Taiwan Cherry Blossoms at Yangmingshan National Park 2017

taiwan cherry blossomsLast April 2017, I got the chance to visit Taiwan the third time around during the spring season. This is to experience Taiwan Cherry Blossoms at Yangmingshan National Park. Out of the blue, I just booked a flight one week before the trip. The ticket cost PHP5,000++ round trip ticket for a 7-day trip. My friend who is working in Taiwan convinced me to go back. Of course, I got excited to see the sakura or cherry blossoms for real and in full bloom. I did my research where to spot cherry blossoms in Taipei and found out about Yangmingshan National Park.

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How to get to Yangmingshan National Park?

  • From Taipei Main Station, I took the Taipei Metro straight to Beitou MRT station using the red line.
  • From Beitou MRT station exit, you can take the S9 bus to Yangming Park, Yangmingshan bus stop, Headquarters Visitor Center, Yangmingshuwu, and Zhuzihu.
  • or from Beitou MRT station exit, you can take the S230 bus to Yangmingshan bus stop.

With the help of iVideo Pocket Wifi, I was able to get around safely and navigate to the place I wanted to go.

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Taiwan Cherry Blossoms at Yangmingshan National Park

The moment I arrived at Yangmingshan bus stop, I saw the sakura trees already and got excited to take photos. To be honest, I wasn’t able to get around to the park because it’s a huge area. But seeing the cherry blossoms just right at the entrance fee is mission accomplished for me already.

But then, I was not yet satisfied. I still looked for rows of cherry blossoms. Getting around gave me a zen feeling to me as it was peaceful and quiet. I saw some Taiwanese people doing Tai Chi. Gosh, watching them made me feel so envious. Also, a family just spending their time at the park having their picnic.

Then suddenly, I found the best spot full of cherry blossoms. I felt like a little girl when I saw the sakura tree. There were no people around so I could have the cherry blossoms all by myself and take a lot of pictures. Also, find out 5 of the Best Romantic Places to Propose Marriage in Taipei, Taiwan.

Actually, I could be sneaky if I really wanted to pick the sakura flowers but I decided not to. I just enjoyed everything through my eyes and camera lens. For more than an hour, I just stayed and seat there. Some people saw my spot but I decided not to leave until the sun started to go down.

Seating new the cherry blossoms made me feel so happy and meditate for a while. I just enjoyed the color pink tree in front of me. Taiwan is a cheap alternative to Japan and South Korea if you want to see the cherry blossoms. I bet, there’s a lot of people visiting those sakura tree viewing areas. I was just lucky that I enjoyed the view with fewer people.

Look at the photo below. I don’t know what kind of bird is this but I got this one lucky shot using my Nikon D5100 using 50mm F1.8 G lens.

bird on a sakura tree


Video below is a photo collection or compilation of the Cherry Blossoms. The video is kind of therapeutic for me.

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