Settling in Puerto Princesa, Palawan for a While as a Digital Nomad

After moving out and traveling from one place to another, finally, I could say that I am settling in Puerto Princesa for a while. This is the longest time I’ve been staying in a place. From Taiwan and Manila, I flew to Palawan since June 2017. Settling in Puerto Princesa, Palawan as a Digital Nomad-[…]

Why Being Broke Is The Best Time To Travel-1

Why Is Being Broke The Best Time To Travel?

Why is being broke the best time to travel? There is no better time to start traveling. But the question is, can you afford it? The biggest excuse that most people who want to travel but never can give are that they don’t have enough money. If you’re telling yourself that you’re broke and that[…]

i run out of money while traveling

I Run Out of Money While Traveling – Here’s How I Survived

Who would have thought that I run out of money while traveling? So far, it was a scary experience I have encountered. I was unprepared when I moved out in January 2017. Since then, a lot has changed. Unlike before when I was able to save money for 100K PHP and traveled to five countries. Everything was planned.[…]

How to Save Money on Airbnb – A Week in Manila for PHP 350

How to Save Money on Airbnb? A week in Manila for PHP 350 Nobody knew how I struggled in Manila for almost two weeks with less money during the last few days of April and early May. Just imagine, I was in Taiwan for the spring season for 25 days in April 2017 (April 2[…]

Travel Advice for Someone Traveling Abroad without Job But Has a Means To Do So

Any travel advice for someone traveling abroad without job but has a means to do so? As a Filipino traveler with a Philippine passport, sometimes it’s really difficult to travel in a different country. Sometimes, we think that traveling is for the rich or for someone who has a good paying job. How could you[…]

My First $100 Google Adsense Income with iTravelRox

My First $100 Google Adsense Income with iTravelRox How iTravelRox Started? A lot of people have asked if I am earning through my blog. To be honest, when I started a travel blog in 2013 through WordPress(dot)com, I never stressed myself to make money. I just wanted a travel blog where I could post my photos[…]

How I Saved 100K Philippine Peso to Travel 5 countries in 2015?

How I Saved 100K Philippine Peso to Travel 5 countries in 2015? I just want to share with my readers how I saved 100K Philippine Peso to travel 5 countries in 2015. My trip never focused in five countries as I was traveling around the Philippines as well. The monthly travels started in August 2014[…]

COL Financial Stock Market Investing – How to Open an Account?

I have blogged this from my old blog in the past so I think it’s time that I should write this on my travel blog. I’ve been receiving inquiries how to invest in the stock market because I always share this on my blog. Since I’ve been attracting readers, I hope it helps and this[…]