Salagdoong Beach Resort in Siquijor

We spent less than an hour at Cambugahay Falls then decided to continue our swimming session at Salagdoong Beach Resort. We just love beautiful beaches so we got excited to take a swim here. The entrance fee for adults is P15.00 and for kids is P10.00. Since we were riding a tricycle for the ride, we also paid P15.00

Before we had our swim, of course, we took several scenery shots of the beach. We fell in love how blue and green the water and the plants were.

I find myself wordless for this post because the pictures speak it all how beautiful Salagdoong Beach is.

So here’s a video I created together with the pictures I took. I have several photos of us while we were on the beach so this video is a great way to showcase the images.


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