Travel Advice for Someone Traveling Abroad without Job But Has a Means To Do So

Any travel advice for someone traveling abroad without job but has a means to do so?

travel advice someone traveling abroad without a jobAs a Filipino traveler with a Philippine passport, sometimes it’s really difficult to travel in a different country. Sometimes, we think that traveling is for the rich or for someone who has a good paying job. How could you travel abroad without a job?

Have you just resigned from your corporate job and you want to travel abroad? Are you a freelance online worker who loves to travel out of the country without income tax return?

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How to Prepare Yourself facing the Immigration Officer?

  • Dress properly. Dress like you’re going on a business trip. Or go casual like wearing closed shoes or rubber shoes, jeans, a decent-looking t-shirt or a blouse. It’s cold inside the plane so bring a jacket.
  • For an international trip, go to the airport as earlier as possible so that you’ll face the I/O in a relaxed manner.
  • Be confident. Smile. Don’t act like a nervous freak. When the I/O asked you some questions, make it short but sweet. Don’t elaborate unless they asked you for further questions.
  • Show documents only if they asked for it.

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What Documents to Bring?

Without a Job, Bring the following:

  • Credit cards and ATM cards under your name
  • Passbook, Bank statement of accounts for your savings or time deposit
  • Investments like stock investing (ask for a certificate) or an investment insurance like VUL (Variable Universal Life insurance)
  • Documents for house property or vehicle property under your name

This is to show that you can really afford to travel out of the country even without a job because the I/O can see that you have the reasons to return to the country and not desperate to look for a job abroad.

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With a Job, Bring the following:

  • ID Company
  • Certificate of Employment
  • And a travel fund and other proofs being shown above that you can afford to travel

When the I/O asks why you don’t have a job?

Just be honest with your answer that you quit your job because you’re tired and you need a break from work. End the answer with a smile. We have the right to travel.

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