A Day in Liloan – Parola

Parola – the Lighthouse (in English) is the landmark best known in Liloan. The Spanish originally built the lighthouse in 1857 but the tower you can see today was constructed by William Howard Taft (through his order) in 1904.

This was a day in Liloan to visit Jane of geekgonegirly.com before her birthday on the 15th. I was happy to see her since it was a very long time ago the last time we met. Glad that she is a cancer survivor, yes that was a good time to celebrate. She was my classmate in college. It was a first time for me to visit her home town and I was able to get into their house.

How to Get in Liloan?

Since I am too late to post this (been a month), I wonder if I could still remember the details. So I left Naga at 9 in the morning and arrived in Liloan at almost 11 in the morning. From SM City Cebu, I rode a multicab with the route number 25 going to Liloan. Jane and I decided to meet at San Fernando Rey Parish in Liloan.

After attending the mass, we decided to buy food in the market for our little picnic at the Parola. We bought lechon from Hayag’s Lechonkinilaw and hanging rice or poso. I tell you, Hayag’s Lechon is one of the best and tastiest lechon I’ve ever tasted. As of this writing, I told Jane to come here in Naga. I asked her to buy 2 Kilos of lechon for me and pay her back. But the big question is, when is she planning to come in my place?

parola liloan25

Our food for lunch. Original image taken by Jane.

After at the market, we went back to the side of the church where the tricycles can be found just across the entrance of the Liloan Gymnasium. We asked the driver to bring us at the Parola in Catarman. Since it was almost lunch time, we were so excited to munch our food.

Our view while eating lunch.

Chickens were near us because of our food.

Jacqui was waiting for her partner, Boyet, to arrive.

After our lunch, we decided to pack our things to go near the beach. We had some little trek here. I also took pictures while walking around.

The ship in wide angle.

The ship cropped using Adobe Photoshop

Since it was a Sunday, there were several people at that time having a swim at the beach. I am not used of capturing people using my new camera but I gave it a try. I am not good in capturing stories through the lens. But I hope you get what they were doing.

Capturing the Horizon

After seeing those people relaxing, we looked for another route to find a peaceful place.

Capturing the Parola as the background

Shooting in HDR mode

Finding another route

Jane and I

We found these holes and sort of a little cave.

Sink hole?

What a serene view. I found myself some EMOments.

Trying the Giyomi pose

There we found this guy having some EMOments. Just kidding, he was only texting.

The sky was slowly turned to dark and then some droplets fell. We hurriedly get back on our way and fortunately, Jane and I brought our umbrellas. The rain was in moderate so I wasn’t able to capture several images of the Parola.

At the foot of the lighthouse

I am hoping to get there back someday and do some photo walks and photo shoots with friends. 😀

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