Getting Japan Tourist Visa in the Philippines without Income Tax Return

After my Hong Kong trip last October 2014, I found a cheap flight to Japan and booked a flight right away. I wasn’t even sure if I could get a visa but I was really hopeful. This was part of my Plan B if Plan A was a failure. No, I don’t want to tell what Plan A was.

Japan Tourist Visa

I booked a flight for May 2015 trip in Tokyo, Japan and told myself I still have the chance to save money. I did some research on where to go and what requirements do I need to prepare.

March 2015 came and I was really nervous. A lot of people telling me that the Embassy of Japan is not really that strict anymore as they are inviting a lot of tourists for the upcoming Olympics in 2020. I still need to gather documents just to get the visa.

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Requirements for Japan Tourist Visa

I applied for a Tourist Visa and these are the documents that I submitted:

  1. Philippine passport
  2. Visa application form
  3. Photo 4.5×4.5 cm or 2×2 inch with white background
  4. Original NSO Birth Certificate
  5. Original Local Birth Certificate
  6. Daily Schedule in Japan
  7. Original bank certificate(s)
  8. Credit card bank statement
  9. Confirmed plane ticket
  10. Certifications of being involved in Non-Profit Organizations
  11. Letter of Explanation

I don’t have any Income Tax Return to show but I submitted certifications of being involved in non-profit organizations and a letter of explanation. The letter of explanation, I explained my interests of going to Japan of being so fond with anime, fashion and its culture. I also explained why I don’t have ITR to show and I told them how active I am as a volunteer, which is traveling with a purpose.

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I went to Friendship Tours here in Cebu and the handling fee is P1,200. It will take 5-7 business days for the visa. The next week after my application, I got a SMS notification from the accredited agency that my passport was ready for pick-up. This will be my first solo backpacking in a visa-required country.

Helpful links:

Requirements for Japan Tourist Visa:

Friendship Manila (accredited agency):

I also wrote for Two Monkeys Travel Blog about my experience in Tokyo, Japan

7 Days in Tokyo, Japan

List of Accredited Agencies

  • UHI – Universal Holidays Inc.
  • Discovery Tour Inc.
  • Rajah Travel Corporation
  • Reli Tours & Travel Agency
  • Attic Tours Phils., Inc.
  • Friendship Tours and Resorts Corporation
  • Pan Pacific Travel Corporation

Source: Embassy of Japan in the Philippines

Frequent Asked Questions

How many days the visa gets approved?

It’s usually 5-7 business days. A reader named JB applied for a tourist visa at Reli Tours on January 12, 2016 and got a text from the travel agency on January 15 that his passport was available for pick-up.

What are the rules when it comes to bank certificate?

Bank certificates usually show the total balance + average daily balance of your account for the past 6 months. If you want your bank history to look credible, I suggest to establish first your account and maintain a sufficient amount for a long time. – mrsbisinyo

How much money should I have inside my bank?

During my first application I showed PhP 90,000 (savings account and time deposits). During my second application I showed PhP 60,000 (savings account and certificate of stock investment). At least you have to show PhP 50,000  in your bank account and it depends of the activities you can do in Japan.

What are the Guidelines of Writing a Letter of Explanation?

I created a separate blog post on How I Wrote my Letter of Explanation for Japan Tourist Visa.

What if a friend, a family or a boyfriend will shoulder my expenses in Japan?

The Embassy of Japan in the Philippines provided a link for the – Visa Section Information so please check the link.

I am a student, what requirements should I submit?

If you are a student and your parents will shoulder your trip, you need to show bank certificates, Income of Tax Return of your parents and letter of explanation about your purpose of the trip, a copy of study load and school ID as a proof that you are a student.

How to Prepare for your First Solo Trip in Japan?

I created a separate blog about this and you can read this at – Preparation for your First Solo Trip in Japan.

What is your budget for Japan trip?

As a budget traveler, my cash on hand was US$500 or PhP20,000. Find out more how I did it at – Budget Travel: 14 Days Japan with US$500 Cash on Hand.

How to Request Stock Certificate from COL Financial Philippines for Visa Application?

Please check out my blog about – How to Request Stock Certificate from COL Financial Philippines for Visa Application?

Roxanne is an aspiring digital nomad. A virtual assistant since October 2009. She is a hobbyist blogger, photographer and travels a lot.

493 thoughts on “Getting Japan Tourist Visa in the Philippines without Income Tax Return

  • Hello rox. 🙂 I wanna ask sana if pano kapag college student then syempre walang ITR akong maisubmit sa agency. Pwede bang letter of explanation na lang din yung sub ko? I have school id naman validated sy ’14-’15 2nd sem and copy of my school pre reg. btw your blog is really helpful. thanks 🙂 xx

    • Hi Nikki,

      Ask ko lang what is your purpose in going to Japan? It does matter kasi eh. Are you going there as a tourist or to study there?

      Have you been to another country aside from Japan?

      I’ll send you a private message nalang. 🙂

      • I also have more or less the same concern. I’m also a student (specifically a full time student taking Masters) and have no ITR. I plan to go to Japan later this year as a tourist. I don’t have a credit card (only that BPI ePrepaid that I use for online transactions), so I’m not sure if I can submit a “Credit card bank statement”. As I’m still dependent to my parents and my scholarship, there really isn’t much in my bank account to submit “Original bank certificate(s)”.

        But our family lived in Japan for five years around two decades ago when I was still a child. But then again, that was a long time ago and I was still a digit year old. Haven’t really gone outside of the country after that (nor explore the country even haha I’m not really the travelling outgoing type).

        I’ll just visit there as a tourist, specifically to just watch a concert of an idol group (アンジュルム) I’ve been following. As I only want to prioritize to just watch the concert (because it’s a member graduation concert), I might end up just being there for only 2-3 days.

        Is there something you can advice? Maraming salamat sa iyong blog post na ito at nakatulong talaga 😀

        • Hi Ais, it is a good thing that you are a student meaning you have a strong relationship to the Philippines that you have to go back because you are a student.

          Since you are dependent to your parents, I assume your parents will help you fund your trip to Japan. Ask their bank statements or original bank certificates to prove that they will fund your Japan trip.

          Another good thing is you are going to watch the concert so show a copy of your concert ticket for an idol group. 🙂

      • Ah wait – just read some of the responses below. Looks like it’s fine that I submit my parents’ bank statement since I’m dependent on my parents?

  • Hi Roxanne,

    may I know yung contents nang “Certifications of being involved in Non-Profit Organizations” you submitted? I think same case tayo.

    Yours Truly,

  • Hi.. Been reading a lot of blogs about traveling to Japan and China.. My only problem is the visa… This is first time that I read something about getting a visa without an ITR, but instead has a certificate of involvement in a non-profit organizations…

    Seeing that you were granted with the visa, I wanted to try it out too.. Is the agency, who process your visa, the one advice you about getting the said certificate?? Is there any other documents that can substitute to this..

    My purpose of traveling to for tourism.. I haven’t been working since 2013.. That’s the biggest problem that I have for traveling to countries that requires visa prior to arrival.. I’ve been to 7 countries already and all those are with visa oan arrival.. Early this year been to 3 already.. I was lucky enough that immigration didn’t asked me so many questions considering that I am unemployed…

    • Hi Scheanneth,

      The agency didn’t advice me for it. Certs from NPO is one of the good requirements to show because of strong relationship to the Philippines, meaning I have the reason to come back. 🙂

  • Do you happen to know what other documents that can substitute to the certificate of involvement in a non-profit organization? Since I am not really involve in any right now.. I’ve been planning to do volunteering work but haven’t decided to which yet..

    Would really appreciate it if you can give me an advice on how to go about getting the visa.. Thanks..

  • Hi . Thanks for this blog. this is such a helpful piece of advice for us.
    We are planning to go to Japan this coming November with my friends. May I know how much your expenses in Japan (estimates will do). We already have a ticket then.
    Then, how much should be in our bank account? i heard that it’s P100,000.00 Obviously, we cant have it. Any suggestions for us? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Anastasia,

      I don’t have the estimate because most of the expenses were sponsored unexpectedly. But if you are on a tight budget go to places where you can do things for free. That’s what I did when I was in Tokyo I didn’t pay for anything. When I went to Osaka, my trips to the temples and amusement parks were free coz I was living with a family. 😀

  • Hi po. I plan to go to Japan by May 2016. The thing is, I’ve never been overseas before but my boyfriend, who is Japanese, would act as my guarantor. Will be staying for 15 days there. Do I have a chance of getting a Japan tourist visa? Thank you and have a good day.

    • Hi Haruka! I really have no idea but your boyfriend will sponsor everything for your trip to Japan. Dun sa Japan Embassy, may instruction if someone will sponsor for your trip. Your sponsor will give necessary documents.

  • Hi Rox!

    ITR is my problem when it comes to visa requirements as I don’t have to show one. I’m 28 and never been employed. I do have P500k+ in my bank account. I reason why I have this money is because 15 years ago my father opened a time deposit account with P100k in it as a grade school graduation gift to me (I transferred to my name as soon as I graduated college). Through the years it is now P500k+ (could have been higher but I already spent some). So my main source of cash is interest if from the time deposit of my bank account.

    I earn extra through buy and selling random stuffs, network marketing (I buy the company’s products and then sell it on a higher price), and being a silent partner/investor in small events. There are no ways to get ITR from these.

    I’m not involved in any NPOs.

    Do you know any alternatives of ITR? I really really really want to go to Japan. I love their culture based on what I see in medias. I want to know and learn more about Japanese culture by being there.

  • Hi, how many days po ng makuha mo yung visa mo? Im from Cebu also, anxious lang we submitted our application last week also at friendship. thank u

  • Hi, i dont have ITR kasi im not working po kahit graduate na ko for 3years. Yung travel ko po sa japan is gift ng mom ko for my bday and sakto may friends ako dun. Natatakot po ako na baka ma deny yung visa dahil sa ITR. Ano po kaya magandang gawin?

  • hi! 🙂 just wanna ask for an opinion.

    I’ve been planning to visit japan next year, single entry and just for leisure purposes only; but i don’t have any travel history. it will be the first out-of-the-country travel for me and i am also travelling alone. regarding the docs, i won’t have any problem with those as i can provide them. just curious though because some blogs says that it’s better if the passport has different stamps on it before wanting to apply japan tourist visa. i wonder if my attempted application will get denied just because i didn’t travel to other countries prior to my plan on visiting japan. i hope i can get any feedback regarding this concern. it’s been on my head for awhile now LOL ^^ i can’t even book an accommodation yet because of this thought.

    and also, i am planning to rent a short-term apartment instead of a hotel, since i plan to stay 9 days and 8 nights in Tokyo only. Will that also leave some complications or doubts on the application?

    hope someone can share their experience. 🙂 I’ll appreciate it. Doomo Arigatou Gozaimasu!. 🙂

    • Hi Sakura,

      Before I traveled to Japan, I have traveled to Malaysia, Hong Kong and Macau that’s why I was confident to apply for a Japan visa. Yes, it is really recommended na you have traveled to other countries before Japan to see that you go there as a tourist and not for work purposes. The embassy would think that you will go there for work. I could not tell that 100% you will get the visa. Best is to talk to a travel agency who will work on the visa. But if you really pursue going to Japan ok naman but pray mo nalang na they will approve your visa application. Thanks.

      • Hi! Thanks alot for ur kind response.😊 been thinking of calling the agency though, for some inputs. Ah, i’ve also read awhile ago that some first timer traveller going to japan were approve coz they provided documents that could prove strong ties to PH. Hoping for the best though. Thanks alot.😃

  • Hi rox! Is it possible for a housewife to go to Japan, no itr, no bank statements. My husband and I wish to go to Japan…

    • Hi! If you travel with your husband of course, you can. As long as your husband will show all the documents, ITR and bank statements. 😄😃😀 Oh yes don’t forget your marriage certificate.

  • hi. i dont have an itr as well. i stopped working last 2013. and ako na nag mamanage ng business ng parents ko. although under sa parents ko ung business. pano po yon? dyo have any idea? thanks 🙂

    • Hi Vina, since your parents have a business, show them their business permits but I don’t know how it works that you have a proof that you manage your family business. Just make sure you have bank statements. Please also ask advice from the travel agency you wished to apply to for your Japan Visa. 🙂

  • Hi Rox. Mataas din kaya yung maging chance namin na maapproved like you? wala din kami ITR mag asawa. Pero yearly meron kaming ootc since 2010. is it enough? meron din kaming documents gaya sayo ang wala lang eh yung volunteer.

      • Out of the country 😀. Tagal na namin magasawa gusto magtravel sa Japan kaya lang nawawalan talaga kami ng pagasa na makakuha ng visa kasi nga need itr. Pero thanks to your blog sobrang laking tulong at talagang nagkaron ako ng pagasa na baka kami mabigyan din. Next year march/april plano namin. Siguro nmn may chance din kami gaya mo na maapprove din (sana sana). Kaming magasawa saka yung 4yrs old namin anak sana.

        • @Richelle, just make sure you have the strongest relationship with the Philippines meaning you have the reason to come back. That was the reason my Canada visa was rejected. I don’t have any ITR to show and I don’t have any affiliations. Yon lang talaga, hope you will get your visa for your trip next year. 😀

  • Thanks for the very informative post! I have a question lang, kasi kakagraduate ko lang nung May, and I’m being supported by my sister who’s a doctor in London. Can I send her Bank Certificates instead? My parents are retired and I don’t plan on working anytime soon kasi I want to travel pa. I’m just worried na fresh graduate kasi ako baka akala nila magTNT ako dun haha. I’d like to know how you made the Letter of Explanation po and if kailangan pa Affidavit of Support from my sis. Hirap kasi fresh graduate ako 🙁

    • Hi Daniella,

      Yes you need Bank Certificates from you sister who is a doctor in London. You have to state that your sister will support your travel as a fresh graduate. It’s like you can state that it is her gift for you after graduation.

      Another question, is this your first time to travel abroad? May tatak na ba ang passport mo sa ibang bansa?

      You just need to convince the embassy why do you want to travel to Japan. Oh please another thing, you need something na you have a strong relationship to the Philippines. Do you have anything to show na babalik ka sa Pilipinas?

  • This really helped a lot. I’ll be travelling to Japan with my sister next month and I’ve been having trouble with my papers. I’m an RN who isn’t practicing at the moment. I’ve been helping with the management of our family business so I don’t actually have a regular job, which means I lack an ITR. My parents will be supporting me for my trip though and my name has been added to their bank accounts. Is a bank statement needed or will a copy of our bankbook suffice?

  • Hi! If it’s okay, can I see your certification in Non-Profit Organizations and the format of your explanation letter? My boyfriend can’t also provide an ITR that’s why I wanted to see your certificates and the letter to be our guide. Hope you don’t mind. It will be a big help. Thanks 🙂

  • Hi po. I’m currently a college student po and will be travelling to Japan with my friends who are college students also but diff universities. Our documents po in exchange of not having an ITR are our bank certificates (Php. 50k -120k) [funded by our parents and also our savings], itr of our dads, explanation letter, flight and hotel bookings, lastly our id. Tingin niyo po ba enough na yun?

    Isa pa po pala, only one of us have stamps sa passport but we’re applying at the same time. Tingin niyo po gaano kalaki chance namin?

    We explained naman po sa letter clearly why we don’t have an itr and why we’ll be travelling to japan (to watch a concert).

    • Hi Faith,

      You have a big chance to get approved because you have all requirements to show as you are also funded by your parents, you have id’s, everything booked from flight to hotel. And yes, show the ticket of the concert you are going to watch.

  • Hello Ms. Roxanne.

    My question is dapat ba mauna mag purchase ng plane ticket to Japan bago magkuha ng visa. Sayang kasi may promo ang cebu pac. Or ang agency na ang mag bo book ng ticket for me?. Thank you in advace sa reply mo.

  • Hi Rox,

    My fam and I are planning to go to Japan this coming November and medyo nagkakagulo lang kami sa requirements :/ would you know if okay lang na time deposit yung nakalagay sa bank cert namin? do you think hindi siya magiging problema?

    thanks in advance 🙂

  • Hi, Ms. Roxanne! Same problem, I don’t have an ITR too but I have a “Certificate of Employment” because I just got hired this august. Is the COE enough for my visa to get approved? I’ll be in japan this november. I hope you can help me with this. Thanks in advance! -Ian

    • Thanks a lot for the reply, Ms. Roxanne! I already gave all the requirements to the agency. Really hoping that I wont get denied! Thanks, again! Hope to see you around!

  • Hi! Very useful blog. 🙂 I plan to go to Japan as a tourist as well… however, I don’t really have an ITR to show because I have been unemployed for 2 years now. And unlike you who has a NPO certificate to substitute that, I don’t have that as well. Do you think I have a chance of getting an approved tourist visa, even without an ITR or a certificate? Are they really strict about it? The ITR is my only problem, really. 🙁

  • Hi ask ko lang po un pano yun letter of explanation pag without ITR and being unemployed last job ko kasi ended aug 31 i resigned kasi walang sweldo sa work ko delayed (government kasi) and walang ITR kasi hnd naprocess ng HR ko before and we are just informed na personal ang pag file eh near end na ang deadline.. though kaltas ang taxes ko sa salary ko.. I just came from a recent trip sa hongkong last Aug. 2015.. yhanks!

    • Hi Alvin, just explain that you quit your job and you want to travel. Please show ka na rin nang bank certificate to show that you can afford to travel. And need mo rin other documents to show that you will come back to Philippines.

  • Hi! I won a 5 days 4 nights trip to japan included na po airfare,hotel accomodation and disney tour package. Worry lang po ako baka di po ako mabigyan ng visa.wala po akong bank certificate. I am a full time employee po. May I ask na rin po how po kaya pocket money for the trip? This is my 1st time to travel outside philippines. Thanks in advance..

    • Hi Maria,

      Since you won it you have to write to your letter of applying a visa that you won the ticket with airfare, hotel accommodation and package. Show your certificate of employment. If you have savings account request a bank certificate. Since almost everything is paid na magdala ka nalang pocket money at least 20K.

  • Hi Rox, I’m planning to visit Japan next year to visit my boyfriend. His Mother and half sister lives there. My BF is living there to study. He will stay there for 2 years. 1 year na sya doon next year and with that I ask him to visit and make some tour with him. I am currently employed though ITR is not my problem but I’m still not sure if Japan embassy will approve my Visa to stay there for 15 days. Japan is my first International country to visit. I always travel around the Philippines. For your opinion do you think that there will be a chance to approve my Visa? and when you apply your visa did had any show money.? though you don’t have ITR but you have your credit card? and do you think that we can use the invitation letter from my boyfriend even though he is still not a Japanese citizen because of his temporary residency.?

    Hoping for your swift response.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Mel, since you are working in a company with ITR, you are fine just to make sure that you will come back to the Philippines. I just showed my bank certificates to prove that I can afford to travel in Japan. Please state in your application letter why do you want to travel to Japan. 15 Days is Tourist Visa. Please show the invitation letter too.

      But it is best to listen from the agency’s advice. They told me not to expect anything but I got it. 🙂

  • Hello, Ms. Roxanne!

    I’m planning to visit Japan next year with my sister, but I am unemployed po so I can’t provide an ITR. My sister who is going with me will be paying for all the expenses for the trip naman. Ok lang po ba kung yung ITR and bank account statement lang niya ang ipapasa namin? May reason naman po kami to come back to the Philippines since may full-time job ang sister ko. Thanks!

    • Hello, Ms. Roxanne!

      Sorry for being makulit. Hehe. I noticed nagreply ka na kasi sa mga comments later than mine. I’m wondering baka di mo po nakita ang comment ko or something.^^

    • Hi Sarah,

      Ah ito pala yon! I think i was going to respond this comment but it was gone because I lost my internet connection. So ito na… Since your sister will pay everything for your trip and she has ITR and bank account statement or bank certificate, ayos na yon! Of course, birth certificates ninyong dalawa to prove na magkapatid nga kayo. 😀

      Tapos magtanong kayo sa accredited travel agency ninyo and they will give you more tips kasi sila talaga ang nakakaalam. 🙂

  • hi maam roxanne
    i have all the requirments na for applying tourist visa in japan without guarantor po, i’m just worried lang about sa bank certificate which was stated yung date na newly opened lang bank account ko,1month pa lang po. would it be possible po ba na madeny ang visa ko? first time ko lang po kasi magtravel abroad. thank you. sana po magreply kayo.

  • I have the same problem as well, I don’t have an ITR, but I have sufficient money to fund my stay in Japan. Can I present documents like certificates of ownership of a house or condominium unit and a car as a proof that I have properties here in the Philippines to attend to? Do you think these documents are enough to prove that I have a strong tie with our country? And is it advisable to purchase plane tickets before the approval of the visa application? Hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

    • Hi Akio, certificates of property ownership are strong evidence you have ties in the Philippines. You can ask help from the accredited agency as they know very well.

      For me, I purchased my tickets already before the visa application as I found round trip tickets really cheap.

  • Hi Roxanne,

    I would like to know if joint bank account (for me & my wife) is allowed as a bank certification? 🙂

    Thank you so much.


  • Hello, I booked a roundtrip ticket to Tokyo Next year with my friends, Ang problem ko po Im currently unemployed I dont have ITR to present. But I have enough money in my bank. galing sa savings ko sa part time work ko as a Home based English tutor for almost a year. I cant as for an affidavit of support from my parent because they are both retired.

  • Hi,

    Planning to go to japan with 2 of my friends. I’ve been to SG but my 2 friends haven’t gone out of the country yet. And we’ve always wanted to go to Japan. We’re all freelancers and we don’t have ITR. We have enough more than 50k on our bank statements which hopefully would be ok. Any suggestions for an ITR? We don’t have specific COE since we have different varying clients. I am thinking we can ask for a notary that we’ll be going back to home here in PH. but any advice is appreciated!

    • Hi Rachelle, it is good to ask advice from the travel agency. I think mabuti na rin yan hihingi kayo nang Notary. Apply tourist visa as a group. Basta po ask kayo advice nang travel agency.

  • Hi. plan ko sana magtravel sa japan by Feb 2016. Im an online freelancer so wala akong ITR. plan ko sana magfile ng ITR sa BIR as self employed. Anu ba usually ang mga inaaccept na monthly salary kapag tourist visa? at maccredit ba kung bago ka palang naghuhulog ng ITR? Kasi ngayong month of November palang ako magsstart magbayad ng tax. 🙁

    • Hi Cattshy, I don’t have any ITR to show. But how much money do you have in your bank? The agency will give you advice for the requirements but they will tell you na hindi assurance. Pray ka lang.

  • Hi,

    Nag submit kami ng visa application for japan last monday Nov 9,2015. Kailan kaya namin makukuha visa or malalaman if approved.Do you have any idea?

  • Hi Roxanne,

    I had this bookmarked since I just booked a Tokyo trip next year (Cebu Pac promo).

    Been reading comments since it is my first time to apply a VISA.

    However, I’ve already traveled to other VISA-free countries before (HK, Sri Lanka).

    I also don’t have an ITR since I work as a freelancer although for one client only. My question is how much money do I need to have in my bank account to be safe?

  • Hello. Ask ko lang po. OFW kasi ako and I don’t have ITR to present if I’m going to apply Japan Visa. Is it okay if I submit my Overseas Employment Certificate(OEC) as an alternative for ITR? Nag email ako last week sa Friendship Tours in Manila kaso hindi sila nagreply. Hoping to receive a reply from you soon. Thank you very much.

    • Hi I think your employment certificate will do. I just can’t guarantee that you will get approve but just pray for it. as long as you have the necessary documents you will be fine. 🙂

  • Hi! Ask ko lang sana, i have my visa already and im travelling alone kse ung kasama ko dapat na deny my flight is on the 20th of this month na, sunday nextweek, i already have my plane ticket and i got only 5days 4 nights accomodation in a hotel in nagoya, i will be seeing an old friend from there and she said that she will find a cheap accomodation in a hotel in tokyo sasamahan nya ko kaya d nko nagpabook pa, do u think magkakaproblem ako sa immigration? Il be staying 14days but my accomodation is just for 5days?thanks so much hope to hear from you.

  • hi sis, what if may boyfriend is my guarantor he will pay all from airfare to accomodations and expenses, im a student in college still dependent sa parents, no bank statements or itr’s to show in my part since im still studying but i can def submit my proof of enrollment and leave of absence from my university. okay lang ba na bank statement ng bf ko ipakita? kasi siya naman magfund lahat lahat, pero syempre ill bring pocket money. or do i need to show bankstatement in my part kahit sa parents? pero di naman gagastos parents ko-___-

    • Hi Justine, is your boyfriend a Japanese? Will he travel with you? Or are you traveling alone? I have difficulty answering your question coz I can’t guarantee that if you will apply, you’ll get approved. But it’s better you ask advice from the travel agency. They know well.


    • Hi Jenny, better ask the travel agency who will process your visa. They know what to say and they will give you tips coz they will also ask other documents that you might have. But you can ask Certificate of Employment from the company you’re working for.

  • Hi! How does the letter of explanation should look like? May format ba? Pahelp please. Bago lang din kase ako sa work and wala pa ITR. Thanks!

  • Hi! i just want to ask anu ba ung mga additional requirements na i can submit para mas mataas ang chances of getting the visa approved? kase diba they want requirements na mag show un social ties with the philippines? i saw someone commented above na may condo sya, car, i don’t have my own property since im living with my parents and im only a fresh graduate, i have a job right now ,. is it recommendable na u include letters stating why u want to visit japan? i really want to visit because of fondness in anime and manga, ofc the culture too. i’m sorry this is quite long..

  • Hi Roxanne thanks for the information.. ask kO lang kc kakaopen kO lng account kO last month then I’m planning to go to Japan next month February.. ok lng ba kahit 1 month lang bank account kO? trinansfer kO kc dun yung nasa payroll account kO.. may nabasa ako kc na atleast 6months daw ung bank account mo..
    then another question is nagkakaproblema kc ako makakuha ng ITR kc andaming nirerequire ung HR nmin. feeling kO eh indi n hahabol.. though may CoE naman ako, may alam k p bang alternative na documents? thank you

  • Hello,

    Can a car registration be used as a supporting document? Will multiple bank certificates increase chance for approval?

    I’ll be traveling with friends who are US citizens so I’ll be the only one needing to apply for a visa. I’m an otaku as well so you know the desire to go there… 🙂

  • Hello! Kamusta? Ang dami kong searches and lucky I found your blog!!! I have a concern po. My boyfriend and I are planning to visit Japan for 2weeks on February2016. My problem is wala akong itr, certificates of employment pero meron akong bank acct which shows na nagkaroon ako ng big money kaso na withdraw ko na lahat last year. Ano kayang pwedeng substitute docs ang iprovide ko sis? Para mapatunayan na babalik ako sa Pinas? Pwede kaya yung nurse license ko? Letter from my bf na sya ang mag shoulder sa lahat ng gastos while we are there? Letter from my parents na babalik ako dito? O gagawa din ako ng letter of explanation? Nakapag travel na ko sa Vietnam and Bali sis ok din ba un? And kay bf ano dapat nyang iprovide? Bank, itr certs tska letter? I hope you can help mo po sis.. I will wait po sa response nyo. Thank you. Have a good day….

    • Hi Goldy! Best is to ask the travel agency who will help prepare your visa. Based on what you said that you dont have anything to show, your boyfriend will shoulder everything so he needs to provide some documents. Again, ask the travel agency, they know best. Thanks.

  • Hi Rox,

    I just have a question. I’ll be applying a Japan Tourist Visa this February. I heard ITR is needed. Unfortunately I am jobless since November last year. Should I still submit my ITR for 2015? And is it possible to get a visa if you’re jobless?


    • Hi Elaine, it’s not 100% sure that your visa will get approved. Even the agency will say the same thing so all you need is prayers. You can ask advice from the travel agency and they will suggest which documents you are allowed to submit. 🙂 Ask the agency if your ITR for 2015 is okay.

  • Hi Ms. Rox,
    May chance po b maapprove yung japan visa ko, kahit 30k lng yung laman ng bank cert ko? Napasa ko n yung requirements noong tuesday and waiting nlng po ako s result. Complete req. po ako including plane ticket, hotel accomodations, itr, cert. Of employment with approve leave. schedule of stay. Etc. May HK stamp and S.Korean visa ako last year. Nagwoworry lng talaga ako s Bank cert. 😔

  • Hi Ms. Rox,
    Thank u for ur reply. Naapprove po yung Visa ko. 😊 Ang bilis din po release nya. Nagpasa po ako ng Jan. 12 nagtext po si reli tours ng Jan 15 n available for pick up po yung passport ko. 😊☺️😀. Thank you! 🤗👍

  • Hi! What if kaka open lang ng account ko? Madedetect ba yun ng embassy? Nag open kase ako for bank certificate talaga.. Anu po ba pwede nyo ma advise sakin? Salamat po

      • Anu po bang rules when it comes sa bank certificate? Need po ba na may record ng transaction for past months?or pwede na lagyan ng money ng one time lang? Thanks po

    • Hello, bank certs usually show the total balance + average daily balance of your account for the past 6 months. If you want your bank history to look credible, I suggest i-establish mo muna yung account mo, and maintain a sufficient amount for a long time.

    • Hi Eiv, I just mentioned on my letter about my intention of going to Japan which is for vacation/holiday purposes and how interested I am with the culture of Japan. I am one of the volunteers of non-profit organizations so I asked for Certification that I am affiliated and I still have reasons to come back to Philippines.

  • Hi i would just like to ask, kakaopen ko lang dib nang bank account ko this month and im planning to visit japan this march2016 ok lang po ba yun?

    • Okay lang if kakaopen mo lang ng account. Ganyan din ginawa ko. 6months kasi required ng MB para makakuha ng certificate so nag-open ako sa BPI. Inform mo lang ang teller na for japan tourist visa yung purpose ng certificate. 🙂

  • Hi, tanong ko lang po kung pwedeng pag pinrint yung Visa Application form, i-photoshop nalang yung picture, kesa i-paste? tsaka nung nag ease po ng Visa ang Japan, sakop po ba yung Visiting Relatives? Yung mga nababasa ko po kasi multiple-entry visa at tourism via travel agencies lang, di informative yung mga articles, ty po.

  • Great article! Ask lang ako Ms Rox, kasi i already been to Japan last september 2015 and employed pa ako that time. Then i decided to quit nung October. Do i still need to submit an ITR though recently lang ako nakapunta ng japan? I still have a copy of my 2014 ITR. Thank you and God bless..

  • hello po, ask ko lang. my bf is in Japan dun po siya nagwowork, ako po here sa PH and ggraduate na sa October 2016. we are plannin na magpunta po ako sa JP sa December. since wala pa po akong itr non, magpapasa nalang po ako ng explanation letter why po ako pupunta sa japan, ganun po ba? and yung bank certificate na meron akong ipon. what if yung bf ko po magshoulder ng expenses ko don or lets say na hati po kami? thank you po 🙂

    • Hi Khayesha,

      Yes, you need to submit a letter of explanation and include your bank certificate. Your bf needs to submit documents that he has the capacity to shoulder the expenses when you’re in Japan.

  • Hi Rox! Your article is super helpful! Wondering if I could get your opinion on this: my boyfriend and I are planning to go to Japan this coming March, he was previously in Japan last Dec 2015 with his family and applied as “visit relatives” since he has cousins there. Now were contemplating if he could apply this time as a tourist since he could provide the necessary documents naman 🙂 Or better ba if he applies as visit relatives again?

  • hI gud pm,,ask q lang panu kung walang lTR?new pa lang kc businees q…anu pwde reason for japan embassy?gus2 q sna magtourist sa japan..thank you and god bless…

  • Practical commentary , I was enlightened by the analysis . Does anyone know where I could possibly find a sample Hyatt Credit Card Authorization Form copy to work with ?

  • Hi Ms. Rox,

    Me and my fiancee are planning to go in Japan after our wedding. My fiancee is a seaman but wala syang ITR kasi wala siyang income tax sa agency nila. He can provide the documents that you wrote above except the ITR. Yong passport nya marami na ring visa stamp. Is it possible na maaprove pa rin sya even he doesn’t have an ITR?

  • hi rox,
    my family and is planning to spend a 5day vacation in Japan this coming summer…first time traveler ako and even my 2 younger brothers…problema lng tlga sa akin wala akong ITR…kc same as you, im into volunteering activities and a freelance ESL teacher…its been 3 years na un ang sidejob ko…i asked the agency kung ok lng na walang ITR,pero sbi sa akin kelangan tlga ng letter of explanation..sana share mo sa akin how you did yours and ano ba tlga dpat ilagay..pra maapproved prin ang visa..i really do hope you could help me sis..thank you so much…

        • Hi Kieshamo,

          Thanks for the visit. It depends where you are. Meron naman kasing list of approved travel agencies sa site nang Japan Embassy. For me, I used Friendship Manila. Check out the helpful links on the article. 🙂

  • Hi miss rox,kung maglalagay kmi ng pera ng 100k zero balance kc account ng asawa ko makakuha agad ba kme ng bank certificate pra mkpag tourist kmi ng kpatid ko ,ska kahit walang itr

  • Hi rox, we have submitted our documents at reli we are travel buddy heres our profile, i have been to japan once but my friend is first to travel abroad.

    Our bank account is joint account with 138k. We will stay for 12 days in japan. We are govt employees, with itr, coe, travel order,. What do you think is our chance?

  • Great article here. Really helpful 🙂 Friendship is the agency. Please don’t download the form. Better to use the form provided by the agency. They have signs/indicators on the top right of the form which I believe a special privilege.

  • Hi Rox what about ITR exemption from bir ok kya yon…I’m not involved of any nonprofit org.snd I plan to apply for a tourist visa…pls.reply…

    • Hi Mae,

      I have no idea with ITR exemption. It is best to ask advice from the travel agency coz they can ask you what documents do you have in order to support of getting a visa.

  • Hi, this is a good read. How about the weather? Is Spring in Tokyo manageable? No need to bring cardigans? I read somewhere that uts gets chilly at night. Thanks.

    • Hi Aidelenn,

      I’ve been to Japan after Spring going Summer and during the Autumn Season. For the cold weather, I brought a lot of long sleeves for layering. Mine was 4-5 layers.

    • Nica,

      I dont have ITR but I have bank certificate and certification being involved in a non-profit organization. Try to submit bank certificate as long as you have money to support your Japan trip.

  • Hello po Ms. Rox,
    Plano ko po ksing pumunta sa Japan nxt year since dun nagwowork ung bf q for 3yrs lng po.. pero iaapply q is plain tourist, wala din po aqng itr but working and kaoopen q lang po ng account q.. for less than a week po sana of stay
    Panu po pag sasagutin nea expenses q and planning dun din magstay sa place nea???
    pnu po ung dun sa itinerary?

    nakasearch po aq ng napakarami peo luckily nahanap q po tung sa inyo..
    Thank you po in advance Ms. Rox.

  • Hi Rox i’m still 18 and I’m still a student. Do I still need to show a bank certificate and ITR? Thanks 🙂

    • Viv,

      Who will support your trip? If it’s your parents, they need to show a bank certificate and ITR, also you need to write an explanation letter that your parents will provide the trip. Do not forget to show your study load and maybe a copy of your school ID. any proof that you are still a student.

      • Waiting kme sa release ng visa apply namin sa reli tours magkakaproblema ba kame if ang nilagay namin sa current profession ng daughter ko ay student?talaga naman kse magaaral siya pagbalik niya galing japan if ever magrant ang visa niya baka hingian kme ng ibang documents sa school eh nagskip siya ng isang sem this year?pls reply tnx

  • Hi! I’m wondering you can can send me a sample of a letter of explanation as to why I don’t have an ITR. I just want to see how the letter should look like, the format of the letter, and the general contents. My email is 🙂 I have no idea as to how to start the letter and what I should put, like if I have to add the address of the embassy and such. I’ve been trying to search for a sample of the internet but it was unfruitful. Thanks for the help! 🙂

  • Hi Rox!

    Been reading through your blog post and it’s really informative. But I have a problem, hope to hear your advice on this one.

    My mother, and relatives are planning to go to Japan this June 9.

    I have a COE and Affidavit of Leave from my current employer but I have a problem with my ITR. We switched to a different accounting firm a year ago, and the old accounting firm is the only one who still has a copy of my ITR since I requested a copy from my boss and apparently she lost my ITR file. My boss contacted the previous accountant and we’re still waiting for the file. We’ll be applying for a visa this Friday already

    My question is: would it be enough if I only submit my COE, Affidavit of Leave and a letter of explanation stating my dilemma with my company?

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  • Hi po ma’am Rox 🙂 affidavit of support and ITR & bank certificate of parent/s are needed if sponsored by parents.. but i just learned na walang ITR if OFW..ask lang po ako if you have any idea na pang alternative sa ITR? thank you po and also for the tips you posted esp. the explanation letter 🙂

    • Hi Annie Murphy,

      Make sure you have a lot of money in your bank account. Ask advice from the accredited travel agency and maybe they will ask you other possible documents. Thanks.

  • Hi po what if ang husband q po nsa japan na madedetect b. Nila pero aq nman po ang mag shoulder ng expenses q

    • You can still go there as a tourist without mentioning you have a relative or husband as long as you meet the requirements. I have a cousin in Japan and it doesn’t matter Coz I applied As tourist without sponsor. 😊

  • hi, i would like to know how did you get stock certificate? How many days po yun process? My broaker is COL Financial. Is it the same thing as “Upliftment of Stock Cert”

    Thank you

    • Hi! I asked from the customer support where to request cert of stock investment. They guided me and there is a form that needed to be downloaded, print, fill up and send the form to them.

  • Hi ms rox pwede ba ko mg travel sa japan wala me itr ang work ko brgy councilor pero asawa ki me itr

  • Hi. ask ko lang po kung may idea kayo kung anong dapat kong gawin o isubstitute na document sa ITR. wala po kasi akong trabaho, pero may bank account po ako. nakapagpa-book na rin ako ng trip to osaka at hotel reservation, ITR lang po talaga ang pinoproblema ko. Hope you can advise me on what to do. thank you.

    • Hi Jeanette, ask advice from the travel agency. Also as long as you have much money on your bank account, meaning you can afford to travel. Do you have documents for owning a house and lot or a vehicle? Also show it.

  • Hello guys sobra ngaun ang tensyon ko pinasok namin sa reli tours megamall ang applucation ng mother ko at daughter ko nung may26 kaso ang nilagay namin sa current profession or occulation niya ay “Students”actually hindi pa siya nakakapagenroll at nagskip siya ng 1sem this year kinakabahan ako baka hingian kme ng iba pang docements about sa school?😭

  • Hi, I see there you included your credit card soa. i have bpi cc, isasama pa ba yung page na may transactions, or yung page 1 lang (customer and card info). I’m planing to include it on my second application kase 🙂 Thank you

  • Hi Ms. Roxanne! My bf is planning to fly me out to Japan in a few months. I asked him if he can be my guarantor since I can’t provide an ITR as I am a freelancer. My previous ITR was from 3 years ago. he agreed to be my sponsor but he freaked out when I told him about the requirements that he has to mail me ( e.g w-2 form ) he doesn’t want to send it to me because he’s afraid that it will fall into wrong hands because his ss# is stated on his w2 form. So I decided to apply for a tourist visa without asking help from him but like I mentioned earlier, I don’t have an ITR. What if I will provide an explanation letter stating that I’m only visiting him for a week or two and I am a freelancer, do you think I have a chance to get my visa approved? Tnx

    • Hi Cielo! I have a relative in Japan but I never mentioned that I will be visiting them. I applied as a tourist will all the requirements submitted. What is important is you have the money to show that you can afford to travel. How much money do you have? Write on your letter of explanation that you will visit Japan for leisure. Also best to ask advice from the travel agency, they know best.

      • Hi thanks for the reply! I only have 60k but I’m still saving money since I’m planning to stay there for 2 weeks. Isa pang problema ko, he is paying for the accommodation. Eh since kelangan ko mag pass ng daily schedule, ilalagay ko dun san ako magsstay. Probably sa Base hotel. Eh diba titignan ng consul ng Japan kung afford ko mag travel. Should I mention it to the explanation letter na bf ko mag shoulder ng hotel? Or best na wag na? Nag message ako sa friendship tours wala pang reply

  • Hello! Nice article 🙂 I have a quick question. Me and my boyfriend are planning to visit Japan early next year. I have a bank statement, but I haven’t used it in a while. I worked overseas for couple of years, currently unemployed, and unfortunately all my savings went down the drain. Essentially my boyfriend will fund the expenses on the trip. I checked the Japan Visa Section that you referred, but I couldn’t find the information I needed. Do you have any idea if an accredited Japan Visa Agency accepts Bank Statement of my company/boyfriend as a proof that he will support me financially in the whole trip? Or do they need any other requirements?

    Oh, and 2nd question. I will still be unemployed by the time I will apply for the Japan VISA, which means I can’t provide an ITR. Do you know any pre-requisites to that?

    Sorry, seemed not a quick question after all hehe. A response form you will be much appreciated 🙂

    • Hi,

      Your boyfriend will need to show his bank statements and bank certificates, certificate of employment and other investments perhaps that he can afford to fund your travels for the both of you. Any accredited travel agencies will can surely assist you and they may need to ask other documents that only them they can tell and you need to provide. 😊

  • hi rox natry mo na ba magapply for korean visa? i read you are a freelancer as well? do they accept letter of explanation if one cannot submit a certificate employment . I’m exempted to submit itr since i have a bdo titanium but i dont have u think i have a chance to get a visa?

    • Hi, will apply Korean visa next year since I’ll go there during the winter hopefully. I still have no idea on how to get it but since I’ve been to Japan which is a OECD country I hope I can be granted a visa.

  • hi mam panu po pag di nakaperm ung garantor at ung nag invite sken sa japan..gni2 po kc kc un complete na lahat ng papers ku ipapasa ku nlng kaso wlang perma ung letter of garantor ku.. ang ask ku po kung pwede ku po bang ipasa un sa agency khit wlang pirma? asap!!!

  • Hi! I have a few questions!
    1. I will be applying for my jap visa this year. I will be using my mom’s extra bank account. She has P150k. I’ll also use her itr. The coe is my own. I am a part time teacher. I have around P60k on mine. What do I use?
    2.Planning a 15 day trip to fukuoka and hiroshima only. What do you think are my chances of having my visa approved? 🙁
    3. Is travelling alone a factor? Do they ask if I will be travelling alone? I will be travelling with a friend. My friend has a multiple entry visa already so i will be applying my visa by myself.
    4. I have my own itr as well. Would it help if i submit those too?
    5. Also, i work part time at two different jobs. Still both as a teacher. Should i submit two coe(s)?
    Thank you so much for this helpful blog! 🙂

    • Hi,

      Use your own bank account – if you can borrow your mom’s money transfer or borrow and put it under your account. Return it after you got the bank certificate. It’s good that you have two clients so you can also show that you have jobs in the Philippines, show your ITR as well.

  • Hi. My whole family is planning to go to Japan for tour in just 6 days and it’s our first time to apply for tourist visa. I’m the only one who has a problem regarding documents. I am 21 years old, employed for the first time without ITR. I only have around 40k on my bank account and my parents agreed that they’ll shoulder the expenses. I’m confused what to submit. Please help. Thanks.

    • Hi,

      You are traveling with your family and your parents will shoulder your expenses so it’s not a problem as they will be the one who will submit all the requirements. So I am sure you can go to Japan with your family. 😀

  • Hi Roxy,

    Your blog is really helpful. One question though—what type of ITR is needed? Does it have to be Annual ITR? Or Quarterly ITR should be good? Please advise. Thanks in advance.


    • Hi Tristan,

      I think it’s your LATEST income tax return. Just go to BIR and you might add for traveling. I think they will provide you that as long as you’re paying your taxes, BIR can provide that.

      • Wow Roxy that is really quick! Thank you so much.

        Well, I have been a freelance graphic designer for 6 years now. I do have my TIN but unfortunately, I don’t pay regularly. So technically speaking, I dont have an ITR. BUT I am planning to submit my Quarterly ITR so just to have one when I apply for my Visa on January. FYI, I planning to travel on the mid of March.

        You think that will work?

  • Hi. May question lang po ako. Pwede po bang magapply ng japn visa as group? Pero kaming dalawa lang po ng sister ko. Pero yung isa pa po naming sister yung magsshoulder ng lahat ng expenses. Ang problema po namin is yung ITR since and needed is photocopy and original. As we all know isa lang po yung original nun. So possible po ba if group visa na isang original na copy ng itr nalang po at isang photocopy since parehas naman po kami ng guarantor which is my sister. Okay lang po kaya yun? Thank you.

  • Hi. My sister and I are planning to visit Japan for my birthday this coming December. We cannot give an income tax return since my mom (who is in the US) will shoulder the expenses. I am currently not working and on school leave. Would that be a problem? I still have my school ID pero since I am on leave, wala akong reg form. My sister on the other hand is good naman since she is currently enrolled.

    • Hi Natalie, your mom has to show or submit requirements that she can shoulder your expenses in Japan. Ask the accredited travel agency and they can give you the best advice. 🙂

  • Hi miss Roxanne! Plano ko pong kumuha ng visa sa october with my 5yr old daughter. Yung husband ko technical intern sa japan. Ayoko syang bigyan ng obligation na mag ayos ng requirements na kakailanganin namin for visa na ipapalabas namin na ininvite nya kami. I don’t know if he has the right to invite us kasi intern lang sya. Wala akong itr pero meron akong bank certificate. Yung daughter ko nag aaral dito. Gusto ko sabihin sa letter yung lahat ng katotohan pero ang kinakatakot ko lang baka marami silang hingin na requirements galing sa asawa ko na hindi nya kayang iprovide. What should I do?

    • Hi Margaux, I don’t have the correct answers to your questions. Hmm I think the accredited travel agency has the best answer and advice po. 🙂

  • Hello Ms. Roxanne!
    Eto po yung situation ko… Nagpasa na po ako ng requirements kahapon sa Reli Tours. I applied for a tourist visa. Kumpleto ko lahat ng documents except for the ITR since fresh grad ako. I substituted it with a letter of explanation. Yung guarantor ko po ay nasa ibang bansa pero magmmeet kami sa Japan. Ito yung grad gift nya sa akin. She’s my sister-in-law. Nagpasa din ako ng docs na pinadala nya sa akin days ago, with signatures and all. Tingin nyo po malaki yung chance na ma approve ako? I hope you reply soon… Kinakabahan ako and that 5-7 working days just thinking if my visa will get approve is killing me ><

    • Hi! I hope your visa will get approved. You’re a fresh graduate, maybe the embassy will think you’ll go there for work to think you have sister in law working there. They will look for something that you have the strong reason to go back to the Philippines like work, family, and some assets you have in the Philippines. But then all we need is prayers to be granted for a visa.

      With mine, I indicated that I am involved in a non profit organization. I declared I have no job but just traveling so it was enough for them to grant me a tourist visa.

      Please give me an update how is it going, thanks.


  • Hello Ms. Rox!

    I just want to ask po. Kase I’m a former bank employee for almost 10 years. But now I’m working as a preschool teacher for almost 2 years. But it’s a part-time. My schedule is from 9am-2pm. Basically I have no ITR now since it’s part-time but I do have my old ITR which I requested from my previous bank employer. I have 2 credit cards under my name. I have a bank account amounting to 220K+. Do I still need to submit a letter of explaination to the Embassy. I was planning to go to Japan next year Mar 31-Apr 6 with my friend. We have booked a free cancellation accommodation both in Tokyo & Osaka where we plan to visit. Actually we’re planning to visit Tokyo-Osaka-Kyoto in time for Sakura. Please help me with this dilemma. Please reply thank you!


    • Hi Jihanna, please submit letter of explanation and with the amount of money in your bank account, they will not question you it means you can afford the trip. <3

      • Ok Ma’am I will do that po thank you! I have also read your letter of explanation so I think I will have an idea how to write my own explanation. I will also inform you if I’ll be submitting my requirements on the 1st week of Feb 2017. I decided to choose RELI since I’m near megamall. Thank you again for the immediate reply!

        I hope we will get approved. Before when I was still in the bank I applied for a Korean Visa Thank God it was approved. Just this year my UAE Visa was also approved Thank God again. So I do really hope the Japan Visa will be approve. I REALLY LOVE JAPAN Ma’am☺

          • I hope your “Angel Tonque” will be a blessing to me Ma’am! Thank you for the encouragement & your very informative blog. More power to you Ma’am Rox! Surely I will update you on what will happen with me & Crissey (Japan Visa Application) soon. God Bless po!

  • Hi Rox, I have just subnmitted my visa application this morning. My requirements are complete and I have traveled to some Asian countries (w/o visa) already. My only prob, and the agency brought it to my attention, is the money I have in my bank account. I got only 4 digits and that made me so nervous.

    Would you know of the same case that the visa was granted?

    Appreciate much,

    • Hi Vine,

      Are you serious with the 4-digit amount in your bank account? Coz you need to have at least 50k.



  • It is serious dear, I didn’t give much attention to what’s inside my bank account. I already have my tickets and hotels. Though I forgot to attach them in my docs earlier 🙁 I have funds for my travelling but will receive before oct 1 which is my flight date.

  • Hello Ms. Rox,
    I just wanna seek help regarding my application for tourist visa in Japan. I just opened a bank account a day before I submit my application under my name for 50k although I have a payrol account di ko ginamit I am a government employee na di malaki ang monthly salary. Kasama ko mga friends ko pero nauna sila nag apply ng isang araw. I submit everything ITR, COE, marrige cert and birth cert both updated 2016, passport with history of travel last february in US (i already have my multiple entry for ten years), been travel to HK last June. My friend submit their application last september 15, while me is on the next day which is is september 16. Jaoan is holiday last september 19, so they received tetx message from travel agency last thursday so pumunta kami yesterday to claim and follw up for my application. Unfortunately wala pa ung result ng sa akin. I just wanna know if have you heard case like this. Why is it my application still dont have result while they already had. Im so nervous it might be denied.

    Thank you hope you hear feom you soon.

      • Yeah ms.roxy I dont have nothing to so just to wait wether it is denied or approved. I just worried why it took so long, does it a sign that I might be denied? Actually We also have four friends that submit the sane date with me. That is why I am so worried. All of them got already their passpost with approved three months validation. Its been six days na and until today wala pa rin daw result. Do you heard case like this? I might be denied thats why it took so long to have the result. And if ever, have you heard that long waiting come up with an approved visa? Hope to hear from you again soon. And thank you so much 💋

        • Hi Momsy,

          The second time I applied Japan visa took up more than a week because they asked me to submit another document but I got approved after although I wasn’t granted for a multiple entry visa. Single entry lang.

  • hi rox wala kung ITR..trabaho ko dito sa philippines is freelancer..gusto ko lang magtourist pa japan takot ako baka ma deny kasi wala akong itr

  • hi rox .im employed since feb 2016 so i cannot submit an itr. I want to go to both tokyo and osaka on november for a total of 13 days. my new passport has a thailand stamp, old passport has a stamp from sg, indonesia and malaysia . i can submit a certificate of employment but not an itr. can i submit a letter of explanation in replacement for itr? i can submit credit card statement, bank statement/certificate (6 figures in php), my purpose of travel is to watch a korean idol group so i can submit a concert ticket too. i can also book flights but I’m scared ill get denied. would it help if i submit a departure and return airline ticket?and can you give me a sample copy of ur explanation letter ,and daily schedule in japan just for reference. thank you very much.

  • I have concern about itr. I cant give them kasi wala po ako naka pa deduct nang tax ko pero binigyan ako mang certification and coe and leave form nang company ko. Do u think i have chance to approve my visa??

  • hello ms roxanne, joint account po kc un gamit ko nag pass na po kami ng application sa agency pero they advised me to add some more money in my bank, upon checking po medyo mahirap un suddenly naglalagay ng money days before applying for the visa, nag depo na po ako ulit and i might add some more pa later im just afraid na baka po makita nila na unusual activity un? parang padadaanin ko lang po a few days then request po ulit ng bank cert wah, paranoid na po ako ummmm 10 days po kami sana ok lang po kaya un? pa-advise naman po, our trip is last week po ng november and i am planning to re submit my bank cert next week

  • Hi Good day!

    May question lang po, is it possible to apply for a tourist visa as a family member? 2-3 members? I’m planning po kasi to visit Osaka next year 2017 for 7 days with my family sana. (Mom, Dad and sister) but they don’t have an ITR. possible po kaya yun? I can present naman po my ITR, COE and bank account (120,000) and land title named to me as a proof na we have ties to go back after 7 days. Kating kati na kasi ko magbook ng ticket pero nag aalangan pa ko kasi baka madeny. 🙁 please help what to do. Thank you, your reply is highly appreciated.

      • Even though your mom has 30k it’s not enough. If your dad has a car still not enough Coz as an individual at least they can afford themselves for the trip.

      • If you go there alone, there is a chance na Ikaw ang makakuha ng visa but for your parents and sister, Malabo yon.

        Unless you and your sister have enough money to show that you can pay all the expenses if ever your sister works and can submit the same requirements and bank cert same amount as yours.

    • Hello po! Ikaw ba ang mag bayad sa lahat? Kasi you have to show proof that you can pay all of them for the trip.

      If individual, your parents and sister have to show any proof of income. Let’s say they will pay for their individual trip. How much money do they have in their bank accounts?

      Individual should have at least 50K each sa bank account Nila.

      • Thank you po for answering. My sister is not working pa kasi and my parents is retired na. So if ever ako po sana magshoulder for them. pero is my savings not enough? hehe for 1 week stay. Tanong ko na din po if ever ilang months po validity ng single entry?

        • 120,000 for 3 extra people… No it’s not enough. Individual should have at least 50k cash. First time I applied I had 90k, the second time I applied I had 60k.

      • If si Dad lang po kaya ang ishoulder ko na I can pay for his trip, possible kaya maapprove? Then my mom can apply as an individual na lang pero she should need to add her savings. For my sister naman baka pwede po kaya yung brother ko na lang who also have same savings as mine ang mag proof to pay for her trip. Bucket list ko po kasi talaga makapagtrip kami as family to Osaka. 🙁 hays.. hanggang pangarap na lang ata talaga..

        • Your mom’s savings is not enough Kasi retired na sya unless Ikaw mismo mag shoulder sa trip or kayo magkakapatid as a gift. Kasi nga no source of income Yong parents mo. Meaning sa mga anak sila nag rerely if ever you want to bring your parents sa Japan.

          • Thank you so much po for your insight. It helped a lot. Buti na lang di ako nagpadalos dalos agad magpabook ng fare ticket. If ever baka ako na lang mag isa magtravel. 🙁 how sad.. (*bursting the bubble dreamland to travel with family to japan. hehe)

          • Pwede naman Yong parents mo madala mo sa Japan with the help of your brother if sya yon mag provide sa mom mo at Ikaw sa papa mo. Yong sister Lang Hindi mo madala. Unless either you or your brother can provide 2 people.

        • It is best din to ask advice from the travel agency. First Kasi tinitingnan Nila if you can afford for the trip. Sila Lang po ang nakakaalam.

          • Yun nga din po iniisip ko.. If ever sana tulong kami ni brother (joined force.. hehe) yung sa unemployed sister ko lang problem ko kung paano. ano ireason out ko bakit wala cia work.

          • Oo pwede naman but tig iisang tao Lang Kaya nyo ma provide for the trip. Yon Lang if isa sa inyo pwede mag shoulder for 2 people dun naman Kasi kayo ma question. Pero itry nyo, combined forces na kayo Nang brother mo ang mag shoulder for 3 people. Isulat mo sa letter of explanation. Hope it helps.

          • Ask the travel agency if pwede ma push. Update me if approve kayo lahat. Oh magkano pala ticket nyo?

          • Hello Kelly! I hope this would help. As per my friend who was recently approved with a multiple entry visa “2nd time na nya nagpunta sa Japan” eto daw ang usual recommended show money for a Japan Visa without guarantor sabi ng travel agent nya. Per applicant per application.

            5-7 days PHP 40,000 – PHP 60,000
            8-10 days PHP 70,000 – PHP 80,000
            11-15 days PHP 90,000 – PHP 100,000

            For applicants applying as a family if 2-4 members daw.

            5-7 days PHP 100,000 – PHP 120,000
            8-10 days PHP 120,000 – PHP 150,000
            11-15 days PHP 150,000 – PHP 200,000

            If you want to be safe on your application daw & hoping not to be denied. Much better to show financial stability with Average Daily Balance na ganyan daw ang amount.

            Lalo pa kung ang lakad daw is all-over Japan. Kunwari daw Tokyo-Osaka-Kyoto-Kobe.

  • Hello po ask ko lng kung mhrap kumuha ng tourist visa. Kse before ngpnta na po ako sa japan i got 15days tourist visa. Last 2014 pa po yon. So mg apply sna ako ulet now unemployed po ako now but my bank account nmn po ako na pwede ko deposit ng 100k and bali work ko now is trader ako sa stock market so mhhrapn po kaya ako sa mga requirements ko? Gusto ko lnh muna po kumuha ng visa kse yung mga counsins ko na ksma ko ngpnta sa japan nka kuha po sila ng 5yrs tourist visa ngbaba sakali po ako na mkakuha din ng Ganon ktagl. Thanks po

    • If trader ka sa stock market, please show any certificates that you have investments sa stock market. Thank you! I got my certificate sa COL Financial.

  • Hi,

    Just want to ask if you will still be eligible for multiple entry visa even if you don’t belong to any of the professions listed? I’m currently an academic supervisor for High School and it says in the requirements that you have to be a full time professor in a college or university to be eligible for application..

    Plus what if I just want to renew nalang my visa which expires on Jan 2017? I plan to visit Japan ulit sana with my friends in April again. Do I have to submit another bank statement? What if less than what i submitted before? thanks

    • Yes you need to submit everything, bring passport with old visa, no need for birth certificate. Ask nyo po sa agency ninyo. Kukuha din ako ng multiple entry visa Sana iapprove Nila. Will submit this Friday.

  • Hi Rox,

    Thank you for all the helpful posts.

    I’m also a homebased virtual assistant and have been working with my main employer for 14 months running. I do not have employee status with them and I haven’t done my own taxes (with the premise that my colleagues and I were supposed to have been regularized as employees early this year but the company has been putting it off due to cost cutting measures they recently had to implement). I don’t feel like a freelancer in the truest form of the word (since I am loyal to one client; I still do freelance with side projects but very rarely). On the Visa application form though, will I have to write “Freelancer” on the Occupation?

    Hope to hear back from you soon. Thanks. 🙂

    • Hi,

      Yes pwede freelancer. Pero ipakita mo din na you are employed by this company, hingi ka certification of employment.

  • Hi ms roxanne

    Wala din po akong ITR private clinic po kasi yung company na pinpapasukan ko. Bale po my savings account naman po ako ano po yung maiaadvise nyo na document sakin thanks po.

    • Ask ka po certificate of employment, leave of approval, Tapos malaking pera sa bank account na makapagpatunay you can afford to travel.

      • Thank you po. And last question po magttravel din po sa japan yung auntie ko gusto din po nya ako isama pwede po ba yun? Thank you Ms.roxanne 😊

          • I mean po just incase po sya po yung magsponsor samin gagastos po financial? Pwede po kaya yun? Thank you po

          • Yes if sya mag finance ng trip nyo kasama sya so she will submit requirements needed that she has the capability to finance you and her trip.

          • Para po makasama kame sa japan.sya na po kasi naging guardian namin. Treat nya na po saamin yun ms roxanne possible po kaya yun na si tita ko po yung maging sponsor? Thank you very much po.

  • Hi, i have a problem with coe and itr since kakaresign ko lang last aug2016 and i want to visit japan with my bf next yr (june2017) after ko manganak by january.. baka wala pa po ako work nun.. ive been to different places, hk,macau,and last may2016 sa korea.. i still have the requirments needed before kaya na approved visa ko sa korea. But now i dont have itr,coe and i only have 50k in my savings accnt..

    Is it okay na yung mag shoulder sakin is bf ko. May work sya, and has more money in his bank accnt. Possible kaya ma approved visa ko nun?

    Ano po kaya yung best thing to do.. bucketlist ko po kasi japan.. yearly naman kami nag ttravel ng bf ko and next yr plano namin japan..

    • Hi Reih,

      Yes let your boyfriend be the sponsor of your trip since magkasama kayo, Wala problema dun. Show mo na rin bank cert mo.

      • Hi rox, thanks for the quick reply.
        Bali po ang isusubmit ko na lang na papers ko ung mga birth cert, bann cert, pics,passport, travel history.. pag ang mag ssponsor sakin bf ko?

        Malaki po ba chance maaprove visa ko nun? Hindi po ba mahigpit japan sa pag issue ng visa?

        Thanks po 🙂

  • hi po ask ko lang po kasi yung tito ko plan to go to japan this dec. galing na po sya duon last march as tourist with non japanees gaurantor ung sis nia na australian cutizen nag gaurantor nia naapprove naman ngayon plan nia ulit bumalik without gaurantor. he is 54yrs old na so no job na pero meron sya bank amounting 300k matagal na un parang saving nia ung di nia masyadong nagagalaw do you think enaugh na un kahit wala na sya itr?di kasi maasikaso ung papers nung ate nia kasi asa australia sya nurse dun ang plan kasi sya na magaaply kasi meron naman sya bank certificate then dun na lang sila sa japan magkikita kita ng mga ate nia kasi mga us at australian citizen na sila.

    • Hi Kaye,

      I don’t have the correct answer for your questions. It is best to ask the accredited travel agency for advice. 😊


  • Hi,

    Thanks for your blog. May mga concerns lang po ako, kasi plan ko pumunta sa japan on feb, and nakapagpabook na din po ako nun, pero wala pa kong visa, i have all the requirements na din, coe, itr, bank account, ung problem ko po is joint account Po namen ng boyfriend ko yung gagamitin ko, ok lang po ba yun? Hindi na kaya hahanapan ng mga documents ung bf ko? Solo kc ko pupunta dun, d ko sya kasama kc nasa ibang bansa naman sya, maging problem kaya yun? Or wala ng pakelam ung embassy dun as long as okay naman yung amount ng joint account namen. Meron din nmn ako sarili account pero d sapat ung amount dun, eh this 3rd week of nov ko n balak mag apply, for tourist visa, tingin mo po need kong ipasa ung pera sa account ko? And also po, d pa kc ko nagbubook ng hotel, kc wala p nmn ako hawak na visa, ok lang ba ilagay sa application form na to be decided un? Btw, i’ll stay there for 9days and 8months.. and if i owned a car, mas ok po ba na ideclare ko yun, mag bigay din ng copy ng ownership document?.. thanks in advance for your answer.. 🙂

    • Hi Jasmine, yes you can submit documents that you own properties like. Submit all bank certificates from your savings and joint accounts. Ask advice from the travel agency, I went to Friendship Tours.

      • Thanks po.. is 100k enough na sa joint account, and no need n ung isa kong account, less than 50k lng kc un eh,, at d n po b hahanapan ng document ung kajoint account ko?

        • show the joint account and your other account para alam nila na marami kang bank account. hehe please submit BANK CERTIFICATE, alam na rin ng bank yan if your purpose is for Japan visa. Let them know. Thanks.

  • Hi!

    Thanks for your blog. May mga concerns lang po ako, kasi plan ko pumunta sa japan on feb, and nakapagpabook na din po ako nun, pero wala pa kong visa, i have all the requirements na din, coe, itr, bank account, ung problem ko po is joint account Po namen ng boyfriend ko yung gagamitin ko, ok lang po ba yun? Hindi na kaya hahanapan ng mga documents ung bf ko? Solo kc ko pupunta dun, d ko sya kasama kc nasa ibang bansa naman sya, maging problem kaya yun? Or wala ng pakelam ung embassy dun as long as okay naman yung amount ng joint account namen. Meron din nmn ako sarili account pero d sapat ung amount dun, eh this 3rd week of nov ko n balak mag apply, for tourist visa, tingin mo po need kong ipasa ung pera sa account ko? And also po, d pa kc ko nagbubook ng hotel, kc wala p nmn ako hawak na visa, ok lang ba ilagay sa application form na to be decided un? Btw, i’ll stay there for 9days and 8months.. and if i owned a car, mas ok po ba na ideclare ko yun, mag bigay din ng copy ng ownership document?.. thanks in advance for your answer.. 🙂

  • Hi Roxanne! 😊 Tanong ko lang kasi mag apply ako ng VISA sinama ako ng mama ng boyfriend ko actually magkapitbahay lang kami kaso wala akong ITR. Unemployed ako, kagragraduate ko lang kasi ngayong May 2016 since mahirap maghanap ng trabaho kaya unemployed pa din ako.. Pero mayroon akong provided na Bank Certification na nakapangalan sakin. Ano kaya masusuggest mo? Thank you!

    • Hi Jheri, let your boyfriend’s mom be your sponsor so she needs to submit requirements that she can afford your trip or your boyfriend submit requirements that he will pay for everything. 🙂

  • I am already in the process of submitting my lacking requirements and I really want to make sure that eveything will be going smoothly, hence my browsing of blogs in the internet and I’m happy to happen on yours! So I gotta ask, I applied for a Visit-Relative visa in Japan for the first time (first time to go abroad as well) because I plan to visit my Permanent Resident sister for more than a decade (because she married a japanese 10 yrs ago) and a friend of hers(I’m assuming her new boyfriend since she no longer stays with her husband for years now) is my guarantor. I have already obtained all their documents and all I have to submit now is an Affidavit of some sort about proving my relationship with my sister (this is due to the middle name of my father spelt wrong on my NSO. My sister’s NSO got it spelled right). This is what worries me– I initially put “90 days” in my stay. Considering that I am a first-timer (in Japan and abroad), with my sister as my inviter and her friend a guarantor, is there a chance that my application will be denied? Should I lessen my stay to 30 or 15 days instead? Please I need some sort of advise about this ASAP. Thanks!

    • Hi Pearl,

      I have no idea about staying for 90 days. I think it is best to ask advice from the accredited travel agency, mine was Friendship Tours.

      For first timer in Japan, Japan embassy will issue you 15 days Single Entry.

  • Hello. Ask ko lang po gusto ko po kasi bakasyon sa japan. To visit na din po mama ko sa japan nasa chiba po sya. Paano makakuha ng visa po? Kung guarantor ko mama ko magkano po sa tingin nyo ang need nya para maapproved ako. Thank you.

    • Hi Gelie,

      Yes, Yong mama mo ang guarantor. Sa website ng Japan embassy Meron dun requirements for getting a visa with guarantor.

  • Good day Ms. Roxanne. 🙂 My fiance and I have read your blog about japan visa and we just want to seek some advice from you. Hope you dont mind.I have never been overseas. He will be the one to sponsor our planned trip to Japan. I only work in our family’s bridal gown shop as a store assistant. Our annual income is only 400k. I get paid depending on how good the business is going on a monthly basis. It’s not a big business, no formality in terms of salary. Usually my mother just hands me my allowance which she considers my payment for working for her.I don’t have company ID nor pay taxes for this.

    Is it advisable for me to write Store Assistant in family business as my current occupation? (with DTI permit and ITR of business) Kasi po I’m worried they wont acknowledge it as occupation kasi it’s only a small family business.

    Or should i say that Im unemployed and attach an “Explanation of Unemployment letter” along with our business’ DTI andITR to explain the reason I dont have a “real” job is because im helping out my mother in her business.

    * Another conflict is I cannot indicate how much my monthly salary is, because it depends on how good the business is going. Technically, my employer who will be writing the occupation explanation letter will be my mother, who owns the business.

    Do we have to follow the itinerary submitted in our visa application for our trip> (if visa granted) Say i request for a 7 day stay in Japan in my application but we’ll be staying for 14 days? Thank you.

    I am confused whether to write unemployed or store assistant-family business, on the application. Sorry for a lengthy inquiry. Sinulit ko lang po. Salamat po ulit!

    Thank you for your time reading my inquiry. Hope to hear from you

    • Hi Jessy,

      Your boyfriend will sponsor your trip so he will submit requirements that he can afford the trip.

      Since you have a family business, it’s also a good thing since you can just also submit documents that you are working on your family’s business. You’ll be fine.

      No problem if you indicate 14 days. I indicated 13 days before and the total amount of my bank certificates was 90K pesos.

      You’ll be fine. 🙂

      • Thank you so much po ms. Roxanne. So I should write store assistant in my occupation and attach aexplanation of occupation letter or should i write unemployed? Last na po. Hehe. Nalito lang po talaga ako eh. Thank you po.

        • You can attach an explanation letter that your family owns a business and you are one of the people who manages it. To make sure, also submit business permits and DTI of your family business.

          • Thanks Ms. Roxanne. I will follow your advice on writing store assistant as my occupation. I’ll have my mom signatory to the explanation letter and have her also explained that she just gives me allowance from this voluntary work. Thank you for advising me on this matter. Pwede naman pong photocopy na lang ng DTI and ITR po ano? Baka po kasi hindi maisoli yun DTI permit? Salamat po talaga.

          • Please bring your original DTI and business permit with you and photocopy it so that your travel agency can see that you have the original. 😊

          • Ms. Roxanne, last na po talaga. 🙂 Do yo have any idea where Affidavit of support should be authenticated? I know po we won’t be needing this for the application and this is to be presented to the immigration officer only if Im granted a visa. My fiance will be writing Affidavit of support kasi and he’s wondering where to have it authenticated. Here or in australia? Can he go to notary publics in australia or it should be done at the Philippine Honorary Consulate General in his current location? sorry po ang dami kong tanong, para po isahan nalang. 🙂 salamat po.

  • Hi Rox, just wondering if Japan embassy does background check for tourist visa application. Currently completing my documents, already approved na yung leave ko. Do you think they would call my office? Im worried kasi my immediate supervisor is not very accommodating with non-company related inquiries over the phone. Since she’s the signatory to my COE at LOA, baka sya ang hanapin ng embassy sa office and she’s not very nice. This is an unusual question but I’m hoping you have an idea. Thank you. 🙂

  • Thank you. Haha! Kabado kasi ako na they will call the office kasi nga medyo may toyo yung boss ko at masungit kausap. Baka ma badtrip yung embassy sa kanya. Do you know any cases ng applicant na tinawagan yun office nila? Haha! Thank you.

    • Hi Althea,

      No idea. Never naman nag call ang embassy sa organization na sinalihan ko. Yong Korea lang nag babackground check i guess.

  • Hi Ms. Rox, just wondering if I can seek your advice regarding my case. I’m planning to apply for japan tourist visa with my boyfriend as my sponsor. I’ve been a consultant copywriter/proofreader/virtual assistant (online) since 2015. Though COEs are not required for sponsored applicants, I still prefer to attach one to establish my return here in the ph. My recent client didn’t agree to provide a verification of my employment for the reason that I am “only” his consultant though I work for him full time as a virtual assistant/proofreader. He was taken aback with the purpose that it’s for visa application. Weird, I know! My family friend has an advertising agency that i also worked for as a freelance copywriter/proofreader a year ago. I no longer work for them. I told my then immediate superior (also my friend) my case and she offered to produce me a COE (stating that I work for them as a consultant) and Leave of Absence. Do you think I should take advantage of this chance for me to produce a COE that I can submit for my visa application? I don’t see any problem as well even if I submit my ITR because it doesn’t state any company name whatsoever so as I am an independent consultant. Hoping to hear from you. Thank you!

    • Hi Geraldine,

      Pwede naman siguro. And you worked for your friend before. Actually, it’s your risk naman.


  • Hi po ma’am 🙂
    My husband want to apply tourist visa to Japan pero wala po syang itr kasi full time church minister po siya, OK lang ba na na mag open account at magdeposit ng pera (200k)for his bank cert? Hindi po ba ma question if bago lang nag open account po? Hope you can reply, God bless!

  • Good day Ms. Rox, may plan po ako magtry ng Japan tourist visa. Contractual po ako sa government agency and late ko na po nabayaran ang ITR ko for 2015. This october ko lang po nasettle ang penalty ko and taxes for late ITR filing. Plan ko po mag submit ng visa application this december. Negative po ba yun kapag nakita nila na late filing po ang ITR ko? Hoping for your response po. Salamat.

    • Hi William,

      What Japan embassy needs is that you have the proof na babalik ka dito sa Pilipinas because of work. Please seek advice from accredited travel agency. Thanks.

  • Hey ms. rox, it’s althea again. My bestfriend is also planning to go to Japan pero but she is unemployed at the moment. Her boyfriend’s family owns a company (digital marketing agency) and they are willing to write her a COE even though she doesn’t work for them. Her dad will sponsor her trip. Ok lang po ba yun na magsubmit sya ng COE at LOA from her boyfriend’s company kahit na di talaga sya nagwowork dun? i told her about your page but for some reasons hindi nya po mapost ng comment nya sa blog nyo. Thanks po

  • Hello po, plano ko po mag apply ng visa, kaso po hindi po nag iissue ng ITR yung company ko. Paano po yun?

    Pwede ba mag apply as family. Yung kayo ng family mo apply for visa?

    • Hi Ara,

      Please show any proof of income and other investments as well. You can ask advice from an accredited travel agency.


  • Hi ms. Rox, do u think it will be an issue sa japan embassy if yung ITR ko for year 2015 ay kakafile ko lang last week? I will submit my application this week. Salamat.

    • Hi Marion,

      I have no idea yet but you can ask advice from the accredited travel agency. Give it a try as long as you have ITR to show. 🙂


  • Hi ms. rox, thanks for your advice. Submitted my application Dec. 20 Tuesday and earlier this day Dec 22 I received a call and it’s already approved. Salamat nang marami. Merry Christmas!

  • Hi roxanne,

    Advisable po ba ang toddlers pagpunta ng Japan? Are they kid friendly?

    I’m planning to get our visa in riyadh. Okay lng kaya un?

  • Me and me girlfriend’s family will go to japan this may. My girlfriend will be supported by his brother because we dont have any itr. dati kaming seaman and she resigned. I got a compensation from the company kasi nagkainjury ako sa barko. I have money in my bank account since binigyan ako ng company. problem is what will i explain if i dont have any itr. im 28 and kung gagawin ko ang mom ko to support me hindi kaya overage na yun?

    • i have a certificate na binigyn ako ng company ng pera and my cert of eomployment there. kaso 1 year ago na un. i also have a c1d multiply entry us visa and seamans book.

  • may small business kami ngayon ng girlfriend ko pero kakasimula lang e. we have dti mayors and business permit but no bir. i can request a cert on my bank. pero nakakatakot kasi madeny since nakabook na kami.

    • write an explanation na you dont have BIR pa but DTI and mayor’s business permit are good documents. State that you are just new in the business and will apply BIR soon. Ask the travel’s agency’s advice for guidance.

  • Hi, I’m planning to apply for a Japan VISA this February for a March trip and I was wondering if you think it would matter if my salary seems a bit low. I work at a State University and my ITR has 260k+ annually. My friend felt it was a bit low. I have in my bank accounts 70k and 68k though both I’m submitting a bank certificate for. Also would it matter if one of the accounts is new. Like I’ve just opened it this November 2016?

    • Hi Patricia,

      Just show all your bank accounts and asked for a bank certificate, your ITR, certificate of employment, leave of approval and you’ll be fine. ask the accredited agency for guidance. Thanks.

    • Good day, sana may makasagot sakin. My fiance and I were in tokyo for two weeks last january. Friendship tours handed my application to the embassy.Gusto ulit namin bumalik this april for the sakura season. My fiance sponsored our trip last january. Just wondering, ok lang kaya to apply for multiple entry? Reason ko is we want to visit japan when my fiance is on leave because he is in the Australian military. Bukod dun for practical reasons, minsan po kasi inaccessible ang internet at phone sa fiance ko during military exercise so kung lagi ako mahpiprocess visa, mahirap kasi yun requirements from him like bank statement hindi namin maaayos. Also, laging tentative at in short notice ang leave nya kasi ganun po sa military talaga so gusto namin pag may biglaan leave sya, makapag japan kami. Kaya po need ko ng multiple. Tingin nyo po ba matatangap nila reason namin? Pls advice me po.salamat

      • Hi po. Pwede naman po kayo mag apply for multiple entry. Ang embassy na po makapag decide to give you multiple entry or not. 😊

        • Hi ma rox, marian here again. My sister wants to go to japan with me and my fiance this april. We will both apply for a visa next month. It will be my sister’s first overseas trip. She plans to stay in japan for 4 days, she’s a bank employee with 60k something in her bank acct and also 25k stock investment. We’re a little nervous kasi shes never been out of the country. In my case, it will be my 2nd visa application in japan. 1st one was approved single entry and was sponsored by my fiance. This 2nd time, my fiance will also sponsor me. May chance kaya maapprove sis ko? We are thinking to write my fiance as her sponsor na rin sa application pero sya po magshoshoulder of her own expenses. We’re just worried na ma deny sya. Masyado bang vague pag sponsor nya rin fiance ko sa application? Pag isahin na lang namin application namin or magkahiwalay? What do you think po kaya? Salamat.

          • Wala naman problem sister mo since she is an employee with savings and stock investments. Pwede rin fiancé mo maging sponsor. May ITR naman din Yong sister mo she can submit.

          • so mas ok po na bukod na lang ang application ng sister ko from me who will be sponsored by my fiance? what do you think is better po? thanks po.

          • Ms. rox, pag isahin po ba meaning isa lang po kami ng cover letter? or bukod pa rin pero sabay lang mag susubmit?

  • Hello Ms. Rox,
    I am planning to go to Japan this March 09- March 12, i didnt book the ticket yet because im afraid that the visa will be denied, i have questions poh and i hope ma.enlighten ako.
    1. Is it okay to process the visa application now even if sa March pa po yong intended travel ko?
    2. In regards to the requirements po, i can submit ITR from my previous employer, nagresign na kasi ako last Nov, 2016 and my new employer now cannot provide me ITR yet, okay lang po ba yon?
    3. I will be travelling solo and the money on my bank is around 60k, do u think enough lang po yang show money for 4 days travel?
    and lastly, im concerned po kasi may nakapagsabi sakin na mostly they wont approve visa pag solo traveler lang coz its high risk for human trafficking.

    • Hi Rain,

      Seems ok naman coz you have ITR from past employment, 60k is fine for 4 day-trip to Japan. Please ask guidance from accredited travel agency. i went solo with a 90k bank account, no ITR.

  • Hi.. ask ko lang din po Im still a college student so nagplaplano po ako for a vacation sa japan at wala po akong ITR na maipapasa para sa pagaapply ng visa and wala akong bank records but yung mom ko ang bbili ng ticket ko at may tita at pinsan akong nakatira sa japan pano po kapag si tita ko naman po ang gagastos ng expenses ko pagandun nako? Ano po ang ipapasa ko for my requirement? Thank you po:-)

    • Need po bank cert ng mama mo and Tita mo that they will pay for your travels. And any proof po that your Tita is working in Japan.

  • Hi Ms. Roxi,

    I’m a freelancer too, so I don’t have ITR, I’m starting to process my first visit sa Tokyo with my sister who is public teacher. I just want to ask about the application form, name of employer can be my client’s name or nalang?


  • Thanks for this informative piece, truly a great help! Am a freelancer myself so I’m kinda anxious as to why I wont be able to submit my ITR. Your explanation letter somehow gave me the confidence to be straightforward and honest with my intentions *lol* Anyway, I am really hoping for the best 🙂

  • Hi, i applied for my Japan Visa last Feb 1 but up to now its still on process. I submitted all documents except that I failed to attached my old passport with stamps. I’m worried since its already 10th working day. do you know anyone who applied and took that long to get their visa but still got approved? thanks.

  • I applied for Japan tourist visa application and it is on 10th working days now. Reli tours told me that the application is still on process. I dont know if that will mean to say that my visa is denied due to long time it takes for them to decide. Is there anyone here who experienced the long wait of their visa application and still approved?

  • Hi does anyone here took more than 10 days for their visa to be processed/granted? Thank you. Will the long wait entails denial?

  • Hi po mam,may incentive trip po kami sa company for 4 days sa japan..all expense paid po (im excited coz this will be my first intl trip 😀)..i have completed all the requirements except for the ITR which I only submitted my jan to dec 2016 certificate of tax creditable at souce or 2307 since commissioned based po yong status ko sa company..and my second worry is that the amount left in my account is below 20k coz i recently bought a property..pero meron naman po kami 20k pocket money for the trip from the you think i have the chance that my visa will be granted?thanks po 😀

    • Hello po just mentioned that it is an all expense paid trip on the letter of explanation Tapos submit the requirements and your other documents. 😊

  • Regarding po sa cover letter ms rox, last time kasi wheb my visa was approved ang cover letter ko po is in my fiance’s perspective, sya po as a guarantor ang nag explain sa letter our reasons why we want to go to japan. can we do the same this time with hin stating that he will be the one to look after me and my sister? thanks po.

  • Hi.. I am planning to go for japan for 4 days (first time to travel abroad).. and here are my few questions on getting my visa approved:)
    * is it okay if the ITR was from my previous employer but i’m employed on a new one?
    * if I have submitted plane ticket and hotel voucher can the amount of my bank cert be in quite small amount (since a have booked on a hotel naman ahead) let’s say 20-30k?
    * My purpose is to visit my boyfriend who is working there.. Should I wrote it down or just put for leisure purpose..
    Thanks in advance!! 🙂

    • Hi Anne,

      The 20-30k bank certificate doesn’t sound convincing. The travel agency encouraged me to have at least 50k. Thanks.

  • Hi Rox
    Planning to Go to Japan. May business naman ako kaso nga lang hindi ako naghuhulog sa BIT at wala akong ITR. Sa baryo lang kase ang business ko kaya hindi nako pinagbabayad sa BIR pero meron akong Mayors Permit atska nagbabayad naman ako sa munisipyo namin. Pwede kaya akonh magpa power of attorney about sa explanation ko na wala akong ITR?

  • Hi Roxanne thanks for this very informative article…My husband, my baby and I are also planning to go to Japan with my sisters and parents. I’m just wondering if it’s okay that my sister will purchase all the airline tickets and hotel accommodations for all of us?

  • hi Roxanne, in addition to my concern, we will apply separately since my family is in the US and we are in Saudi. but we will be travelling together since we’re all going home for a vacation. Ok lg po ba yun?

  • hi Roxanne, Thank you… in addition to my concern, we will apply separately since my family is in the US and we are in Saudi. but we will be travelling together since we’re all going home for a vacation. Ok lg po ba yun?

  • hi roxanne..gusto ko mag tourist sa japan na gaurantor nang aunt ko may bank acct. sya na sa mga 500k plus piro wala sayang itr… yong aunt ko ay pilipina na di naka tira sa japan o nakaponta mang lang.. puwedi po yon?

    • Just bring her documents to prove that she can finance your trip. Ask tips from the travel agency, they know better. 😊

  • Hello, Rox. How do you know when your NSO is issued? Since apparently it should be issued within a year pero no date nman nkalagay on the NSO itself? I’m not exactly sure when I got mine kasi (I totally forgot). Thanks po in advance for the reply!

  • Hi Ms. Roxanne, my question is regarding my employment status. I am working as part-time employee (occupational therapist) in a hospital for 1 year and 5 months now and when I got my Certificate of Employment, it states there at I am a part-time employee and the year and month that I started. I have ITR but it is under the self-employed category so it’s 1701 and not 2316. My question is, are those enough proof of my financial capacity and my ties with our country or do I need to submit a letter of explanation for this? Thank you.

  • Hi.., ang salary ko per month ay almost 14,000 meron akong ITR andsavings sabank na almost 100k… do you think na pwede na ito at may chance maapprove?? ang inaalala ko kasi ay mababa ang sahod ko at therefore mababa din ang lalabas sa ITR..

  • Hi.. question lang po years na po walang ITR yun friend ko tho may savings naman po siya, (freelance po kasi siya) mataas po ba chance na ma-deny siya?

  • Hi miss rox, may question lang po.. were planning to go to jpan this oct with my bfs family, . Bale ung mom po ni bf ang ggastos ng flight tix and accomdations ko pde po kaya yun, paano po kaya ang process?

    Meron din nman po akong reg work dito and savings acct w/ almost 100k balance . Possible po kaya na maapprove ung visa application ko ? Btw , were planning a 5day trip s japan .


    • Yes show your bank certificate and certificate of employment. If you want, just write a letter of explanation that your boyfriend’s mom will pay everything. By the way, how much Japan ticket nabili Nyo and which airline? I’m looking for Japan tickets din Kasi. Hehe

  • As self employed i submit my complete docs dti,mayors permit,registration cert, newly opened bank nung april20 pa kasi d ko alam needed siya *gosh. Biglaan kasi plan with friends. If i know pwede join account pinasa ko sana sabi ng nag assist sakin ok lang daw bank cert ko pinasa. But still worried and anxious coz its my 1st time to travel outside. 5days lang nman and tourist lang tlga plan ko. I have business here hope its enough.

  • have a questions, how many days po ba dapat ilagay sa applications if you are going to japan, and i applied a visa – relatives.. 3 times n po kasi ako n denied, and my guarantor was my mother who lives in japan.

    and, i dont have ITR, dahil freelancer lang po ako since natapos ko yung college

    • The first time I went there 14 days, the second time I went there for 9 days. Kaya Siguro ka na denied coz Wala Kang ITR and they think Di ka na uuwi since nandun mommy mo. Need mo proof na babalik ka sa PH.

      • Since wala po tlga akong ITR, gawa na lang ako ng letter explanations for being a freelancer and then, mag submit din po ako ng letter reason or proof na babalik pa ako ng PH

      • Hi Roxanne Tamayo, do i need to tell my mom na need pa ng schedule for visiting there? And, what if.. kung kukunin na ako at doon na po ako titira kasi since naghiwalay sila ng step father ko, dalawa na lang sila na andun,bale po my mom and younger sister… ano po ggawin ko?

  • Hi roxanne
    How are u?
    i just registered my business rent a car this april 2017
    I dont have itr
    Can i write a letter of explanation handwritten?
    Happy to read your blog💋
    Hope u response🙏

    • Hi, just inform the embassy that you registered a business already. please show any proof i guess that’s DTI. Thank you.

  • Hi po. Kailangan po ba ng Authenticated Affidavit of Support sa immigration? Hindi po kasi naipadala ng uncle ko na magsusupport sa pagpunta ko sa Japan. Thank you po!

  • Hi! Ms. Rox
    Thank you so much sa Blog mo, 😊 sobrang Helpful & Detailed po nito and hopping na maka pasa rin kami at makakuwa ng Japan visa, ang laking tulong nito for our next international adventure, thanks & God bless ☺

  • Hi!
    Paano po kung ang mag shoulder po ng expense ko sa japan is my father and he is working abroad? and Kailangan po ba talaga ng affidavit of support if so, how can i get one?

  • Hi rox, ok lang ba if ang COE has only electronic signature? I work as an online teacher. Will electronic signatures on COE be an issue for the Japanese embassy? 🙂

  • hi,

    my husband and I are planning to go to japan this coming nov 2017, however I don’t have any ITR to show since I worked in Singapore for 3 years and just came back to the Philippines last year and work as a freelancer or retainer in my husband’s company. I also don’t have a bank account since I don’t deposit my earnings to my account recently. My husband will shoulder all the expenses as this will be our honeymoon trip. Appreciate your advise on what to submit to Japan embassy? do I need to give them a letter of explanation?

  • Hi ms rox, ask ko lang if yung credit card bank statement is ok na yung e statement then ipprint ko nalang? Or mas ok yung hard copy? Kaya lang 2 cards ko puro naka e statement na. Wala kasi ako itr, and yun iadd ko sana supporting docs. Ok lang kaya kht print out lang from email?

  • Hi, your blog is really helpful. I’m really worried about getting a tourist visa to japan just for 8 days. My boyfriend is from another country and we would like to meet halfway and visit japan this coming January 2017. We’ve already traveled together last 2 years sa USA since I was working there. pero ngayun I’m currently unemployed and He will the one shouldering my Trip to Japan, do you think its possible to get a tourist visa just for 8 days? What do you think should I primarily do?

  • Thank you! 🙂 I have another question po hihih I got denied by a UK tourist visa last 2015, Do you think this will affect my application? and Kailangan ko po ba e sulat ko din sa Cover letter ko why I got denied and Attached the Reason?

  • Hi rox

    Just want to ask lang po. Mag travel po kasi kami ni hubby ko sa Japan sa january. I’m currently a housewife and my husband is chinese citizen but working here in philippine. Si husband yung mag shoulder ng mga expenses ko but also i have my own bank accout P300+ inside . But my problem is.. my husband can’t provide income tax return . Di sya mabigyan ni company at kelangan ko na din mag process agad. Pwede po kaya ang explanation letter? Nakapag travel na din po ako before macau, thailand and 2x a year in hongkong umuuwi kami ni husband sa kanila. Natatakot ako baka di ako makakuha ng visa meron na ko hotel and ticket.. bali po ang alis namin is mnl-hk hk-tokyo tokyo-hk tapos hk-mnl..


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