Our Stay at Lorna’s End of the World

We had our 2 nights stay at Lorna’s End of the World and we paid P1,400 including the extra bed good for two persons. It’s P500 per night stay with kitchen, queen size bed (good for 2 persons), and toilet room. The room is not tight and it feels like you’re at home. To utilize the kitchen, we just bought 3 kilos of rice, half kilo of fish, other ingredients, and sachets of coffee at the market because a stove and a gas tank were provided.

Lorna’s End of the World was under renovation at that time because it was caught on fire last 2012 of summer. It was called End of the World because as Lorna’s husband told us, he wanted the place to be named as such so that it is always easily remembered by visitors and travelers. Well, it was a catchy named indeed and hard to be forgotten.

Lorna is fun to talk with even though you were just talking through the phone for the booking. You can even imagine her smiling over the phone. In person, I was not mistaken by the thought.

We bought bread and junk foods from Dumaguete for our snacks. We had no problem with our dinner because my three friends are good in the kitchen. My purpose was to document everything. Hehe!

Tata needed some rest.

The only disadvantage of the room is that there was no door for the toilet and shower area. It was the shower curtain that served as a cover. Lorna’s husband told us that in the place where he lives (somewhere in USA), there’s no door for their toilet/shower room. Oh, well whatever! Hehe.

Here’s some of the pictures I took around the place:

I won’t regret our stay here and definitely will go back.

Again, here’s the contact info of Lorna’s End of the World:

Lorna’s End of the World

Contact #: 0927 381 6377

Email: [email protected]

Address: Lala-o, San Juan, Siquijor

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