Sketching Tools Collection as a Beginner

Hi, everybody! Welcome back to my blog. As mentioned in the previous blog, I started collecting art materials because I wanted to do some coloring and start bullet journaling until I decided to get into sketching. This was to fight my anxiety and I have to find ways to lower my stress. Being a new mom is no joke. Now that my kids are toddlers it is also a good time to introduce them to sketching and painting. We have a good reason to bond with painting.

Adult and Children Coloring Books

As a mom traveler with kids, it is time to get some coloring books for me and the kids. Most of the time, we travel by car but it is good to get these coloring books while riding on a plane to kill the boredom and anxiety. Here are some coloring books for adults and kids.

Here are some recommended products:

Portable Mini Pocket Printer

When I started journaling, I lacked photos but printing photos is expensive. So I found this Poooli portable mini pocket printer and I enjoyed printing our travel photos to add to my bullet journal.

Basic Sketching and Journaling Tools

When I started to buy coloring books, I bought some basic tools for drawing. I also bought a journal notebook because I need it for travel planning and reminders.

Additional Pens

After buying those basic sketching and journaling tools, I realized I needed to check other pens I never had when I was younger.

Gouache paint

When I got my acrylic pens I realized I wanted to pursue painting. But I don’t want to spend expensive paints and I had no idea which medium of paints should I go for. Acrylic painting, watercolor painting, or oil painting? Upon researching, the best medium to use for travel is gouache paint. I searched for brands until I saw a convincing ad from Himi Gouache paint set.

Different paintbrushes and sketchbooks

Together with the gouache paint, I also bought paintbrushes and sketchbooks. I have different collections of sketchpads and journals from various brands. I also got an A4 sketchpad for home use. A5 sketchpads and journals are good for sketch traveling. I go for 200 to 300 gsm thickness of paper.

For outdoor sketching

Little by little, I am starting to buy other materials.

As a beginner, I start with affordable art materials so that I can do my practice. There are various brands to choose from and it is really up to you if you want the expensive ones. For now, let me enjoy this as a hobby.

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