Bancogon Before Going to Sumilon Island

sumilon island 3

When you see a very steepy road going down somewhere, that place is your gateway to Sumilon Island. This is where Bluewater Resort receives their guests. While waiting for the boat, you can’t feel any boredom because of the beautiful scenery of the place. There is free Wi-Fi so you can update your social media and networking sites.

sumilon island 4

Welcome Drinks!

You feel pampered right away like a VIP with the welcome drinks. The receptionist will give you instructions on what to-do and not-to-do in the island. He will also give you the vouchers for the towel, kayak and snorkeling equipment.

sumilon island 10

The Vouchers

sumilon island 5

I really enjoyed the view here while I was updating my Facebook. Somehow it made me regret I did not bring my laptop with me because at that time I’ve been receiving e-mails for tasks to do. The other side of me was telling that I should enjoy the moment without my laptop. It makes me sort of a workaholic person. I just love the idea of working online while facing the beautiful beach. 🙂

sumilon island 6

In this area, I fell asleep while my mouth was opening. LOL but the reason my mouth was opening while sleeping because of my sinusitis. Can anyone relate? Hehe!

sumilon island 7

Few guests were waiting for the 9:30 AM trip.

sumilon island 8

A cell site

sumilon island 9

Getting ready to Sumilon Island

I have lots of pictures here for the Sumilon Island Getaway and decided to create a blog series for this journey. Please stay tuned for more posts. 🙂

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