Throwback Travel – Timubo Cave in Camotes Island, Cebu

Timubo Cave is located in Sonog, San Francisco, Camotes. The cave has an underground water to swim which you will really need it when you go downstairs.

Going to the mouth of the cave, let me take a pose first.

Fortunately, going down the cave was well-lit and they built the stairs so that tourists or visitors could easily go down. You should be careful with your steps because there is a tendency that you will get slipped. I almost got slipped though.

It’s getting hot down there and I had difficulty breathing like I was breathing through my mouth. You can also enjoy seeing the stalagmites and stalactites.

The water was very cold but unfortunately, I chose not to swim because I did not bring extra clothing or towel at hand.

The grotto at the cave.

Since there were a lot of people, it’s getting hotter. It was really a regret I did not take a swim.

I’ll just take a selfie instead.

The stalagmites and stalactites around.

It was time to go up because I could not take it anymore. I needed to catch some breathe.

I was in relief that I was able to get out of the cave. It was very hot below wished that I brought a fan with me.

Time to relax and this is the end of my Throwback Travel in Camotes Island.

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