5 Top Streaming Platforms to Use When Travelling the Philippines

Traveling to the Philippines is always an amazing experience. Besides the presence of friendly locals, the beautiful islands on display and a lot of beaches to explore, the location is one of the most romantic places to be in the world.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, though, there begs the question of what streaming services to use over there to keep in touch with your favorite on-screen content. 

If that has ever crossed your mind, here is a list of all streaming services worth your while when over at the Philippines.

1 Apple TV

Like most other things developed by Apple, the Apple TV is developed with great attention to detail, simplicity and the comfort of the consumer in mind. That allows you access to a ton of channels, enables you to control the channel movement and other stuff with your phone and comes with a relatively easy mode of setup. 

All that is more than we can say for most other streaming units.

To get the most out of this streaming platform, you might have to purchase a VPN supported by the Apple TV platform so that you get access to shows and content which might not normally be available in the Philippines.

2 Netflix

This has fast grown to be the most widely known streaming platforms in the world, and for good reason. For the fact that they have added a ton of original titles to their lineup alone, Netflix deserves to be taken with you anywhere.

Since the Philippines are a great lover of TV content too, you will gain unrestricted access to a lot of local content that Netflix has developed for this market. Make sure to check out the good work done by the local actors over there before heading back home.

3 Amazon Prime Video

Of course, we cannot leave out this option.

Just like Apple, Amazon is too big a company to slip up with any product that they are offering. At the same time, they are big enough to offer great products at impressive price points, so you get great value for your money with them.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the Amazon Prime platform is that they have also ingrained original shows and movies into their offerings. Seeing as Amazon has the resources to set up a great studio of their own, you are sure that you are not subscribing to any mediocre platform.

4 SlingTV

While the other options on this list have been dedicated to just one thing, SlingTV brings diversity to the table. For those who have been using this service before, you will agree that it is the best cable TV alternative for more reasons than one. 

On the one hand, you get access to a barrage of channels (sports, entertainment, music, etc.) in one place. On the other hand, you only have to pay a huge fraction of the price you would have had to churn out for cable TV.

To get the best out of this streaming service, you might have to get a VPN with you too. That way, you get unfettered access to all the kinds of content you used to get on your cable TV back home from your internet-enabled devices.

5 Crunchyroll

Are you a huge fan of anime? Would you like to keep up with your favorite manga series even though you are not at home? You can do that, and legally so when you subscribe to a Crunchyroll package.

Truth be told, we don’t like the way the UI is set up on this streaming service and it could use some better work in the future. Coming down to functionality, though, Crunchyroll is in a class of its own.


With those five picks, you can stay on top of your favorite shows, engage with your favorite movies, follow up on your sports content and never miss any updates at all till you get back.

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