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FACT Inspire stands for Fun, Adventure, Crazy, Thrill and Inspirational life stories based on my personal experiences.


Some stories of my visa experience on how I was able to get it or got denied.


Some of the photos I will feature and essays.


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  • Zhonghe HongLuDi Earth God Temple at Night another attraction tohellip
  • Photo shoot at Daan Forest Park in Taipei Taiwan Ihellip
  • biking from Daan station to Taipei101 good weather tonight Taipeihellip
  • I Am single independent happy life adventurous spontaneous pretty beautifulhellip
  • Coming to The Top was indeed a surprise as Ihellip
  • Tops sa Cebuhahaha! My cellphone fell down when I sawhellip
  • Returned the ivideo ivideowifi device at Taipower Building office herehellip
  • The SkyLantern experience with MyTaiwanTour at ShifenOldStreet This has becomehellip
  • Welcome to Golden Waterfalls Taiwan Taipei Jinguashi MyTaiwanTour ivideo iVideoWifihellip
  • If you ask me if Taiwan is a safe countryhellip

Countries I’ve Visited

Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan

Philippine Provinces I’ve Visited

My Lakbayan grade is C!

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Life of a Digital Nomad
Get to know the person behind I Travel Rox

This is a blog of Roxanne M. Tamayo, who enjoys her life as a digital nomad. How she was able to survive life's struggles, a breadwinner, a strong-willed, hardworking and confident person.

She's a person who loves to laugh at her mistakes. She has gained her sense of humor when she experienced traveling solo and loves every memory of it. Her smile and laughter is contagious you don't want to let her go.


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