Capilay’s Spring Park – Just Passing By

This was the time when we went to the market to buy stuff for our lunch and dinner after we arrived during the first day. We never thought that the spring park is just very near to the market and to the school. We just walked from Lorna’s End of the World to the market and we happened to pass by the park.

I think there was entrance fee so we decided not to go inside the park. We just took some beautiful snapshots of the place. All you can see is green. The place was so refreshing that made me wanted to jump to the spring. Haha!

I could really say how fortunate these people are in Siquijor. They have this nature’s gift to enjoy the spring within reach. Siquijor is a small island and it is away from the city. There is no pollution and you could live peacefully here.

On June 17, I realized that they have school rooms that are almost empty while some rooms were filled up by students. I even see a classroom which the teacher was just texting with her cellphone. I remember when I heard the news when in Manila, students and teachers were having a hard time during the first day of classes. Sorry, I couldn’t help but compare.

The place was very stress-free although I was stressed a bit during the afternoon because I was bringing my work with me. Somehow, it was hard to find a signal using your smartphone as your internet modem.

We haven’t got the chance to swim here so we were just passing by. This was taken on a Sunday so people living here were enjoying the weekend. Oh, I’m just envious. How simple life is to have a picnic with your family. It’s just so priceless!

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