Bka kasi mliit lng yung conversion nila s atm ka nman dba in case you need peso if uuwi ka ng pinas.

      • Yes may ATM ako sis, kaso niwithdraw ko kasi ung pera ko tapos narealized ko, bka walang palitan don ng Php. Pero try io nadin papalitan ung pera ko to USD. Thank you sis! ❤️

  • Hi Guys, thank you so much sa mga advice niyo. I’m here now in Bkk, I departed on terminal 1. The immigration office didnt asked me much. Mejo nagulat nga ako kase parang 5 mins lang ako tinanong.

    Tinanong ako if first time ko, sabi ko,yes then tinanong if mag isa lang ako, sabi ko, yes. Tapos tinanong if ano ung ginamit ko na pang book ng ticket ko, sabi ko, prepaid card ung reloadable tapos pinakita ko. Tapos tinanong if san ako nagwork then hiningi health card ko. Tapos lastly tinanong if kelan ako balik Pinas. Yun tapos nagtatak na.

    • Hi. Healthcard talaga yung hiningi sayo after nila magtanong kung may work ka? How about Cert of employment, Leave of absence and company ID? May healthcard din ako kaso expired na eh. Di pamn din nag rerequire yung company namin na magpa renew. By the way Telemarketing associate pala work ko kaya ganun. Curious lang po kasi ako because I’m travelling to HK this July 30 po & first time ko din po mag travel alone.

      • Hi, yes healthcard at prepaid visa ko lang hiningi skin then ticket. Dpende din kasi sa IO. May iba kasi na mas strict. Actually bago ako lumipad, dala ko lahat, ITR,COE, Ung approved leave details ko,etc, pero di na ako tinanong na ipakita. Kung ano lang itanong sayo or ano lang hiningi nung IO, yun lang ipakita mo. But on the safe side, dalhin mo na din ung COE, ITR, LOA, hotel bookings atleast may ipapakita ka if tinanong ka ng IO. 🙂

        • Ahh. Okay po. Hehe. Curious lang kasi ako kasi first time ko magta-travel abroad at alone pa talaga papuntang HK. 4 days lang din naman ako dun. Complete din naman lahat ng docs ko except for healthcard. Expired na kasi healthcard ko eh. Hehehe.

  • Hi Roxanne,

    We’re travelling this september to malaysia 2 adults and 2 toddles mahihirap ba kmesa immigration we have our return tickets, DSWD clearance, hotel reservation ticket.?

    • Ok naman bring birth certificate of the kids. But I really don’t know how strict immigration is a family. I think there is no problem as long as there’s a proof you’re the parents.

      • actually we’re all female here, my friend and her niece, me, my daughter and her yaya. my friend’s niece has dswd clearance… she needs to bring na BC nung bata?

        • Hi Michelle,

          I have no experience traveling with a kid so yes a DSWD clearance will do. Just bring Birth Certificate in case the immigration will look for it. Baka sabihin ng immigration may child trafficking. Any documents a proof na you are related. Better if your friend brings photos of her and her niece and the mother.

      • Hi. This is Meagan. Nakalusot na po ako sa immig. Nasa HK na ako last sunday pa. Di nila ako tinanong sa immigration, pag punta ko tinungnan lang ako ng IO at tinatakan agad. Kumpleto dn yung docs na dala ko nun like Comp ID, COR, Leave if absence, FORM 2316, hotep reservation, plane tix (rd trip), healthcard. Pangbturista lng tlga sinuor ko nka rubbershoes na white, black dress and may camer na dala. I aas expecting na tatanungin ako since first time ko mag travel abroad and ako lang mag isa kaso tiningnan lang ako. Thank God tlg.

  • 3 adults to be exact yung isa kase is yaya ng baby ko? will there any prob kaya yaya nman shouldered ko expenses nya?

  • hi, required po ba talaga na ipakita sa IO yung personal bank certificate? and pocket money,
    may travel po kasi kami ng bf ko sa this coming october sa Hongkong
    employed po ako, nagrequest na din po ako ng coe saka itr sa company.
    and how much po kaya ang budget na pocket money para sa 3 days 2 nights.?


  • Hi Roxanne,
    As a follower of your blog, we are on the same plane about how traveling change our lives and how we can further improve our travel experiences, but let me encourage you and to everyone reading this comment, that as far as my past travels is concerned and for applying the visas for someone like you who is also a “digital nomad, is to “change” our status from being freelance to self employed (professionals). That involves registering yourself as either as a business entity (BIR+DTI) or just self employed professional (BIR), it will give you peace of mind and confidence to walk through any immigration desks in a breeze and visa application interviews. It worked for me! Sometimes a credit card in hand, bank statements, an ITR from former employer, return ticket and accommodation or host invitation is not a sufficient proof that you are coming back to the Philippines, and a proof that your “livelihood” is here, it is enough reason that you are self sustaining, and your source of income is at home. If you will do it, even your Canadian and Korean visas will be approved this time.

  • Hi…
    I will be travelling to korea this nov-dec 2017 for 1 month, cebu to korea via air asia.. i have my round trip ticket na and 1 month hostel accommodation… medyo worried lang ako sa mga offloaded passengers reviews… first time ko to travel abroad and korea is my first in my bucket list.. I’m worried lang, 1 month is too long po ba for first timer? I have all the necessary docs needed by employed but since first timer kasi ako baka 1 month staying eh maging handlang sa pag alis ko… wala din ako kilala sa korea… docs like:

    Visa,coe,loa,bank statement,roundtrip air fare,accommodations for 1 mnth,itinerary


    • Hi Mariel,

      It’s up to the Embassy of Korea to give you a visa and for how many days. You have to indicate the reason why are you traveling there. You can also read my other blog about ‘South Korea Visa Refusal – Time to Move On.’ You can see all discussions there. Thank you.

      • I already have my visa and allowed me to stay for 59days.. hndi ba kaya ako ma question sa immigration regarding sa staying period ko.. ? 1 month kasi eh but i already have the docs might needed sa immigration like what I mentioned sa first comment ko.. just on case ma offload, pede ba i rebook ang ticket immediately?

        • Ah, they have to check your budget eh. My trick is I buy a round trip ticket good for a week then I’ll just ditch the return ticket and buy another return to ticket on the later date para sumakto within 59 days.

          • Just in case ma offload, pede ba mag rebook mg ticket immediately para d masayang ang return ticket and accommodation? Like kukuha na ng 2wks to reach the return lang… ? Thank you by the way… helps a lot

          • You have the visa naman. For me ha, it’s better you have a return ticket na good for a week or two weeks. Don’t show the other return ticket na good for 59 days ka dun. In case of offloading, bibigyan ka naman nila ng reason bakit ka na offload. All you need to do is make sure di ka ma offload and that’s the one i suggested.

          • Thank you, it helps a lot… im a solo traveler too.. been travelling Philippines and now im moving to next level din… I’ll tes thw couchsurfing din it looks fun.. 😘

  • Im travelling to thailand this coming november with my 2 girl friends. First time ko po magtatravel pero yung passport ng friends ko may stamp na. Ask ko lang kung posibleng ma offloaded ako? Wala po akong work at hindi rin student pero may money at atm card ako na capable magtravel.

  • Hi there. It’s me again. Well mga sis. Dati na offload ako one time. For second time sinundo nk Ng bf ko na Australian. At Yun nkalampas ako SA immigration. My bf sign some papers and declaration that he will going to sponsor me and return on the date that he promised.

    BUT and prob Hindi ako bumalik on the said date na sinabi ko na babalik ako. At until now NSA Thailand pa din ako. Nag travel kmi Ng bf SA Malaysia and Cambodia. Tapos bumalik ulit Dito SA thailand. And now we are planning to go back in Manila para magpakasal. Pero we are planning to go there for 3 weeks and go back in Thailand again.

    Ang worry ko magkakaroon ba kmi Ng problem pag lumabas kmi Ng pilipinas ulit. Kasi di kmi bumalik SA sinabi Namin na date na babalik kmi. So girls any advice?? Looking forward to hear from you.

    Thank you in advance

    • I have the same question. But we are just planning to do that soon. From philippines to kuala lumpur but secretly will go to maldives for 1 month vacation. Anu kaya mangyayari. Possible kaya un? Hope may sasagot sa tanong natin

    • By the way sis, ilang months kana jan? And nung nagtravel ka from thailand to cambodia and malaysia may immigration paba na nag interview sayo or free ka lng nagtravel travel? No hassle?

  • hello, i am a filipina. We are planning to go to kuala lumpur again for the second time for shopping then go to maldives as a tourist. Pero ang sasabihin ko lang sa IO is kuala lumpur lang kami but secretly pupunta kami ng maldives para bumisita. Ayoko kasi sabihin na marami kaming pupuntahang country baka lalo lang akong imbistigahan or baka di payagan lalo at kasama ko bf ko na foreigner. Mahigpit kasi sila kapag kasama ng pinay is foreigner. Pero 4years na kami ng bf ko may proof ako and second time na namin magtatravel.
    1. Ok lang ba kung sabihin kong from Philippines to kuala kumpur lang? After 1 month of vacation naman sa maldives babalik naman din kami agad.
    2. May filipino or malaysian immigration ba na mag iinterview sakin sa kuala lumpur airport incase na pupunta ako ng maldives?
    Gusto ko tlagang gamiting exit ang kuala lumpur airport para makapunta ng different country. Kasi sa pinas pinapahirapan tayo e.
    Kahit pa di naman tayo magtatrabaho sa ibang bansa

    • Just say go to Kuala Lumpur for vacation. Wala na silang paki alam if you go to Maldives, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam. It’s none of their business. If they will ask when will you return to Ph, sagutin mo Lang.

      • Pero magkakaroon ba kaya ako ng problema pag nagtravel ako ulit? Bka ioffload Nila ako next time kasi di ako tumupad sa usapan. Bale, 1 month lang naman kami dun. Thank you pala sa reply have a nice day! 🙂

  • Hi ask ko lng po kasi first time ko mag travel sa HK kinakabahan ako sa mga nababasa ko, pero group kami kasama ko si gf at family nya
    Kompleto na kami hotel reservation at ticket papunta at pauwi, ang nasaakin lng na document is COE and PRC ID at passport ok na po ba yun at may chance kaya ma offload ako hehe thank you!

  • Hello po. I was off-loaded last October 6, it was my first time po kasi na mag ttravel sana to Japan. And yung pinsan ko po kasi is resident na dun kaso nga lang kulang yung naipakita kong requirements/proof. Then uuwi sya by November to visit her relatives din dito sa pinas, by any chance po kaya kung kasama ko sya papunta ng Japan may chance na ma off load parin ako kahit kasama ko na sya as proof na she will sponsor my trip? By the way, pabalik balik na lang sya sa pinas every year. And kailangan ko pa rin ba mag show ng company ID or other proof na babalik ako ng pinas? Thank you sa sagot 😊

      • Yes thats my fear also ms roxan to get offloaded though visa holder na. i will be flying for korea next month.. as solo traveler.already book my hotels and itinerary prepared na since I will be staying there for 30days.. my friend ako dun kung saan stay ako sa knya for 10days pero hndi sya inviter ko since i comply all the requirements needed naman… what you think?

          • Hi Ms Roxan,

            I finally made it here in korea.. i arrived last tues… thank god it was a smooth encounter with the immigration sa cebu.. the lady io just asked about my job and the company. 1 question… it was a breathtaking for a first time solo traveler abroad when i saw her stamp my passport… I declared in my departure card my true purpose that im going to stay here for 1 month for vacation and staying tru airbnb… even the immigration in korea the lady io never asked any question… I believed na there’s no such thing of being offloaded parang nasa mood lang ng io…in cebu there was 2 passengers na kasabay ko sa flight hindi pinasakay dont know the reason… my kasabay din ako pinay sa flight from mnila then via cebu sya for korea.. she travelled a lot na pero dami daw tanong sa knya ng io… pagdating din sa korea immigration the io asked her so many things.. 4 days nga lang sya sa korea ha.. kaya sometimes I believe it depends sa mga mood and how you look at them… thank God i finally passed my first trip…. anyeonghaseyo…. kamsahamnida ms roxan…

  • Hi Ms Roxanne, I’m holding a tourist visa po. And sinabi ko na mag stay ako sa pinsan ko. Which cause trouble to be offloaded kasi lack of requirements po. Dapat daw kasi naka visit visa ako. I’m wondering din po kung pwede kaya ako sumabay sa pinsan ko ng naka tourist visa or kailangan ko pa kumuha ulit ng visa?

  • Hello po. Nakapagpa book napo kasi kmi ng hisband ko for hongkong.ang balak kasi namen is dina i declare po ung work namen at farming(rice field) nlng ang sasabihin nameng source of income para wala napo madameng hingin.pero may COE po ung asawa ko at company ID lng.

  • Hi this month i going to Taiwan meet kami ng bf ko don kc cya nag work cya bibili ng ticket don ako mag stay kanya hinde pa kmi nag kta in person first time ko ng travel

  • Hi good morning😊first time ko po magtravel Punta po kming korea next week na po flight ko kasama ko korean bf kikabahan po ako baka ma offload ako multiple po ung visa ko May business naman po ako tpos ako po ung bumili ng ticket roundtrip po gamit card ko ask ko lang po ma offload po ba ako kung sa bahay ni bf ako titira 1week lang naman Po.ano po mga kailngan gawin tska mga dapt dalhin salamat po😊😊

  • Hello, ask ko lang po if ano yung mga needed documents na ipapakita sa IO since 4th year college student ako pero i have bank account kaka open ko lang po and ang kasama ko is yung friend ko balak lang namin mag celebrate ng birthday niya for 5DN4N we already booked the roundtrip flight ticket going to singapore pabalik dito, iteneraries and hotel po okay na. Ayoko lang kasi magkaroon ng problema dahil sakin po siya baka hindi napo questiyonin kasi naka ilang labas pasok na rin ng bansa and us resident po siya. Kinakabahan po kasi ako sa mga nababasa ko hindi po kasi ako aware na may ganto palang nagyayari and this is my first time to travel po kaya ayoko naman po masayang yung oras and pera po. Paalis na po kasi kami this december 4. Maraming salamat po. Sana po matulungan niyo ko masagot yung katanungan ko. GODBLESS po.

  • Hello! 🙂
    what if, I have already a Japan Tourist Visa and my purpose is for tourist/sightseeing in Japan but I do not have any hotel bookings since I am staying in my Japanese friend’s house. Do I need to present something to the IO?
    this would be my second out of the country trip if ever.

    Thank you.. 🙂

      • Thank you Roxanne for this. 😊😊😊
        So, ok lang kahit address lang? Baka hanapan nila ako ng confirmation of hotel booking o di kaya tawagan nila ang hotel na sinasabi ko sa kanila? Hehe.. praning na ako. LOL.
        Anyway, thank you ulit. 😊

  • Hello Po. Ask ko lang po kung ano dapit gagawin. Actually, My sister is working in Vietnam and I am currently unemployed pero yung sister yung mag susupport sakin. Ano kaya ang mga requirements na dapat kong dalhin?

  • Hi Roxanne!

    Next year, I will be travelling to Singapore with my dad on August. He is 55 years old and a government employee. I will be accompanying him but I will pay for his travel tickets. I am a home-based ESL teacher so that means I dont have any company IDs to show, or COE. However, I will take my board exam on September so I really need to come back here in the Philippines. Do you think its reason enough for me to pass the IO?

  • May plan kmi ng bf ko mag tour sa Bali for 5 days lang naman. Will book our flights and hotels via debit card lang. Will it be ok kaya? Plus parehas kami walang work ako its been 2 yrs na kasi may sakit si mommy (pwd na sya/ ongoing oral chemo coz of breast cancer) then only child lang ako walang iba magbabantay kay mommy maliban sakin plus seaman si daddy so sa kanya manggagaling funds ko and kaya lang ako mag ouout of the country kasi gift nya sakin for taking care of mommy while he’s here pa kasi after 2-3 months balik barko ulit. My bf naman nag plaplan ng business nya kaya nagresign sya source of funds nya mom nya na nagwowork sa malaysia. Makakalusot kaya kami sa immig if ever? No plans talaga magwork kaso sounds sketchy kasi both walang work edge lang sguro namin yung flights, hotel bookings, and one luggage for both na. Haaaay….

  • hello po goodpm nakapabook na po ako ng round-trip ticket at hotel po papunta Malaysia this January 26 2018 alone pero unemployed po ako tumbling Lang po ako sa business ng mother ko po.
    anu po gagawin or any kailangan dalhin??

    • You just need to show all the documents na you will return to Philippines kaya Lang you need to pay for another flight.

  • Went to hong kong last feb 9 and i was surprised na halos 2-3 mins lang natatakan agad passport ko. First time ko lang lumabas ng bansa, solo male pero may work ako.

    Conversation with I.O

    Me: Hi! Good morning po. (tapos wala siyang reaction)

    I.O: Passport mo? (then inabot ko)

    I.O: May old passport?

    Me: Wala po

    I.O: Ano work mo dito?

    Me: CAD operator po

    I.O: Saan ka nag tatrabaho?

    Me: Sa **********

    I.O: May I.D ka?

    Me: Meron po, sabay abot.

    (then tingin tingin siya sa computer, tapos bigla siyang may kausap ang akala ko pa nga ako kinakausap pero feeling ko saibang line ng phone.)

    I.O: Kelan balik mo?

    Me: Feb 11 po

    Then tatak na sabay abot sakin ng passport.

    Me: Thank you po! (then alis na)

    Na surprised ako na ganun kabilis lang at halos lahat ng documents na kakailanganin ko dinala ko na, pero Rt ticket then Company I.D lang hiningi niya sa akin. Sa babaeng I.O ako pumila. Kung hindi ako nagkakamali, yung I.O na pinilahan ko, siya yung na-interview dati sa news. Mukhang masungit pero sa kanya pa rin ako pumila. HAHAHA

    ***Fun Fact***

    Feb 11, nung pabalik na ako from macau to hotel. Napansin ko na male-late pala ako sa flight. Then ayun nga naiwan ako ng eroplano pauwing pilipinas. Agad-agad nag pa book ako na pagkamahal-mahal na ticket. Sakit sa damdamin at bulsa. 😀

    • Hahaha soon I must share na the plane left me from Tokyo to Cebu. It was 18k pesos but something happened with a twist. Abangan! Lol

  • Hello po miss roxanne

    Mag tour po kmi ng bf ko foreigner sa Bkk this march 5.. wala po ako work sya po ngwowork na dto sa pinas ng 8 year sya po ang ngbook ng ticket nmin at accommodation anu po kya possible na itatanong skin ng I.O at anu kya requirement hahanapin skin..

    Thank you

    • Hello ,Dami nag tatanong sakin about traveling with their foreigner bf. Do you have any other means that you will return in the Philippines? They will ask you how many days will you travel and you need a return ticket. Do you have any bank account? What was your previous work?

  • hello..

    Im travelling to Israel this March to visit my Israeli boyfriend, We want to maximize the 90days allowable stay, we get a tourist permit from Israel immigration (as required before entering Israel) which they paid cash bond for almost half M pesos, everything was paid by my boyfriend. I have the original copy of permit and attached is his notarized letter of support. I read from many post that it should be authenticated by the Phil. Embassy there? I dont think we have much time to do it, is it really necessary? Is there anything else I need to secure to avoid being offloaded? I am really worried as I dont want his money and effort put into waste. Would the permit be enough to let me go?

    I have company ID, ITR, COE, & Return ticket. I also get the CFO cert. I can also show our pictures together with family since he already visited me here. I dont have LOA because my company doesnt provide LOA for vacation purposes. I dont have credit card, just debit card with small amount of savings lol.

    Your advice is much appreciated. Thank you!

  • Hi Roxanne,

    Freelancer po ako not full time, I help my husband on some online works, husband ko po ay American Citizen and he has an online work full time here in the Philippines. He works in upwork po. My husband will be the one to pay for our trip. We are going to Thailand for 15 days. I worked in Thailand from 2011-2015 but I decided to return to the Phils for good nung 2015, meron akong old passport na may taktak ng Thai Immigration for my work permit dun. Anniversary Trip po kasi namin ito, Meron kaming Airbnb fully paid, return ticket. Kelangan ko bang ideclare na Freelancer ako or Housewife na lang. Kelangan ba namin gumawa ng affidavit of support at ipa notarized just in case tanungin ako ng Immigration officer? Ang Flight namin po is March 10-March 25. Please Help.


  • Hello..this will be my 2nd time traveling.i will go to japan with my jp husband for 86days. Single entry visiting a relative 90days yung visa guarantor will be my mother in law but my concern is that the affidavit of support might not arrive on time here in the ph since ill be leaving this also self u think ill be question by the IO? I went to hk last oct with my afraid that theyll offload me since i dont have the affidavit of support yet..thank u

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