The Beauty of Cambugahay Falls

After the San Isidro Labrador Church and Convent in Lazi, we went to the market to buy some lunch to bring to Cambugahay Falls and took a swim. But before we went swimming, a photo shoot of the waterfalls should not be missed. I have taken several photos and I must say I was totally amazed of the shots I took. Gladly, I was able to search in advance how to shoot waterfalls using DSLR camera. Shooting the water streams in slow exposure was an achievement for me. 😀

If I would describe the temperature of the waterfalls, it was really fine – not too cold but really enough to cool down and relax. It was like you were in a jacuzzi and you can have a massage at the back through the force of the water streaming.

Hanging out at the Cambugahay Falls for a whole day would be very suitable with your family and friends. Then imagine if you bring Lechon Baboy or roasted pig with poso or hanging rice and other meals you have in mind. Oh, I’m getting hungry while blogging this.

We stayed for 45 minutes to 1 hour I guess but we really loved to stay longer. Due to time restraints we need to finish the tour within the day.

So, here’s the video I created with the collection of pictures of Cambugahay Falls. I am hoping that you will enjoy this compilation. 🙂


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