Kayaking and Lunch Time in Sumilon Island

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I’ll end this Sumilon island blog series with this one. I’ll show you how relaxing the place was for kayaking session. Indeed, my first time experience was really great. I was the one who paddled the kayak. It was very tiring but worth it to try. How I wish I could take it as an exercise since my arms are not in good shape.

sumilon island 41

I asked my sister to take pictures of me. I really love the place, wish I could go back there.

sumilon island 40

sumilon island 39

sumilon island 38

sumilon island 37

I really love this shot! Thanks to my sister for taking this awesome pic.

sumilon island 36

I spent more than 15 minutes with the kayaking session. It gave me a sweat. I even forgot to apply sun block on my skin because of my excitement. Since it was a tiring activity, we proceeded in the Pavilion  for our lunch.

sumilon island 33

The Front Desk

Well, their lunch is not buffet style but plated. We ordered the three available main course on their menu to try every plate. You will not regret it because the rice may look small but the viands are really great to eat. It makes you full after having a heavy lunch.

sumilon island 35

The Appetizer – Lumpia with Tomato Soup

sumilon island 34

Main Course – Grilled Pork Belly

sumilon island 32

Main Course – Fish (I forgot the name of this dish)

sumilon island 31

Main Course – Tuna (I forgot the name of the dish again)

sumilon island 29

Dessert – Chocolate Cake

sumilon island 30

Dessert – Chocolate Cake

While writing this, I am really hungry. It’s already 10:34PM and makes me think for a midnight snack. Oh c’mon, I’m fat! Oh please, share your thoughts about Sumilon Island. 🙂

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