Throwback Travel – Trip to Caubian Island

February 26, 2012, I was invited by Tata for an annual fiesta to Caubian Island together with Jan. I promised to re-post my trips in the past here on this travel blog.

How to Get to Caubian Island?

1. From Cebu City, take the 01K jeepney ride going to Parkmall or Cebu Doctor’s University. Drop by at CDU (Cebu Doctor’s University) and take another jeepney ride going to Hi-Way Mandaue.

2. From Hi-Way Mandaue, take another jeepney ride going to Punta Engaño. Tell the driver your destination going to Movenpick Hotel (Hilton Hotel before).

3. At Hilton dock or Movenpick dock, someone will shout going to Caubian Island with a fee around P70 to P100.

Additional tips:

1. Fully charged your phone or bring extra batteries.

2. Bring several drinking water for the island has scarcity in water.

Tata gave me an update that no boat will sail to Caubian Island unless if it’s fiesta. Since her relatives are living there, all she need is to call someone. You can rent a pump boat ride if you’re with friends for an island hopping. Anyway, if you are interested to go there, Tata and I can request for a cheap deal, just contact us.

Getting to know Caubian Island

Caubian Dako/Poh Island on the left, Caubian Gamay on the right

There are two islands of Caubian: Caubian Gamay and Caubian Dako/Poh Island. The island on the left is a private one owned by a Korean and the island on the right is where people currently living, a small barangay. The boat ride takes 1 hour and 15 minutes from Hilton dock.

The barangay is celebrating their annual fiesta Sto. Niño de Caubian on the month of February. Most of the people living here are relatives. The small island can take you 20-30 minutes of touring the whole island. Of course, it was a fiesta so we had our great lunch there.

Caubian Gamay

Arrival at Caubian Gamay

After our lunch, we went to Caubian Island Dako or Poh Island to enjoy swimming there.

Going to Caubian Dako

We only stayed at the sand bar area of Caubian Dako because it is said there will be an entrance fee. It is only exclusive for island hoppers who are willing to pay for the amenities inside the resort. We stayed the whole afternoon and went back to Caubian Gamay getting ready for dinner and the celebration of the fiesta.

We woke up early the next morning and enjoyed the view of Caubian Island.

The view of Caubian Dako from Caubian Gamay

Me, Jan and Tata

Photos taken from Olympus fe-26 camera. If you are interested for this trip, just contact us.

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