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I decided to make a blog post series of our Bluewater Sumilon Island getaway because I have lots of pictures to share here on this blog. I just like to tour you around through these images that I have. I would also like to share stories in every picture even though I am not good at it. When we arrived at the island, a staff of the resort greeted us..

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I just took several pictures around. They were several tourists who really had their vacation in the island. My mom, sister and I were just observing the place and the people around. We are not really used to a very high-end resort. The staffs were very accommodating when I need or ask something.

sumilon island 13

The Pavilion

sumilon island 14

The Pool

sumilon island 27

The map

You can ask this map from the front desk area.

sumilon island 15

Pictures of us

sumilon island 16

The Playground

sumilon island 17

Glamping – Glamorous Camping

Glamorous camping has an electric fan, lights, bed and little cabinets. This is not your ordinary camping that is why it’s called as glamorous. Indeed, you will experience comfort if you’ll stay here.

sumilon island 18

Aquamania Water Sports

These guys are very friendly and are willing to assist you.

sumilon island 19

The Lagoon

Kayaking was a first time experience and I really enjoyed the activity. Good thing I enjoyed it for more than 15 minutes because there were only few visitors around. I was having a chit-chat with the guy who was assigned at the lagoon. He even encouraged me to prolong the activity. For me, it was a very good exercise but the heat of the sun was already killing me. I forgot to wear my sunblock.

sumilon island 28

It’s lunch time!

I will create another blog post for the food we ate for lunch. I decided to include food on this travel blog since eating and traveling are always great together. 🙂

sumilon island 20

Tried Trekking

While we tried trekking, we realized it was a very tiring activity. Hehe! My mom could not take the long walks anymore.

sumilon island 22

Sand Bar area

We went to the sand bar area and snorkel there.

sumilon island 21

It’s snorkeling time

We just snorkeled this shallow area, the sand bar. Those blue areas were very deep so we did not dare ourselves to snorkel even though we had our life vest.

sumilon island 23

Our Lady of Fatima Grotto

After few hours of snorkeling at the sand bar area, we decided to go back to the lagoon area. While walking back to our destination, we found the grotto of our Lady of Fatima and the cave of Yamashita.

sumilon island 24

Yamashita Cave

We were not able to roam around the island. We haven’t seen the Lighthouse and the Historic Watchtower because we were running out of time.

sumilon island 25

Power Generator

The island is power generated. At first, we were wondering how come the island has electricity then we found the answer.

sumilon island 26

At 4PM, we decided to say goodbye to the island. We had a great time here and we are hoping to get back to this place again when budget permits. 😉

So what do you think of Bluewater Sumilons Island? 😀

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