St. Francis Parish in Siquijor

Welcome to Siquijor! This should be the first post of my Siquijor series but this is the last of our trip before going back to Lorna’s End of the World. Unfortunately, I only have three pictures of this because my camera’s battery was running out.

This is the St. Francis Parish in Siquijor. Too bad the church was closed so we just went beside the church where we can lit candles and pray.

The moment you arrive in Siquijor from the port, this is the first place you will see if you’re looking for a cab or tricycle for a ride going to the place you want to stay. After that, we bought lechon manok at the market for our dinner.

Yes! This is the end of my Siquijor series. I apologize for this late blog post because I lost my internet connection. I just also want to share that 2013 has been a good year to me for traveling. Check out my Dumaguete series, too! 😀

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