How I Pack My Luggage

Last Friday of March 14, 2014, I went to SM City Cebu and there was a 3-day sale. My plan was to do some window shopping until I went to the department store where luggage bags were displayed. I was just looking at the bags but the sales staff approached me and convinced me to buy the luggage. The original cost was P3,000 then I bought it at P1,750.

Packing at first was really hard because I didn’t know how to pack things in a luggage. I still have the same travel packing list but that was on a backpack.

My clothes that were packed is for the Hong Kong trip in October 2014. Wow, excited much? Since it will be summer in October it won’t be that hard which clothes to bring.

Again, I’ll be bringing some of these which was originally posted on my travel packing list:

  • 2 t-shirts
  • 2 sleeveless
  • 2 shorts
  • 2 skirts
  • leggings
  • 4 underwears
  • 2 bras
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • 2 swim wears (no swimming in Hong Kong)
  • lightweight towel
  • scarf
  • 2 jackets

2 jackets inside the luggage

The jackets were put on top. The sleeveless denim vest on the left will be used during the tour and the right jacket will be used, obviously in cold temperature. Oh yes, I’m trying to be more fashionable on every trip. 😀


under the 2 jackets is my laptop bag

Under the two jackets is my laptop with a laptop bag. I need to bring a laptop bag because in case the authorities on the airport need to check everything, it’s easy to grab it.


It’s a 14-inch laptop but the bag has more spaces that looks like it filled up the whole luggage area.


Inside the laptop bag, it has all the chargers of my phones, iPad, and camera, USB connector(s), computer mouse,  universal adapter and an extension outlet. I need all these things in one place together with the laptop. I think it would be a first time bringing a laptop outside the country because when I was in Malaysia, I only brought my 10-inch netbook.


Surprise! Where’s my clothes? An empty luggage?

I found it magical when I removed the laptop bag. I realized that the laptop made it heavier for my luggage. Indeed, I can actually hand-carry the laptop if I want to. It gives me the idea that I can actually buy things for pasalubong, if ever.

If you could see those pockets, I can easily slipped my toiletries so it was not a problem.


Tada! My skirt!

Under the laptop bag, there is like a secret compartment which is a zipped area where you can store your dirty clothes separately from the clean ones.


My other clothes folded and flatten

But I have to make use of it so I decided to fold and flatten my clothes so that it could be a cushion for my laptop and other gadgets inside the laptop bag. My under wears were also well-kept hidden there.


Make-up holder kit

Just found out that I have this foldable make-up holder kit I bought in Manila last 2012 so I can bring my make-up. Yes, it is well-kept under the secret compartment.


Voyager – Born to Travel with TSA lock


Just became addicted with violet/purple for travel


My bags

What you can see in the picture above is my luggage bag, a camera backpack from Lowepro, a tripod and my Hawk belt/sling bag should be included. My sling bag will be used for easy access of the passport, ballpen and tickets when at the airport.

During the tour, I’ll try my best to only bring the tripod and of course, my camera backpack. The camera backpack has extra spaces which I can still manage put things without bringing the sling bag during the tour. What I love the Lowepro backpack is that it has a low profile and it’s black.

The luggage has two empty pockets on the front of the bag so I can still put things there. Also, it has spaces inside the luggage so I can still put on my slippers inside a plastic bag and some stuff on my travel packing list.

I hope I’ll be having no problems with this luggage in October 2014.

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