Sabang Daguitan Surf Camp | Dulag Surf Camp – My First Surfing Trip Experience in Leyte

Dulag Surf Camp – It’s the New Year and I just realized that I had no bookings for my travels for the year 2016. Since I just finished my monthly travels in 2015, I’m back at home with my jaw dropped. I could really say that all my savings were already washed out not to mention of the unexpected happening in the family. If you know me personally, then you knew the reason why. Anyway, it’s time to move on.

surfing trip leyte

It’s January, in Cebu the Sinulog celebration is always on the 3rd Sunday of the week. Although I haven’t blogged about Sinulog in Cebu because I have no pictures as what other photographers have captured the Sinulog Queens and the crowd. But when I was a kid, my family used to go to Cebu City for the Sinulog. Obviously, things have changed. Getting into the crowd is kind of tiring so let the tourists enjoy. Most of the Cebuanos can enjoy the Sinulog festival at home while watching TV.

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This one is different because I chose to escape the festival to go to Leyte. My friend, Alieth, invited me to go surfing although I wasn’t sure if I could make it since I had no idea how to surf. My idea was if I couldn’t learn to surf I’ll just ask anybody to take a photo of me with a surfboard as if I know how to surf. Oh, excuse the vanity in me!

How to Get to Sabang Daguitan Surf Camp | Dulag Surf Camp?

From Cebu City, we were on RORO ship going to Leyte. We left Cebu Friday night. We took the ship going to Hilongos, Leyte which will leave Cebu at 9 PM and will reach Hilongos at 4 AM. We arrived in Leyte Saturday morning. We took the van going to Dulag Surf Camp | Sabang Daguitan Surf Camp. Another option is to take a ship going to Baybay, Leyte and take a van to Sabang Daguitan Surf Camp. As they say that taking Baybay is nearer to the surf camp.

surfing trip leyte 2

surfing trip leyte 3

The Sunrise in Hilongos, Leyte just as the moment we arrived.

RORO fare is less than P300 per way and the van is less than P150 per way.

Accommodation at Sabang Daguitan Surf Camp

Since my friend and I with her daughter were such adventurous chicks, we forgot to bring the tent so we ended up sleeping in a hammock. A group of surfers or just say we found a family of surfers welcomed us to their humble abode.

Hammock rental is P50 per night.

surfing trip leyte 4

Hammocks behind me

surfing trip leyte 5

Having lunch with friends from Ormoc, Leyte

surfing trip leyte 6

The panorama shot of our humble abode with our new found friends and family

surfing trip leyte 7

Surfboards behind me

surfing trip leyte 8

Our simple and humble kitchen – no electricity here and we love it

The Surfing Experience at Dulag Surf Camp

I don’t have any photo or video of the actual surfing with the waves because everyone was having fun in the water and we could not ask anyone to take some photos. But I could really say that the experience was all worth it.

I had three surfing instructors in different time of teaching. The first attempt at surfing was a failure since I was trying to balance but fell. The second time, I was able to stand up and enjoyed my first ever long ride. I don’t know how many seconds it took but I could really say that it was really surprising for me and the instructors as other beginners had a short time balancing on the surfboard then fell. Just imagine the long ride that from the deep waters while waiting for the waves I reached the shallow area of the sea.

I’m thankful to the instructors for being so patient with me in pushing the surfboard when the waves were coming. I still need to work on my paddling and perfect timing of getting on the waves. It was good to hear from the instructors for the encouragement and the cheers. Some women tourists had a chit chat with me and told me I was doing great for a beginner. Right there and then, I was totally STOKED! Anyway, this surfing place is good for beginners.

Surfboard Rental Fee is P250 per day and the surfing lesson with the instructor is P250 per day.

We had a 2-day surfing camp experience at Dulag Surf Camp. We left the area on Sunday afternoon and arrived in Cebu on Monday morning. Before we left, of course do not forget to take a group picture with our new friends, our new surfing family. I never thought that my first surfing experience was not that expensive. We are so blessed to meet these cool people! Until the next surfing trip! I still need to save moolah though. 😀

surfing trip leyte 9

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