Throwback Travel – The Bay View Park in Camotes Island, Cebu

Pardon me with the quality of the photos because this was the time I was using my Olympus FE-26 digital camera. Bayview Park is where you can find affordable foods here like pork barbecue match it with hanging rice and a cold bottle of soda. There was a pizza parlor then but I don’t know if it still exist. The park reminds me here in Naga, my home town.

The place was not crowded so it was a perfect time to relax. You can also watch fishermen with their banca. It was a serene moment that they just paddled on their way.


You don’t see a lot of people here because some of them are working in the city. This is their public market and not that chaotic.

You don’t see the usual see-saws or slides in this park but all you can see is something which is helpful for your workout or exercise. This is a nice idea  to encourage people to get up and exercise. I wish Naga will put something like this.

This is just the pictures I have for Bayview Park in Camotes Island, Cebu.

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