Introducing Travel Sketching on the Blog

Hi everybody! Welcome back to my blog. It’s been a while I haven’t updated this travel blog of mine as I got so busy with my personal life as a married woman with two kids. My kids are about one year apart so my hands are full with my cutie babies.

I never abandoned my travel blog but I just got no time to update since my last travels were from my solo travels and I have some family travel updates from a few years ago. The problem, I was not consistent.

Now, the kids are going to school so I thought that it is time to update this travel blog from my past travels as a solo traveler and some of our family travels. But what makes me excited now is the additional content of Travel Sketching.

Travel sketching from the Eiffel Tower

Why Add Travel Sketching?

In January 2024, I decided to get back into arts and bullet journaling. But I realized I love to do arts and crafts. And it made me get into drawing, sketching, and painting. That’s when I realized I need to buy Himi Gouache paints, pencils, colored pens, paintbrushes, and other art materials.

I am interested to recreate my past travels into a painting for the reason to reminisce my past. It is also my way to learn how to do landscape painting.

I realized that travel sketching on the blog will add spiciness on my travel updates as there will be a touch of personality. Nah, I am just exaggerating with the spiciness. LOL.

Just writing about travel sketching makes me feel excited. It gives me the reason to add more updates and be consistent on my travel blog. 

Right now, I am passionate with drawing, sketching, and painting. I decided to add this passion on my travel blog.

When did I start of this passion about drawing?

I really wanted to be an artist when I was a kid that I really wanted to take fine arts in a university but it never happened. Although I had some art projects in the past that let me earn money with personalized handpainted t-shirts.

Did I have any formal art training when I was a kid?

I never had any formal art training as a kid nor attended any art workshops. Let’s just say this is like an inborn talent *cough* *cough*. LOL

But I loved collecting color books and crayons when I was a kid and started drawing through observation. I know there are many things to learn about sketching and painting. I love watching tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest so I will use that to my advantage. And the same time, I will have fun.

I hope you will like this new entry on my travel blog. See you on the next blog!

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