Hiking Mountain Zwegabin with a Broken Heart in Hpa-an, Myanmar

Am I a professional or hobbyist mountain climber? No, I am not. But if you have time around Hpa-an in Myanmar, hiking to Mount Zwegabin is a must. It was my first time hiking a mountain alone in a different country. Although there are lots of hobbyist hikers and climbers in my country, I never join them because I prefer to go to the beach.

Going to Mount Zwegabin

From my hostel, I drove my motorbike with a map going to the garden. If I remember, I need to pay 4000 Kyat for the entrance fee. There were several Buddha statues in Lumbini Garden and I like the zen feeling. It says that to climb Mount Zwegabin, it will take you 2-3 hours to reach the top.

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If you want to see the sunrise, it’s better to be early as of 4 AM or 5 AM. But I woke up around 9 AM and had my breakfast. I was chill so no need to hurry. Good thing, the weather is not too hot even though the sun was up. I wasn’t sweating that much but going up makes you need to catch your breath which is normal.

Check out my video below how I made it to Mount Zwegabin or check on YouTube.

Doing a self-reflection while climbing Mount Zwegabin

While climbing, I have the time to do a self-reflection of what just happened to me in Yangon. It was about a bad break-up. Many times I asked myself if I was happy before the break-up and after. No, I wasn’t happy. After the break up I felt awful. I was doing a vlog of my climbing so I stopped the camera and cried. Should I take a video of myself crying? For drama? Nope. I just let myself cry alone.

There were too many red flags about the relationship. One thing I can’t forget when he pushed me and I lost my balance with my backpack. Just because I was grumpy when we arrived at our hostel on Inle Lake. But do I need to write what really happened before that?

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It all started when we have to leave Yangon on our third day. I was eating my breakfast when he started to bother me to be in a hurry. You know, he could just patiently waited for me. I finished my breakfast before 6 AM but he stressed me out. I can finish my food without stressing me.

So many things happened after which I begin to question what we really had. The stage of getting to know each other. I felt embarrassed and insulted while we were in the south of Myanmar. He hurt me. It was a bad break-up right in the middle of our trip.

The realization about the bad break-up

When I arrived in Hpa-an, I felt so happy alone in my bed. I was able to sleep in peace. That’s when I realized I can be myself and love myself again.

While recalling what happened about the bad break-up, I just continued climbing going up and smile again. Thought of myself that I could forgive him and continue the communication. But honestly, it was so wrong to send him a message when I was in Mawlamyine.

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Reaching the top

Anyway, I was able to reach the top of Mount Zwegabin. Before it was allowed to stay overnight but a few tourists went up to suicide.

I was able to see the sea of clouds and I just spent an hour. I went down alone and see some locals going up. Since it was past noon already, it was hot going up.

When is the best time to go to Mount Zwegabin?

The best time to go to Mount Zwegabin is at 4 AM or 5 AM and the latest is at 9 AM.

Youtube Video

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