Dumaguete: Staying at Harold’s Mansion


Harold’s Mansion is the most famous place to stay in Dumaguete so we decided to stay here. We chose the family aircon room good for 4 persons. It has its own cable TV and bathroom. The room costs PhP 1,125. We only stayed here for a night because on the next day, we were supposedly to go back to Cebu. Sorry for the odd picture above. Hehe!

harold's mansion

Harold’s Mansion facade

This the Harold’s Mansion facade and I did not get the chance to take a picture so I grabbed somewhere, here is the source. It was too hot and we were holding a bike. There were so many vehicles on the street though. We also had our free breakfast.


Speaking of bikes, we had the chance to tour around the city of Dumaguete without spending a cent. Yes, you have read it right because Harold’s Mansion has bikes to borrow for their guests. Good thing, all of us know how to bike so we grabbed the opportunity. Anyway, we only spent for our lunch with chicken inasal and unlimited rice.

Indeed, Dumaguete is the city of gentle people. These people are not harsh and we had a very relaxed experience while biking around the city. For me, it was the safest experience I had ever for a bike ride. I never heard people being so hot-headed or blowing of horns from their vehicles.

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Here’s the website of Harold’s Mansion for you to check it yourself. 🙂

Contact #s are:
035 225 8000 to 01
035 422 3477
035 522 0144
0917 302 4455
0921 653 3699

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