Saint Gervais Les Bains Skiing – My First Ski Experience in France

Skiing at Saint Gervais Les Bains was indeed a great experience. In fact, it was the first time that I really enjoyed it so much. Finally, my first ski experience came into a reality after how many years.

saint gervais les baines skiing first experience

Just a throwback, I got invited for a winter trip to Canada but was denied a visa in 2014. In 2017, I got rejected for a South Korean visa for another winter trip. I was really disappointed that my winter dream got delayed.

Why this winter ski trip got me so emotional?

When my then-boyfriend now husband and I decided to level up our relationship, we went to Bali for a month. I had this happy dream of my deceased parents about us going on a winter ski trip and me. I found it weird because it was the first time my parents were in my dream. Usually, I dream of my mother and my father in separate situations. I never thought that the dream of a winter ski with my parents was really a good premonition.

My First Ski Experience in Saint Gervais Les Baines

At first, my husband was very doubtful if I could really ski. I was confident that I could do it since it is one of my bucket lists to do this adventure. I told him how I learned to surf in Siargao (Philippines) but I am not really an expert. How I found the joy of riding a motorbike. It’s all about how good am I with my balance.

I never thought that wearing shoes are really heavy so I had difficulty walking on them at first. I realized that I need to be fit or at least my legs need a workout to condition my body for this activity.

My first fall as I was trying to find my balance. But later on, I was able to pick up and glide on the snow.

In the beginner slope, I enjoyed spending my time there for 2-3 hours. The good thing about my experience is that I was alone on the slope so it seems like I own the place. My husband goes alone to a more advanced slope or at the peak of Mont Joly.

Where to Stay in Saint Gervais Les Baines?

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