First Time at SM Mall of Asia

I forgot what time we arrived at NAIA Terminal 3 but for sure we were hungry. But we still need to plan on how to go to SM MOA and back. We calculated our time and with Tata’s expertise of negotiating prices for a taxi ride, all were set.

naia 3

We hailed a taxi outside the NAIA Terminal 3 because it is expensive if straight from the airport. Tata negotiated with the taxi driver for the price and we were ready to SM Mall of Asia. The taxi driver was talkative about his life in Manila and the traffic.

We saw the famous SM Mall of Asia Globe while we were inside the taxi. After the ride, we saw McDonald’s and had our lunch there. After lunch, we stayed for several minutes because I need to catch up some work on my laptop.

Done with our lunch, we found a place where we could leave our bags just at SM Mall of Asia. Since Mall of Asia is very big, good thing they have this kind of service. We were free to roam around without bringing our heavy bags.

The pictures say it all.

Skating on ice is an ultimate dream but unfortunately we never got the chance because it was out of budget. So taking pictures would be fine.

Of course, I looked for the Blizzard from Dairy Queen and introduced these to my friends. We don’t have it in Cebu. I encountered this when I was in Manila on November 2012 and every mall I went, Blizzard is everywhere.

SM Mall of Asia is a huge mall that all we did was roaming around, just to experience that we were there. We looked for Chowking so that we could buy something for our dinner at the airport because our flight going back to Cebu was at 7PM.

At 5PM, we left SM Mall of Asia for a taxi ride. The feeling was magical that we could not believe that our feet had stepped in Manila. It was their first time, it was my second time but going to SM Mall of Asia were our first times. The most amazing part of the trip was we did not expect it, Manila was not part of our itinerary. It was just purely adventure.

Thanks to Cebu Pacific. I know what to do if I will encounter this kind of situation next time.

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